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Nov. 12, 2011

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Coach Patrick Chambers Quotes

Overall view ontoday's game along with the amount of underclassmen on both teams especially Hartford with 7 freshmen.

Yeah, there's no doubt there's two young teams out there playing today. When they're missing shots, missing free throws there just unsure of themselves, where to be, what to do. I think both teams played as hard as they could and I give John (Gallagher) a lot of credit. We've got young guys. We try to run different sets. We try to do different things and they just forget. You know they're nervous; they've got butterflies going. It happens. You've got to be patient with them and keep pushing them and driving them. You've got to persevere too. I think the toughest thing for coaches and for John is going to be patience. We're not the most patient men in the world. But, somehow we have to get to them. They have to take pride in everything we do. From free throw line situations to sideline out of bounds, baseline out of bounds, any type of situation that we're put in, don't take it for granted, and play as hard as you can. If you make mistakes that's okay. As long as you do it hard and you communicate. I tell my guys all the time, don't try to play perfect just play hard.

Is this the starting 5 we're going to see for a while?

I'm playing the guys that compete every day in practice. And that's whose going to start. Will this be the starting lineup on Monday? I don't know. And we're going to get after it tomorrow. It's not going to be a walkthrough tomorrow. We've got to continue to get better. These guys are going to love 5 games in 8 days. I can't stand it. We need practice time.

On how the team has grown so far this season?

You know they, Trey and Cam, are starting to communicate a little more. We're playing harder. Guys are starting to understand their roles a little more, which is a positive. We just need that confidence. We need confidence in everything we do, and repetition is going to help, there's no question about that. I think when we get to practice and play games the reps definitely help and guys are more sure of themselves. I think we're shooting so poorly, guys are still struggling to understand where to get the ball and I tell them to run up and score. It's competing hard and playing hard.



What did you tell the team at halftime after shooting 28% from the field in the first half?

Shoot with great confidence! You know we missed some bunnies, we missed some layups, and we missed free throws. It's going to happen. I thought we did a pretty good job even though we were missing shots we were missing layups and they went on a little bit of a run. We didn't put our heads down, we didn't show bad body language, we just kept playing defense and competing. And that's what you want to do. You want to be a grind it out team on those nights that you don't make shots.

On the defensive effort in tonight's game.
We work on defense, that's obvious. Our defense is a little bit ahead of our offense right now. We work on defending, we work on rebounding every single day. We work on different situations. And they have a young team. And by the time January comes around I think Hartford's going to be pretty good. They've got a bright future.

On Trey Lewis.

He's a confident kid. He's got a little swagger to him. That's why he's starting. He gives us another option. A guy that can make some shots and make some plays for others. And that's important. He's strolling. He's a tough kid. And he played like that today. For what he did today, thirty-one minutes and Tim being in foul trouble, I think he handled himself very well.

What do you tell Tim Frazier when he hits the floor?

I'm telling him to make plays. Go make plays. If it's a three, you have stick it. If it's driving the basketball and making plays for others, that's fine too. He has to be one of our leading scorers. He's got to look to score. I think when you do look to score opportunity presents itself. When he's looking to pass that's when he gets in trouble.

How important is Cameron Woodyard to this team?

He's been hurt. We just got him back last week. I'm not sure what he can bring to this team, or what he can't bring to this team. But, what he brought tonight was great. That's a senior playing in his last season, and he was playing to exhaustion. He put up a fist meaning "Get me out I need a blow". That's great! I think that's great because he's playing as hard as he can. That's a positive. And, for him to stretch the defense like that and make some shots - pretty good.

How much do youstress offensive boards in practice and were you happy with the results today?

Obviously, we had 17 offensive rebounds. We work on our rebounding all the time, especially on both sides of the ball. It's something we work on. They did a good job.

On keeping the team focused after the win today for a higher quality opponent like Kentucky.

I'm going to be upfront with you. I'm thinking about tomorrow. I'm thinking about watching this film. I'm thinking about getting better, and I'm thinking about getting better tomorrow, and I'm thinking about Radford, not Kentucky.

The Kentucky game isn't on the back of your mind?

Nope. Not at all. I take it one game at a time. Play 40 minutes at a time. Don't worry about it. We can't worry about the score. If you play hard for forty minutes the score usually takes care of itself. That's the mindset we need to have, that's the mindset I'm trying to get through to this team.

On the substitutions in the game?

It was based on the foul situation and I take you out if you make mistakes defending and rebounding. I'm not going to take you out on offense. We're making too many mistakes defending and rebounding. I have to teach, let them know what they need to work on and get them back in. But I am, I'm trying to get a rotation down too. I'm trying to see who can play with confidence.

On Nick Colella?

Nick has been unbelievable in practice. He's been shooting lights out. I'm telling him -he was one for four today, one for two from three today - shoot the ball! You're a great three-point shooter - shoot the ball.

On how the team dealt with the events on campus this week.

We tried to stick together. We had a lot of team meetings. Obviously talked to them before practice and after practice. It's obviously a very difficult situation, a difficult time. I just tried to tell them to stick together. Try to limit distractions. And we tried to do that by practicing and having team meetings, but we're human beings too. And our hearts go out to them, to the children and their families. We had an open discussion about it and we tried to get some normalcy back. Try! It's very difficult - every TV, every paper, every blog, every twitter, every Facebook. You have to do the best you can. But, I was very proud to be a part of Penn State today. I actuallywelled up driving in. There was 107,00 strong (at Beaver Stadium), candlelight vigil the other night, a good crowd (at the Jordan Center) today. That's what Penn State is all about. Penn State Pride.

#24 Cammeron Woodyard

Guard, Sr.

Q: You put up career highs in points, rebounds and steals. Do you think that you'll be posting numbers like these later in the season?

A: I think I will as long as I work hard. I went out there and worked hard. I didn't really worry about anything. Coach [Patrick] Chambers said I took off possessions tonight, but we all have things to work on. Hartford's a good team and I just had to play hard out there tonight.

Q: How important is confidence when you're shooting on the court?

A: It's very important. One thing the team always stresses is great confidence. If you're not confident, then you're not a very good player. You have to believe in yourself and your teammates to do a good job and have fun playing.

Q: You played for 27 minutes. How'd your knee feel during the game?

A: It felt pretty good. There were times where it got a little tired. During those times, I threw my fist up and Coach Chambers took me out. When I was ready, he put me back in. Coach Chambers, the training staff and I have been communicating about how my knee feels and it feels pretty good.

Q: What are some things that helped you gain a win tonight?

A: Playing hard. Talking and communicating on defense is also a staple in our team play. We focus on building our defense and getting rebounds. If we don't get steals and have to lock up for 35 seconds, so be it.

#3 Trey Lewis

Guard, Fr.

Q: What is like to have Coach Chambers stress what your strengths and weaknesses are?

A: It's great to have that because it keeps you level headed. You don't want to get too cocky when you do something good, but you also don't want to get down on yourself when you do something bad. It's really good to play for a coach like Coach Chambers who keeps it real with you on the court.

Q: What was the best quality of the team during the game against Hartford?

A: Playing together even when shots weren't falling. There were times where we have to tighten our offense, but we stepped together and showed a lot of effort tonight.

Q: Billy Oliver and Tim Frazier were having trouble later in the game. Do you think your role changed around that time?

A: Yeah, definitely. Players have to step up and come together when some of the leaders go down. I think the team did pretty well in those situations.


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