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Post-Game Quotes - Nebraska

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Feb. 11, 2012

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Penn State vs. Nebraska
Post-Game Quotes
Penn State Coach Patrick Chambers

Q: What did you think of you're teams play today?

PC: "You know, we did some good things the last couple days to get them prepared to play and play with confidence and clear their heads a little bit. I think you saw 15, or about 13 guys. for the most part play with a clear head out there. That's why you only play at the full level. I give Nebraska a lot of credit. They played hard. But, we hit some shots.

Q: "You made some changes to the starting line up with guys like (Ross?), was this to try to trigger a quicker start?

PC: "No, you know Ross played hard and tough and he rebounds. I felt like we were missing that rebounding piece without him and Matt playing major minutes. So, I put him in the line-up and brought Jermaine off the bench, because we need some bench scoring to give us a little spark. So, with Billy making his decision, it forces your hand to make a decision.

Q: "When were you aware that Frazier was going for a Triple/Double?"

PC: "Two minutes. Actually, probably 1:30 I should say. That's why I ran two plays, one Tim knows to throw it to Cam for three. Then, I basically told him to force inside to Sasa for two. It's unfortunate we did make them, but they were good looks. He played a great game; did a lot of good things out there.

Q: "How important was it to get off to a hot start?"

PC: "Huge. It was nice to be going into halftime up 10. We should have been up 12, but you know, can't be satisfied. But, it was exciting to be in that position, and to be able to come back, hit some layups, make some good plays. I'm proud of the players, man. You know to be 2-9 and keep fighting and keep pushing and keep pulling with a great attitude...there's something to be said about that locker room."

Q: "Is it frustrating to watch a kid like Billy work so hard and have a great attitude but his body just lets him down?"

PC: "We've had a really rough couple days. He's such a great kid with big-time character and I hope someday my son, Ryan, ends up like Billy Oliver. Because, Billy's that type of person; he give you everything he has every single day. He works hard in the classroom. I mean he's just anunbelievable person. And when he can't get over the hump or can't get over it, it hurt all of us. Billy and I talked for two days - very emotional talks, talked with his mom one day, again very emotional talk. Told the team last night, extremely emotional talk. To just regular people, to just regular fans out there, the job becomes very hard during those times. I just think the world of him. And you think about the future, you think about him getting all this experience - next year how he could help us. Selfishly, basketball-wise. But now he's going to help us in a different way.

Q: "You talked in the preseason about what a difference maker Tim could be... is he proving that now (...)?"

PC: "Yeah, I mean for me, he's done it all year. He's done it all year in ways that, you know, unfortunately we can't even talk about. He's done it all year - in the locker room, his work ethic. I know he can give us more. I know how much better he can get. Which is scary. He's only going to continue to get better, because he's humble and he's hungry. His mom has done a great job with him."

Q: "At the end of the first half, Tim missed that layup. You guys walked into the locker room with a ten-point lead, but he still did not look happy.

PC: "Oh, because he could hear me yelling at him."

Q: "Is that what you wanted out of him, though?"

PC: "Absolutely, I don't want to go up 10, I want to go up 12. That's what you gotta do at home. You can't take possessions for granted. That's the way we played today. We didn't play in 4-minute increments. We played possessions. And that's all I kept saying in the huddle, that's all I kept saying yesterday. Win the next possession, whatever you did the last possession forget about it. With a young team you have a problem with compounding a bad possession, or a mistake. So you make one mistake it turns into 4 mistakes. So what I'm trying to do is get us away from that."


Billy Oliver

Opening statement:

"Just a real quick thing before we talk about the win and these guys. As of two days ago, I have put a lot of thought into this, and I have decided not to continue my basketball career. I am still going to staywith the program, going to games, and next year I'll be hanging around with a medical scholarship - more of an office job. It's a decision I have put a ton of thought into. I've got these guys (teammates) supporting me, and my parents talked to coach countless times. It seems right for me, and more importantly, for the team. It's selfish for me if I am not going to be able to go out there and give 100 percent with the history of my head, and I am worried about problems with that. I don't want to do that to the team, because I know they give 100 percent. So, I am not continuing basketball, but I will be around.

