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Post Game Quotes

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Jan. 24, 2009

Recap |  Final Stats

Penn State Head Coach Ed DeChellis
On the fight in the team:
"I think we've got a pretty tough group. They have a fiber that you really love as a coach, because they're never going to quit and they're going to fight you, and there are some days when the clock's going to run out and we're not going to have enough time. But they're the kind of kids who are going to continue to fight and play hard and see what happens and try to win the game."

On what this kind of win means:
"These kids find a way to win. We're 5-3 in the league now. And that's important to try to continue to protect your home court and we'll take a couple days off and try to reload and get ready for the second half. The kids are happy they won, but they know they didn't play well, they know didn't execute well, but still found a way to win."

On the mentality of being down by 12 with six minutes to go:
"There's no reason to panic. I thought that if we could get it in striking distance we could see what they would do. I think Jamelle and Talor in the last five minutes, we weren't going to lose and they found a way. Jamelle had a big play inside. Talor had some big shots and Jamelle had an amazing rebound all in about 40, 45 seconds. Those two kids are just such competitive kids. You can't teach what they have. They have it in their hearts. And my hat's off to those two, and the other guys as well, but those two really rose to the occasion."

On the upcoming break:
"I think we need a break. I think we need a break mentally and I think we need a break physically. Stanley's (Pringle) knees are a little tired and I don't think he has the pop that he has and I think we need a couple days off. It's been a long race and we've tried to limit practice, and I think we've done a descent job of that, but sometimes you need to step away mentally, too and get a couple days off and get ready to go back, and our next one's at Michigan State so we've got our hands full with that."



On Cornley and Battle's energy:
"Those two kids offensively just make some big plays for you. And they play with such emotion and such energy, and the other kids feed off that as well. I thought Danny (Morrisey) had good energy the last eight minutes feeding off of that as well. I think the young kids are trying to come along and they'll feed off that and see what this is all about. And hopefully we'll continue to get better, and we'll work through it.

Sophomore guard Talor Battle
On what changed the game:
"Jamelle Cornley showed his senior leadership and his great effort. He got us back in the game. Deflecting basketballs, getting rebounds, scoring when we needed him to score. Everybody else worked hard, but he put us on his back and carried us. I just want to tell him great job. And for the rest of the guys, we all worked hard, we never gave up and we were successful tonight."

On winning a game like this:
"I'm so happy we won. Whatever you want to call it, we'll take it. It showed us the guts of this team and the fight in us and we never quit. You know, five minutes left and down by 13, it looked like we had 20 minutes left, and we were playing really aggressive and knocking down shots. Normally when you make those late surges you don't have enough energy to finish it all. So it was a testament to our team that we're able not only to come back, but to win the basketball game."

Senior forward Jamelle Cornley
When things aren't going your way:
"We weren't really executing on the defensive end early, and we were slack on every aspect of the defense of it. But we really just wanted to buckle down and do whatever it takes to win, and I think that's what we exemplified tonight. You may not be hitting every shot. A team may hit a lot of lucky shots, but you do whatever you have to do to win, and that's what the entire team did tonight. I'm shooting every shot I'm confident I'm gonna make. And I'm a senior, so I do what I'm supposed to do. What I did tonight was my job. I don't look at is as any type of heroic action or play. I did what I'm supposed to do as a senior. You're supposed to leave everything out on the court and that's what I did."

On the importance of the crowd:
"I've never been more proud of the showing than I was tonight when it comes to the student section and the adults on the opposite end. They played a big part in this victory because when you're down 14 point with less than six minutes in the game, you need some type of energy and that's what they provided tonight. They provided a lot of energy, and we fed off of that."

Iowa Head Coach Todd Lickliter January 24, 2009

Opening Statement:
It is fairly simple I would say. Down the stretch they were extremely productive. The couple shots that they missed, they went and got them back. We had emphasized that we really needed to try and get them off the glass, stay in position and get them off the glass. I thought we did a good job during the stretches when we were in control. But when Penn State had to have it, they went and got the ball. Cornley just got so deep that we couldn't do anything with his big three. My hat goes off to them, I thought they really played in the last four or five minutes, just winning basketball. They are a nice team and there is not much more I can say then that. They made plays and we struggled to make them. In the last four or five minutes I thought we made great plays and played some really outstanding basketball throughout the game. But just when the plays were to be made, they made them. We had two or three miscues down the stretch that caused the game. It was going to be a single possession game and it basically was, so there is no way to absorb that and we just aren't quite good enough to absorb that and they were, cause they got extra shots. We had two or three extras, but we couldn't get them back. Pretty simple.

1. Did you consider calling a time out in that last run?
I was screaming for a time out. You mean the last 10 seconds or before that? There were two possessions that we had, the first one I didn't call time out, I thought we had plenty of time and I had a set called and we were going. The last 10 seconds, yeah I was screaming for a timeout. It wasn't heard I guess. I have to think about how to call them where I can be heard. The thing about it is, what happens is, I wasn't sure if I was going to call it until I got to half court, I wanted to see what their d-fence was, could we attack? Now the official runs by you, and David (Palmer) was bringing it up and I was calling for a time out and I guess they didn't hear it, well I know they didn't hear it or they would have called it.

2. Could you feel the 14-point lead slipping away?
No, I didn't feel it slipping away, but I knew that they were making plays. I don't look at it as how much time or whatever. I look at each particular possession. What are we going to do? If they make a three and the crowd screams, that shouldn't affect us coming down and executing. If we come down and execute then they can scream all they want. I think we were up 14 when the foul was called on the three point shot and he (Talor Battle) went to the line and made three of them. I thought that was a key play.

3. How did you prepare to play against Cornley's energy?
Well, it is way beyond energy, believe me. He is skilled, a winner and he is strong. You can never be too strong. If I read it right he benches 370 lbs, I am not sure my whole team combined benches 370. If you ever have a chance to ask him who recruited him harder than anyone else out of high school he will tell you Butler University. Oh how I wish he had gone there. Now we have to face him all the time. I have great respect for the way he plays and the way he has always played. He does it to a lot of people. I wish we could have done something a little different. Lets face it, we are up six and he makes a three. He is not the best three-point shooter on their team, but with them on the line he makes the three. I have tremendous respect for Jamelle Cornley

4. How do you think Jake Kelly played?
He has been great. He has been doing a great job. He can really defend. He got in foul trouble and we had to sit him. He played a lot of minutes and he was chasing and scoring on the other end, so you never know. I did ask him and he said he was fine. That is a lot of work. He continued to defend and I thought he did a great job. We got two stops when we really needed them, and they got the ball back. The same thing happened last year, I am almost positive, they shot it, rebounded it and threw it to Battle and he shoots it in. It is a great offense for them; it is like they are running a break. Sometimes a three taken off an offense rebound is absolutely the best thing that you can do. You have everyone sunk; now you throw it back and he is stepping into it. It is a very good play on their part. I wish we could have rebounded the ball, but it didn't happen.


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