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Post-game Quotes

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Nov. 16, 2011

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Head Coach Patrick Chambers

Q: Were you ready for the tempo of the game tonight?

A: I do not want to take away Tim Frazier's strength because that would be giving in to the opponent. I felt Tim was the best player on the floor. I think their point guard is terrific. I really like that kid [Jason] Brickman. I knew it was going to be a brutal game. I watched that team in the NEC Championship last year next to Robert Morris. I watched their tapes this year. They are 0-3. They are one of the best 0-3 teams in the country. They played ODU [Old Dominion University] at ODU. They played us here. They have been doing a lot of traveling. That is a good team.

Q: You said you wanted more from Tim Frazier. Was his performance tonight more?

A: He still has a little ways to go - just leadership and positioning on defense. He missed a couple bunnies. He could have had 32 points. I'm greedy and I told you I am greedy. Tim was terrific. He was a great leader tonight. He took big shots and made big shots. He wanted the basketball down the stretch. He got crucial steals, got big rebounds and took a big charge. He did everything you ask your point guard to do tonight.

Q: What did your team show you tonight?

A: We told them how good this team was going into the game and I thought our guys really respected this team. They really have a lot of talent. We were down four and that is where attitude comes in. That is where you are trying to handle adversity. They showed me something. Some of my teams in years past, when you're at home and you're losing they might fold the tents. They might have ended up losing by 10 or 15 points, but not tonight. They showed me a little something. They showed me some grit. They showed me some heart. It is great to see Tim, Cam [Woodyard], Billy [Oliver] and Sasa [Boronvjak] - the four guys who have been here the longest. It was nice to see them step up.

Q: What did Billy [Oliver] show you?

Q: Ten rebounds. Is that a career high? That is fantastic. That is what we need out of Billy. And you know what? He kept shooting. That was a big, big three he hit in the corner. That was huge and it takes a lot of guts to take that shot. That is where we are trying to get him to be. There are other things you can do on the floor. There are other little things - rebounding, setting screens, diving, taking charges and he earned the right to take that three. I really believe that.

Q: He [Billy Oliver] keeps saying, "Everyone is telling me to keep shooting." Does he need that?

A: Sometimes you do. Sometimes you do. He didn't shoot his best clip. He was 3 for 8.

Q: He was 1 for 7 in the first half.

A: Did he make a three in the first half? Then he makes two down the stretch when it counts, when you are losing and you are grinding and you cannot get stops and they are just going to the foul line all the time.

Q: Did the early foul trouble have an affect on the game tonight?

A: Foul trouble is always going to affectsome type of game plan somewhere. I sat Tim Frazier out the last four minutes (of the first half) and I felt we did a pretty good job holding down the fort. I think we did a really good job.

Q: Looking toward Kentucky, is this a game you are concerned about?

A: Tomorrow we are going to watch this film and we need to keep getting better. Kentucky happens to be the next game on our schedule, but we have to get better. I'm going to watch the film tonight and then watch the film with the team tomorrow. I cannot worry about officiating foul trouble. Our guys need to continue to grow up in preparing for the BigTen. One game is not going to make our season.

Q: Speaking of Kentucky, a concern of theirs is that they may not be as deep as they want to be. What do you think?

A: Truthfully, I have not watched the tape. I have not watched a second, I have not watched a minute, so I have no idea what Kentucky does. I know they are probably good because their recruiting class is usually tough.

Q: When you look at Sasa's game tonight he was all over the place. Is his confidence coming back into the game and is he getting better?

A: In all fairness to Sasa Borovnjak, we had redshirts last year and it took them about 10 or 12 games to get back into game shape and game speed. The muscle memory of lay-ups, foul shots, 15-footers and things like that. I think bodying someone for 20 to 25 minutes a game. I think he is just getting back into it and that is why I went back to him. I sat him and Jon Graham out for a while, because I thought about playing small when they were playing in a zone. I needed more offensive threats out there. Then I went back to Sasa and I thought he did a great job. He gets one for two for us and we needed that one. As long as he gets one I'm okay with it. I thought Sasa did a lot of good things tonight and so did Jon. Jon in the first half did a lot of good things.

