Postgame Quotes: Penn State vs. Wisconsin

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Feb. 1, 2012

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Head Coach Pat Chambers 1/31 vs. #20 Wisconsin

Q: How big was the bucket at the end of the first half?
A: It was definitely a big play. We were trying to foul because we had one foul to give. We've got to execute. We work on it all the time; giving fouls. Nick Colella did a good job. Matt Glover has to get it done. We have to give a foul there and stop his forward progress. It probably was a charge.

Q: How about the three that Jordan Taylor hit late in the game?
A: It was huge, we didn't come over the top of the ball screen. He's a winner, he is a winner. He made winning plays, and that's why Wisconsin is leaving here with a win.

Q: How tough is it to hold Wisconsin to 37% shooting?
A: How tough is it? I thought we played hard, I thought we played pretty good defense. I thought we did some good things. I thought we got good shots. We've got to make shots.

Q: You did a pretty good job with Jordan Taylor most of the game, but there were two or three spots..
A: Yeah, and it was all in the last six minutes of the game. That's why he is big time. He picks and chooses his spots, he plays at his pace and tries to get others involved. And then when he feels like `alright it's my time' he goes. He's got...I'll say courage, guts.

Q: Is that something you will use that you can play 98% defense but he is good enough to take advantage of that one second you don't get over the screen?
A: I've got to tell you, we talked about it for three days. We've got to get it done. We've got to get it done. We've got to listen, we've got to execute what we're trying to do. We've got to get it done. We worked hard the last few days and I think it was noticeable. We worked hard on ouroffense. I think that was noticeable. There was a lot more movement - we got a lot more open shots. Guys have got to get in the gym. They have to shoot extra. They have to do what they got to do. We just can't keep going on this path.

Q: Tim Frazier scored almost all of the field goals in the second half, what happened on offense?
A: Well I was calling his number. Because Jermaine (Marshall) was good in the first half and we kind of lost him a little bit. Cam (Woodyard) wasn't at his best shooting night. So, you've got to go with what's going to keep you in the game.

Q: Can you talk about your tribute to Joe Paterno?
A: You just nailed it on the head, it was a tribute to coach Paterno. What he has done and what he has meant to this University. It is also awareness, coaches versus cancer awareness. I wanted to bring that the forefront, and make sure that people know that I'm on board and we are working very hard with coaches versus cancer and do whatever we can to beat cancer.

Q: Will the Khakis and Nikes be something you will bring back next game?
A: No, this was a one-time thing.

Q: I asked Tim Frazier about how the team went into halftime with the lead and faltered in the second half, what happened?
A: They made shots and we missed shots. This game is really simple. We got some good looks and the game of basketball is mistakes. Whoever makes the most mistakes is going to lose. So, during those stretches we probably made some mistakes and they hit some big shots. They went inside, (Jared) Berggren hurt us in the first four to six minutes of the second half. We had to make adjustments, which we did. It was a one-possession game and we had the ball. So, we recovered fine. But, against a team like Wisconsin when you have the lead you have to keep the lead. Being up 10 on them is critical. It's like being up 20. Winning by five is like winning by 10.

Q: Jermaine and Tim kind of established themselves as the top two scorers who are you looking at to step up to be another scorer?
A: Cam Woodyard, he's a senior. He's got to get it done.

Q: Anybody else?
A: Right now those three guys. They are our three guys that have to step up and get it done. Billy Oliver is out, Trey Lewis is out, and we are a little bit short handed. They have to step up.

Q: What does Cam Woodyard have to do?
A: He has to get in the gym.

Q: Billy Oliversuited up for this game did you have any intention of playing him?
A: No, I just wanted him to put the uniform on; Go out with his team, take some shots, make some layups, get in the layup lines.

Q: Is he responding well to exercise?
A: Yeah he's been shooting and that's why we let him suit up.

Q: The last tough loss you said you wanted to see 15 guys furious is that what you see today?
A: I think they are upset, but I have to teach them how to compete for 40 minutes. We also have to have a winner's mentality. Wisconsin was playing to win, I felt like we were playing to hang on. That was definitely some of my conversations at some of my timeouts. `We are good enough, we can do this, you've got to believe we can do this.' When they finally realized `hey we are pretty good' it might have been a little too late.

Q: How do you teach the team to close?
A: We work on it all the time in practice - End of game situations, four-minute games. I go crazy, I yell, I scream, I make it intense. That's the way you've got to do it. Put some fear in them.

