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Nov. 15, 2011

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Penn State vs. Radford- November 14, 2011

Penn State Coach Patrick Chambers

Comment on your team's high percentage of three point shots tonight.
Well, they played a one-three-one, so they were the available shots at that time. Good thing is we've worked on it for three days leading up to Hartford. I thought Hartford was going to play us one-three-one, but Radford ended up playing one-three-one and we did a good job in practice putting the ball inside and getting to the foul line. It is a concern though. My teams don't shoot twelve free throws. They shoot 20 plus and it's the first thing I looked at, and I just think we're shooting too many threes. But, if they're open and they're uncontested, we've got some good shooters. Billy (#35, Oliver) didn't shoot his best but he still hits two. Cam (#24, Woodyard) didn't shoot his best he still hits two. Same with Trey (#3, Lewis). We have some weapons that if we can make someshots, especially open ones, and they're high percentage shots, good.

Did Tim Frazier factor into that?
There's no question. I liked our offense. I thought we shared the ball a lot better tonight. I thought we executed a lot better. Sometimes Radford switching up their defense dictated what we were running, but you've got to respect Tim Frazier because if you don't he's going to hurt you, either by shooting or getting to the foul line or lay-ups. These guys have got to be ready, and they're ready, they're down, they're ready to shoot, and that's the habits we're trying to create.

Coach, Jermaine (#11, Marshall) came back tonight, what did he do that it was time bring him back?
He's working hard in the classroom. We did some individual workouts over the last few weeks and he got better and better and better. For me, you've got to earn that jersey. There's nothing like putting on a Penn State jersey. If you don't take great pride like the way I think it should be, then your not going to wear it. And, he got it and he wore the jersey tonight and I thought it was an inspiration for our team as well.



He (Marshall) was the guy last year that ever body talked about hisoffense and not so much his defense. His first play he gets a steal, what does that mean to you to see him?
He's got long arms. We're talking about pressuring the ball and doing a better jobdefensively. He comes in and gets a deflection did some good things. He was gassed. He was gassed, but I had to get him out there a little bit just to get him back to game speed.

At what point did you decide to let him (Marshall) suit up for the game?
I would say probably Sunday. I thought he did a good job. We worked him out Saturday. He had a great workout. He practiced Sunday and he did a good job in practice yesterday. Actually, he led the second team. He was really good. He was terrific, actually.

Is Tim (#23, Frazier) as important to this team as he seems and arethere things that he does out there that don't show up on the score sheet, as good as the score sheet is?
It's a great question. I'm very greedy. I'm an old point guard so I want more out of Tim Frazier, if you can imagine. He had 20 points, 10 assists, and six rebounds and I'm asking for more. What more means is even more leadership, even better habits. We're always trying to create the best habits we can for the most difficult situation. We got to do it today. We've got to work on it today and then we work on it tomorrow in practice and then we play LIU and we've got to do it then. He's a very important piece, but I feel really good about the direction Matt Glover and Trey Lewis are headed in. They're doing a really good job, and now Jermaine.

Coach what did you think about Jon Graham bouncing back from Saturday's game?
I was so happy for him. I talked to him after the game and we met yesterday and chatted with him during walk through. You've got to play with confidence, and when kids have confidence and a clear head, the sky is the limit, because he is a good player.

Is he (Graham) a guy that needs to be getting rebounds to get him going on the offensive end or is he kind of all around just a hard player?
Just getting him in there early, getting the blood flowing, getting some rebounds, getting some touches. He did a good job setting screens. Just hitting bodies. Something like that will get him going.

You are a couple games into this season, how do you feel about the direction of this team? It's early, but what are your thoughts?
We have a long way to go. We're tapping at that stone, but we're still not there yet. I'll tell you when were there, but right now were still making too many mistakes, and Tim says I always say I don't want a feel good team. We went through stretches there were we played like a feel good team. Just stretches, not long, but stretches. We've got to get away from that headed into the Big Ten.

How completely has your team bought into the identity that you wantthem to have and what would help them get into it completely?
Do they ever buy in really? It takes for years. They're trying, I still don't think they know what buying in is, but they're trying. I think they're buying into the effort and competing every possession

What would bridge that gap?
Practice. We're getting it more in practice than we do in games. Thursday and Friday we had unbelievable practices, and even yesterday. We're just not there yet and we've got a long way to go, but we had an unbelievable practice. Competition, diving, energetic, enthusiastic, but it doesn't transfer yet. Not yet, but it will.