Q: The last couple of games you still went out there. Was there anything in those last couple of games that made you think you wouldn't be able to keep going the rest of the year?

A: Well, you know its tough, I've been hit in the head a few times, a few injuries, and as much as I don't want it to be, its been in the back of my head when I'm playing. That's not how Billy Oliver is supposed to be playing basketball. I'm supposed to be a free mind. Like I said, if I can't go out there and I can't do everything I can to win games and everything they do for me, I think its time to move on.

Q: How difficult of a decision was this considering you probably have been playing since you were a little kid?

A: Its by no means any light decision. It took a lot, and it took a lot of thought. It's been a couple of weeks and I've just been thinking. But, it's the right decision and I'm happy I made it. There is a sense of relief the decision has been made. Now it's just time to move on from here and accept it.

Q: you said you're going to stick around the program; can you give more specifics of what you're going to do?

A: I don't know 100 percent actually, but I can imagine its going to be a graduate assistant type of job. But, I will do whatever I can to help these guys; they have done so much to help me. Anyway I can stay involved and help these guys.

Q: Do you see yourself coaching down the road?

A: Definitely Coach Chambers is someone I can rely on. He has been so great through this whole process. Like I said, I want to return the favor in anyway I can.

Q: How much solace do you take in the fact you had a couple of games where you were able to do some things?

A: No, and I understand what you're saying. Yeah there were a few times where I went out there and I was able to shoot a three. I wish there were more. But, I'm glad to have those under my belt and I will be able to look back on those.

Q: Are you expecting to be helping long-term?

A: Yeah definitely. There are a few doctors here who have done nothing but take excellent care of me. Now I am going forward and taking another step making sure I use that. I have the utmost confidence in them and in my health. There is nothing, maybe if I kept playing I would be more worried about long-term things. But, I know they took all the right precautions.

Q: Do you know what you're doing once you're graduating and about the medical scholarship?

A: From what I know the paperwork has been filed. I will graduate this spring. I will finish my second degree and hopefully start a masters.

Cammeron Woodyard and Tim Frazier

Q: How tough is it to lose a teammate like Billy?

A: Tim: "You know, its pretty emotional. Billy means a lot to me and he means a lot to this team. For him to make this decision shows the type of person he is. He thinks about others. He said he could have been playing but he thought about his health. He thought about us too. He sat down and he thought and he made the best decision for us. It's been very emotional and it's a sudden change. He will be here next year though and he will be the Billy we know and love. We cherish him.

Q: When did you find out about Billy's decision?

A: Tim: Well Billy and I have a personal relationship as my roommate. We had a couple oftalks. I tried to get him to play this game. But he made the right decision for himself and for us. And he talked with his parents, coach and they came to the right decision.

Q: Did you know Tim was just short of a triple double?

A: Cam: I didn't know. I was just going out there to have fun. I give credit to Tim Frazier. You know this for everyone on the team. Guys go out there and make huge shots and make big box outs. We have crucial talks with guys to make stops and runs. This is a an all team game. If you look down a list, everyone can shoot.

Q: Tim you got a pretty good start shooting. What else contributed to the help? Was it the hustling?

A: Tim: We emphasize as much as we can to start the game on a high note. So, we want to set the tone and encourage that the whole game.

Q: Cam you took seven three pointers. Nick took 11. DO you think you two are going to be the guys who are going to be taking the shots from behind the arch?

A: Cam: Well I mean, that's what Tim is good at. He finds us out there. He was one assist away from a triple-double. We are confident to take those shots.

Q: To what do you credit the defensive effort?

A: Tim: The most important thing is we played positions. That is something we have been preaching lately. Play every position like it's your last. I think we did that. Even when we turn the ball over, we see guys going out on a break and make dives to save the ball. It's just that little possession, that little extra effort that we went.

Q: Cam how much of a difference maker is Tim?

A: Cam: Everybody contributes in some way, but he is the point-guard; he runs the team. He is a leader and the captain. As the captain, leadership overtakes everything. Like he said, everybody did their role and contributed hard.




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