Penn State Player Quotes
Tim Frazier andCammeron Woodyard

Q: Seemed like you guys slow down in the second half. What happened?
A: Tim Frazier: We missed shots and on the defensive end dictated whether or not they made tough shots, which slowed us, down.

Q: Was it your plan to take the second hand shots or is that how itended up happening?
A: Jermaine Marshall: That's just the way things were happening. The second half we tried to take it into the lane. Fortunately, I was able to hit the three late, and that's just how it happened.

Q: Do you think that the three should have been shot in the end?
A: Tim Frazier: Yeah, that was miscommunication on ourend. They were shooting it pretty deep. They are good players and makes big time shots.

Q: You guys did a pretty good job holding Wisconsin in check defensively. What were you doing well?
A: Tim Frazier: For the most part, we made them take tough shots. We had some miscommunication on our end, which let them get to the free throw line, which helped them out.

Q: It seems in past games that you have started out slowly, but this time you went into half with the lead. What changed after that?
A: Tim Frazier: All I can say is that they made the tough shots, which slowed us down. We were missing shots, and we should have keptshooting.

Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan

Q: What adjustments did you make on defense in the second half?
A: Absolutely none. We just needed to stick to what we had planned. There were some tough jumpers early. We hit a couple jumpers early. It looked like it was going to be one of those 70 something games. Well that didn't happen. Every possession was a battle. They play hard, we play hard. It's just a matter of who's going to hit some shots. Since Jordan (Taylor) stepped up and did that for us again. Anytime you can win when you're not offensively exactly burning the scoreboard up, you take it. Especially on the road, and especially against a team that's already beaten some good teams.

Q: It appears (Jared) Berggren gave you the offensive spike early on?
A: Yeah, he did. Frank (Kaminsky) and Rob (Wilson) coming in and hitting those two threes in key situations, the way we were scoring, those six points were quite a percentage of the total. But, fortunately, we got to the line and we did a good job of taking care of the ball. That gives you a good chance to draw the fouls and to get to the free-throw line. They were playing from behind, so they had to foul.

Q: Tim Frazier made every shot but one for Penn State in the secondhalf . Did it make it easier on you knowing the balls going to be in his hands?
A: Try guarding him, and tell me if it's easy. You still have to respect the other guys. It's not like you can take five guys and go guard him. You squeeze, you help, you try to take away driving lines, and we made him work for his shots. He had to work. Sometimes you make a guy work offensively, and it affects his defense. I'll have to look at the film, but he still played hard on both ends.

Q: In the second half, what type of adjustments did you make offensively? It seemed like you were going more inside to (Jared) Berggren.That worked and it opened up some things outside.
A: He was able to get some angles, where he really wasn't getting that in the first half. Sometimes with big guys it takes them a little longer. But he sure gave us a spark in the second half. Thing is, you don't want to rely on halves, you want to rely on 40.

Q: What about (Ben) Brust's ability to play?
A: You do what you can. I don't know what was reported to you about that stuff. But whatever was released, if anything was released, I don't know. Just that it was a game time decision with an illness.

Q: What went into the decision of taking your team to the Joe Paterno statue before the game?
A: Why wouldn't you? I would have played for the guy, I would have coached with the guy.

Q: You left a hat there (at Paterno statue), and you wrote something on it. Can you describe what it was?
A: To the greatest teacher ever. From one teacher to another.

Q: You grew up in Pennsylvania?
A: And I asked him why he didn't recruit me. He said how many games did your high school team at Chester win, he said you were a basketball school at Chester. And I said I played football. And how many games did you win? One in three years. He took a sip of some soda that he had, and he said maybe that's why I didn't recruit you. I like honesty. The guy was just right to the point. I had actually come to Penn State for a couple games, two years in a row. Football games, right before basketball started. I came to visit some friends here. More importantly, Dion Warwick doing a concert at night. Maybe there are some yearbooks here from whatever year Dion Warwick was here, 1966 or 1967. Do you know who Dion Warwick was? Anyhow I had come here for a couple games. Is Sammy still a fraternity here? Hit that. But I didn't partake in anything, because basketball was coming up

Q: When did you have the discussion with him about why he didn't recruit you?
A: First year that we had the Big Ten meetings, we actually went down to Florida. We were at this beautiful house with a swimming pool, chit-chat. And he embarrassed me. He got me.

Q: You have a big game this weekend against Ohio State. What momentum does this big win tonight give you for that game?
A: This was a big game tonight. I'd rather be on the left hand side with this one. But, we know what Ohio State has, we know what they bring. Things are going to really have to gel to get a team like that. So we're going to try to gel.




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