You mentioned the other night that you'd rather have more practices this time of year than games. What can they get out of five games in nine days?
We are going to be playing against a lot of different style teams, play against a lot of good teams, so, hopefully we're building a foundation for the future - keeping a great attitude, defending, rebounding. We're doing all the little things - creating the best habits you can. I know I sound redundant, but that's my main focus right now. And then, I would finish with: play with a clear head and play with great confidence. Take shots. I don't pull guys out for shots. I normally pull them out for defense and rebounding.

Penn State Player Quotes

Tim Frazier

How good was it to have Jermaine back?
It's great to have Jermaine back. He's been here from the beginning when I was here. He came in the same time. You can see he came in and he's been working hard throughout this offseason. He's really improved. He came in right away and felt like he hasn't missed a step. He got us a steal, a great steal, then he came in and knocked down a three and claimed a hard rebound. He did everything we wanted him to do.

On Radford's defensive game plan.
I don't know. At first I told coach I think they're trying to trap me, but then after a while it just seemed they tried to pressure me. They pressured me full court. I don't know if they tried to wear me down. My teammates just helped me out. They made shot after shot. Jon Graham was able to finish at the hole when he was there for me and he kept making rebounds. So, they just took pressure off me.

Is there a sense of pride in the scrappy personality the team has taken on?
From day one it was the identity that we wanted to establish. As a tough grinding type, scrappy kind of team. From day one, that's what coach wanted us to take that mentality. To carry that over into the season and everyday, everyday in practice, every game - that's the mindset we need to have.

On Jon Graham's play.
My teammates help me out a lot. Especially Jon Graham and Sasa. They're huge out there - big bodies out there to set a screen, high ball screens, and I'm on the other end of those things. Their tough to get over. We have a thing on the Attitude Chart we call a screen assist, and those guys get those screen assists.

On the defense.
We just try to make our identity on defense and rebounding. We defend and rebound. We're a scrappy team down on the floor. We try to get every loose ball that's available for us. Coach started that from day one at the first practice and our strength and conditioning coach started that tooback in the summer.

Do you feel like a leader on the team?
Definitely. I came into the position of being a leader. I feel like I'm growing each day as a leader. I'm not the complete leader yet; you can learn something each day. I'm trying to get into Coach's head everyday and trying to figure out new leadership roles and trying to be his mind on the court.

What do you tell the younger guys in the huddle when shots aren't falling?
Coach says something everyday. He says `we're not a feel good team as far as making shots. When shots aren't falling, we're going to keep playing hard because we can defend and rebound - that's our identity. As long as we defend and rebound those shots will come and those shots will fall. We told everybody, and I told myself, just keep shooting and those shots will fall.

Jon Graham On how he rebounded after his rough game versus Hartford.
Number one, I relaxed. That's something coach has been trying to tell me since the summertime - just relax. When I was younger, I would get upset and let it affect me, but I sat down with myself and I prayed and I settled myself down and said I can play this game. I know what I need to do, and whatever I need to do to help my team win, I'll do it.

On the focus of rebounding in his game.
Rebounding is my job. Scoring is going to come regardless, every game, scoring is going to come. My number one job is rebounding, securing those boards, because they are possessions, very important possessions for our team, and that's my number one priority right now.

On Tim Frazier.
He has one of the greatest abilities to find people that I've ever seen in a point guard. He's a great point guard. Ten assists, that's incredible. He's just finding guys. The defense collapsed, they're leaving guys wide open and he makes it look easy just finding guys.

Radford Coach Mike Jones:

Initial Thoughts:
Tonight we got beat by a team that wanted it way more than we did. Going into the game, our focus was to be solid, and win a better part of the 50/50 plays - loose balls, rebounds. I think Penn State did that better than we did. Even to the last couple minutes of play, we finally started to get on the floor a little bit. However, at that point it had been too late. I thought our guys did some good things. But, overall, I didn't think we had the focus that we had in the first two games, and I think Penn State had a lot to do with that.

What makes Tim Frazier a tough guard?
He is fast as lightening. He is very crafty. He knows how to really attack, especially getting into the middle of the paint. We knew coming in how fast he really was, and we had a game plan to do that, but we didn't really execute that.

What did you think of Penn State's John Graham?
He fought. Down the stretch, he got the really tough rebounds. We blocked out okay, but not really good enough. He wanted it a little bit more than we did. He showed he is real good.

What did you do to neutralize Frazier?
We just wanted to get back in transition, to roll him off, and not have any creases where he can roll into the lane. He did a good job of taking advantage of our post guys. He just went past our guys left and right. Not one time did we force him to pull up and take a jump shot. He just continually got past us.


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