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Feb. 26, 2012

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Penn State vs Northwestern
Visiting Coach Quotes

Penn State Coach Patrick Chambers

Q: It looked like you wanted to have a word with the refs after the game. Was that specifically about the Jon Graham foul?
A: I let my emotions get the best of me, and I shouldn't have done that. That is not what Penn State is all about and that is not what I'm all about. There were plenty of other opportunities during the game and we could have done a better job defensively and offensively. Emotions get the best of you. You see these kids work so hard, and I'd rather see it in the kids hands.

Q: What did you see on the foul call on [John] Shurna?
A: I'll have to watch the film. I'm at the other end of the court. I thought we had the rebound.

Q: Are you starting to see development from Ross Travis and Jon Graham?
A: They keep getting better, and that's all you can ask for. As long as they continue to improve, the future is bright with those guys.

Q: What do you say to someone like Jon [Graham] after this game?
A: Get your head up. There were plenty of possessions where we could have made up those points.

Q: Did the foul call or the late whistle upset you?
A: You pick. It was a late whistle, and I thought we had the ball and were going to go and shoot one-and-one.

Q: Did you take time after the game to decompress?
A: No, I didn't. I went into the film room, looked at the box score and just tried to relax. It was justsad. I felt bad for our kids. I was happy for Northwestern, they needed that win, but by the same token our kids work hard too.

Q: Can you speak to the effort of the team.
A: I'm proud of the way the team fought and competed. We knew that Northwestern was a team that competed and they had a lot at stake. We are playing for something too. We are playing for Penn State pride, trying to finish the year out strong and roll the dice in the tournament.

Q: Were you surprised at how many threes they made?
A: No. This was a must win game for them and I know they are very skilled and they have good shooters who made their shots.

Q: Do you think Tim Frazier was looking fresh in the second half?
A: Yeah I thought he looked pretty fresh. He made some great moves. We gave him two days off and I think they all had fresh legs.

Q: Are you trying to push the ball more inside lately?
A: I'm just trying to mix it up, so we don't need to rely on threes. We need to draw the ball and get to the foul line. We didn't get that done today.

PSU Player Quotes
Tim Frazier & Ross Travis

Q: This was one of those back-and-forth games. Do you think this is how it would have ended if you played again?
A: Tim: you could say that. Northwestern is a good team. They played like their life was on the line tonight. Everybody knows they're trying to do work. Like I said, Big Ten comes out in possession games, they got the last possession and they scored.

Q: Tim what did you see on the foulcall? Did you think it was a clean block? It seemed like a good second. Howlate was the whistle in your opinion?
A: I don't know. I'm not a referee, so I can't say if it was or not.

Q: Were you surprised you were able to actually have the ball the last seconds?
A: Tim: Oh yeah. We work on that play every day in practice. I thought it was good. I was just unsure.

Q: Were you surprised at the delay, it did seem like there they was a delay? Did you think you had it?
A: Yeah, I thought we had it. But, it was pretty loud, so I thought I didn't hear a whistle at all. So then afterwards, I was looking around, but it was pretty loud and our fans were loud, so I didn't hear the whistle at all.

Q: Ross, you had a second half. What's your opinion from the first half to the second half?
A: Ross: I think we were just attacking their zone a lot better in the second half. Tim and the guys on wings got in the gaps and then just slide under the bottom guys in the zonedown low. I give credit to the guards for being more aggressive.

Q: This is as tough of a loss as it can get. How do you stay motivated to keep going and improve?
A: Tim: We play hard. We have Big Tens. We have Purdue coming up. We beat them before, so I expect they will be coming back looking for revenge, so we have to get ready to go tomorrow.

Q: Why were they so affective from the arc? Did you guys do defensively what you guys wanted to do?
A: Tim: It was a possession game. Sometimes we made little mistakes. They were able to knock down shots and get the whistle. They had a good game though.

Q: Did you expect them to shoot as well as they did?
A: Tim: I knew coming in they shot three. But, I knew they were going to shoot three's. So I knew we would have to make them shoot tough three's.

Q: John looked down after the game.What did you say to him afterwards?
A: Tim: We go through that every day. Missing a free throw at the end---I've been a part of that. We keep our head up; we shoot free throws all the time. I told him he might be put in that same situation against Purdue, and he will have to step up for that.

Q: What do you say to the guys who were riled up at the end of the game?
A: Tim: I said we have a good team and will get better. We have to get back in the gym, watch film and learn from it.

Northwestern Head Coach Bill Carmody

Opening Statement:
A real tough game all around. Penn State started off really well, and we didn't have a lot of energy. Midway through the half, we got back in it. The last three, four minutes before the half we were careless, we should have had more of a lead and you know when a team's at home they always make a run. So, I was very disappointed at half time. We had the lead for a lot of the second half, I thought, but Frazier (Tim Frazier, #23) just was really terrific and they sort of solved our zone, threw the ball a bunch, screened our guys and had a lot of layups and dunks on the baseline. Then we had a little stretch there, back and forth, and they missed their foul shots and we made ours. Just a real hard game. I know a tough loss for Penn State. This team of ours, we lost two overtime games, another by one, another by two tosome pretty good teams, so it was nice to get one. Our first three games of the year all came down to the last minute. We won them all, but we haven't won a real close one since, so it was good to get this one.

Coach, what did you see on the foul call? It appeared to be a little bit of a delayed whistle, how did you see it?
Its hard, he took a shot, they called a foul. Can't get me in trouble can you? What you have to do is look, goes up for a shot, the guy contested, it was right there. It's a good crew out there, I'd have to watch the tape to see if it was a clean block.

Did you think that this game of your remaining games was the most important to win to make the NCAA tournament?
Yeah, I didn't even think people were talking about us. We do have a decent schedule and all that, but if you're 6-9, forget about it. We had to get this game. So, right now we're 7-9? Yeah, so now were 7-9 and we've got Ohio State at home, which is tough, and we've got Iowa away, which is tough. First round of the tournament, you've got to win a few games here before your just around the periphery of the discussion, I think.




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