Q: They had 35 attempts at the line tonight, what can you do to get that more even?

A: We need to drive the ball more and put it in the post a little bit more. We need to play inside out a little bit more. Long island is tough - they are tough dudes. They put their heads down and plow you over. If you are not in the right position, then it is a block. The officials did a good job, because we were fouling. We were not in the rightspots and that will always get us fouls. We need to do a better job. And that is just again going back to creating the best habits we can.

Q: How disruptive are Ross Travis and Matt Glover?

A: Ross Travis is a wrecking ball, he is unbelievable. His energy is incredible. He was flying all over the floor. Iwish I could have given him a couple more minutes, but I felt like CammeronWoodyard was doing some good things offensively and playing pretty good defense for the most part. He got six rebounds, so Travis and Glover did their jobstoday. They are starting to really know their roles of defending and playing hard and being that energizer bunny.

Q: Matt Glover had that three in the second half, how big will that be for him to get his confidence going?

A: It will be huge. He works so hard. I truly believe if you do not work on your game you are not going to make shots. When the game is on the line you are definitely not going to make shots. Matt Glover has been working on his game. He is in the gym and he is a tireless worker. I felt as soon as he left today, I was like that is it. He deserves to make that shot. It is his confidence and these guys need repetitions. Glover, it is his first year playing Division I basketball. It was a big shot for him.

Q: This is the third game in five days, how do you think the guys are holding up?

A: I said it in the locker room, our strength coach, Brad Pantall, does a great job. It felt like we could have played another five minutes. We were in really good condition and that is why we are lifting tomorrow at 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. They looked at me like "what" and I said that is right. We need to keep that endurance up.

Q: The opportunity to play Kentucky, these guys might be a little more excited than usual. How do you feel about that?

A: They are a great team, he is a great coach and it is a great program with a lot of tradition. It is the next game on our schedule and we need to take steps. We took another step today by beating areal good team, tomorrow is another step, Friday is another step. Saturday we need to keep tapping at that stone until it breaks. I need to reel them in a little bit, because they are going to be crazy the first couple of minutes. I just have to slow them down.

#23 Tim Frazier
Jr, Point Guard

Tim, your thoughts on the phrase "Down goes Frazier" when you would get a three pointer. Did you hear that?

No, I didn't hear him say it, but I've been hearing it all my life. I remember high school, I was in a track meet, and every time I would do the triple jump they would be like "and next up, down goes Frazier" and I'd come in. Especially since Joe Frazier just passed away its just an honor to have that last name, thanks to my dad.

Coach said the other day that you guys took too many threes and youtook even more tonight. Was that the plan?

I don't know, we'll find out tomorrow, but I think for the most part they went into a zone and we took a lot of open shots. A lot of our threes were very open. Its like I said, if it wasn't for those threes that Cam (Woodyard) and Billy (Oliver) made towards the end when we were down, making big shots, we probably would've had tougher baskets.

Tim how much different is Billy (Oliver) this year? Last year he missed a couple shots and it seemed like his entire game went south. This game he's one of seven and when you needed him, he stepped up and got the basket.
He's huge to this team. Huge to this whole family that we have going on, especially during the game. Like you said he started off pretty bad, couldn't make a shot, but he does everything else. On the stat sheet he took charges, got rebounds, deflections. It was a career high for Billy in rebounds and he helped otherwise throughout the game and when we need him to make a big shot, he makes it.

Tim there was a moment during the second half where you dove after a loose ball that went out of bounds and literally everybody on your team came over to help you up. What's that like to turn around and see that?
That's great. That's just what Coach has been saying since day one. We do the same thing in practice. If a guy falls all the way down by the water we have to run all the way down and pick him up, so its just a staple that we use, that we're a family and that's all we've got.

#24 Cammeron Woodyard
Sr, Guard

First two games you guys won by 15 and 16, this game you had to fight for the win. Did you learn anything by using your teammates tonight?
We learned that we've got to play together. I think we did that as well. We were down at times and we came back late and we were up, then we blew the lead. Long Island made some tough shots, and we withstood their run and were reminded that we've got to play together and that nothing is going to be easy.

Cam you played 35 minutes, how's your knee?
It's tired, but that's to be expected. With playing the game, playing up-tempo and playing as tough as we play - taking charges and diving - it gets used to it, so it's feeling pretty good.

Is this a step up from the two games you just played, maybe a step more towards what you will see on Saturday?
Definitely, definitely, and it only gets harder from here on up. There's no looking back.

When Matt Glover and Ross Travis come in, what do you expect them to bring out?
Energy. And that's what they've got. Ross Travis is everywhere on the floor. He's diving over people to grab rebounds. He's diving on the floor. Matt is getting deflections on the ball, you see him diving on the floor, from the three-point line to the block and its just pure energy and effort with those two guys.

#35 Billy Oliver
Jr., Forward

Billy, can you talk about the three late? You missed a couple shots up until that point, how are you feeling confidence wise when that ball comes out to you?
Definitely confidence is a huge thing. These guys are so great about saying, "keep shooting, keep shooting." Coach as well. Playing in a zone, Timmy finds the right shooting pocket and if I mess it up from there it's my fault.

Patrick has talked a lot about your confidence, how is it differentthis year?
Well it's easy. Every shot you make adds to your confidence, but it's a testament to the guys on the team and coach who just tell me to keep shooting. Usually, I wouldn't come out and keep firing away like that, but these guy, I know they trust me, and that's what I'm going to do.

How are you preparing for Terrence Jones on Saturday and how do youplan to get rebounds there?
Well he's a great player. Coaches are going to have a game plan and were going to follow and stick to that, and whatever those guys have in store for us that's what we'll use.

LIU Head Coach Jim Ferry

Opening Statement:
I thought both teams played really hard. It was a really aggressive, physical game. Chambers did a really good job getting these kids to play hard -- diving for those balls. I thought our kids played really hard too. I think we got up four with about 7:30 to go. We struggled scoring a little bit and we broke down and gave them a couple big threes, which obviously changed the momentum of the game.

Q: Talk about your team's ability to play at their tempo throughout the game and if you have been playing that way the entire season.
A: Well the season is young and no we have not, but that is something we are trying to do. Last year, we played at a much higher tempo than we are playing now. We averaged 83 points a game last year. We are still trying to find ourselves. We had a lot of injuries in the preseason. Finally, we are healthy so we are trying to get to the style we want to play at. We try to control tempo. We try to play speed. We try to get up and down the court. It just didn't work tonight.

Q: Are you disappointed your team was not able to hang on to the lead?
A: Yes, you are alwaysdisappointed when you are up and you lose a game. I just thought - I think we were up four and there was that block/charge call. That was a huge play and I am so far down the other side of the court I cannot tell what it was. I was begging for the charge and he [the referee] called the block. I thought that was a big momentum swing. I thought that would have been another stop for us. I thought they executed offensively down the stretch. The kid [Tim] Frazier puts so much pressure on you. You try to contain him and it allows kids like [Billy] Oliver to pop and make threes and then they get it. They struggled for a stretch there and then they banged out those three threes late when they executed. You have to give them credit.

Q: What was your game plan for Tim Frazier and do you think you executed?
A: No. It did not work. What did he have 26 points and 10 assists? The game plan was try to contain him, try to blitz the ball screens, try to keep him out of the middle of the lane, try to crowd his space and we did not do a very good job of it. You have to credit the kid. The kid is lighting. I do not know if many people are going to be able to do it. He broke us down to the basket for himself and in order to get guys shots. I think we did a poor job of it. He was on top of the board. He was one of the biggest keys of the game - conversion and containing him in the quarter court. We did neither. He is a one-man fast break and he is a one man wrecking crew in regards to breaking teams down.




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