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Postgame Quotes vs. Michigan State

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Jan. 16, 2013

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Penn State Men's Basketball
Penn State vs. Michigan State
Jan. 16, 2013

Head Coach Patrick Chambers

Q: Coach, D.J. (Newbill) just said that you guys were playing with a sense of urgency. It was something we didn't see at Northwestern. Did you see more of that tonight?

A: Well, we definitely played harder, but we made shots, which is a good thing. Today we started fouling in the end, but to give up 52 points in the second half is not going to get it done. For us to score 72, we haven't seen that in a long time. So we need to get stops. In this league you need to get stops and you better do it at home. We had a great opportunity tonight and I felt like we let it slip away. But for the most part they are playing harder. We had two good practices with a better mentality, coming to work and wanting to get better. Fifty-two points is just too many.

Q: Seems like the tipping point in this game was when (Adreian) Payne came in. Can you speak a little about that?

A: I will tell you this he had some great shots, fade-aways, 15-footers, threes. He was energized from what happened. He was ready to go. He did some great things. We didn't have that punch back for when he came in. When we did, we need to make free throws. We just have to make free throws.

Q: Can you speak on what you did defensively the first half and then again in the second half?

A: Well the first half I thought we did a good job. Without (Branden) Dawson in there, not taking anything away from Michigan State, but we did a good job. We played hard. We mixed up our defenses. I am really proud of the effort. The guys came out. We forced them into some tough shots, which was good. But in the second half Payne came in and (the lead) goes from two to three to 10, 12; fade-away, fade-away, rebound, lay-up, threes. What a sequence for an individual to have. He is a special talent."

Q: What are you seeing from your team at this point?

A: It is all about competing for forty minutes. It is all about getting better. It is all about taking the next step in this process to get better. They showed some fight towards the end there. They kept playing, which has to be our identity. This is the way it has to be this year. There are going to be ups and downs, but we have to keep playing together.

Q: Is it encouraging seeing that against a tough team like Michigan State, you have guys like D.J. and Jermaine (Marshall) remaining so energized?

A: Yeah there is no doubt. They played great. They wanted to finish the game. They saw a good opportunity and I think we let it slip. We need production, we need help from other positions. Guys have to step up. We can't be a two-man show all season long.

Q: Looks like Pat (Ackerman) jumped John (Graham) on the bench rotation. Can you speak a little bit about that?

A: We are playing all our bigs. If you look at the box score, we need more production out of them. Right now Pat is playing with some confidence. He is playing well. But then you have John, he is fresh and comes off the bench and does some good things. We are just going to rotate them. They all have to play hard and defend and rebound. Jermaine Marshall has ten rebounds. We have to get more defensive rebounds out of those two spots.

Q: Continuing to talk about help, how do you get more consistency out of the other guys in order to help out those two guys?

A: It is really youth and experience all wrapped up into one. Some nights you are going to get one guy and another guy another night. I am sure there is going to be another person who steps up on Saturday. It would be nice if we all came together and got it done and played a really good game. But it has to be a consistency that we need on every single night.

Q: Earlier in the week you said D.J. does better when he is more aggressive on his game. It seemed he started out the game that seeing by his 27 points. Did you say anything to him or is this how he approached the game?

A: No we met, we watched film. When he is thinking too much he lacks aggressiveness. But when he is aggressive he finds solutions and that is what we need him to do.

#2 D.J. Newbill

Q: Can you talk about your aggressive style today?

A: I was just taking what the defense gave me. They were giving me a driving lane so I was just taking what they gave me.

Q: You guys both had career scoring nights. How do you balance that with losing a tough game?

A: We were just trying to will our team to a win. We lost tonight and the scoring was just a shadow. We were just trying to do whatever it takes to get the win.

Q: Can you talk about the pace of the game? Which do you think is more effective for the rest of your Big Ten schedule?

A: It just depends on the game. We slowed it down and made them work a little on defense. I think that was working to our advantage so we just go with it. In certain games, you may want to push the pace and other games you might want to slow it down. It all depends on the game.

Q: What's the overall level of frustration for you guys when it seems like you've almost done all you can on offense?

A: I wouldn't say frustration. We just try to get a win. We're playing desperate right now and we're playing with a sense of urgency. Tomorrow we have to come back with a great attitude. We have to win this weekend against Nebraska. We can't sulk on one game we have to keep moving forward. It's a marathon.

#11 Jermaine Marshall

Q: How much did you guys need a game where you saw the ball go through the basket? Can you build on that going forward from an offensive standpoint?

A: Definitely. Like you said, it's huge just to see the ball go in the basket. At Purdue I think we shot 25 percent in the second half, so to come home and get your legs back underneath you and see the ball go in the basket is huge. But we have to do it on defense so we have to get better there.

Q: Can you evaluate the progress of your team given the first four or five games of Big Ten play?

A: I would say we have to get better on defense and everybody being on the same page. I think a lot of times we have a lack of communication and guys not being in the right spots. We have to get back to what we were doing in the non-conference and just start being more confident. I think we are losing our confidence in losing a couple games but we have to pick that back up and just get better everyday.

Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo

Opening Statement:

As far as the game goes, there are some things I was really pleased with. We thought this was one of the better offensive rebounding teams we have played. They didn't have one the first half and they only had four for the game, but we didn't kill the boards either. That was a little disappointing. Zero turnovers in the second half was very impressive to me for us. The biggest problem I had with our play was the way we defended ball swings was a joke. Give both (Jermaine) Marshall and (D.J.) Newbill a lot of credit. Give Pat (Chambers) a lot of credit because he kept going back to something that was working. We made a couple of adjustments, none of which were very good. They muscle-dribbled us and out worked us at it. I was disappointed in that. Coming off of a day when you've had a lot of distractions and more meetings about things that aren't basketball has made me learn a lot about this team. You learn about their character when they can fight through things. I thought (Keith) Appling did some good things and (Derrick) Nix did some good things. We didn't get [Nix] the ball enough early.

Q: How frustrating is it to still have trouble defending the ball swings?

A: It is frustrating a little bit. I think we had some new guys in there when it started and then the other guys that were in there didn't step up well enough. Keith (Appling) was getting a foul every time he breathed on somebody and that really was a problem. It wasn't easy. Those guys are coming off with some force and then all of a sudden we get two guys with a lot of foul trouble. I think that ate at the seams too. I though this was the worst job we have done to be honest with you. But I also thought they did the best job of attacking us. Give them a lot of credit for that.

Q: Was it the bigs specifically that you thought were the issue?

A: It was a little bit of both this time. In Miami it was the bigs specifically and here (Alex) Guana struggled a lot . I don't know why. He is my best guy in practice by far. But Keith (Appling) usually doesn't need any help. Once he got into foul trouble I think he really got frustrated. That disappointed me.

Q: What did you think about (Adreian) Payne in the second half?

A: He played good. Him and Nix are playing better together. Adreian is a good player. He keeps his head on right and does the right things and he's a great player. He's getting to be a better player. His shots are starting to get more comfortable and we're getting more comfortable going to him. He's not turning it over as much and he is playing way better defense than he used to play. Because of that, I think our team still has one of the best one-two punches inside because we can score in there and a lot of people can't. That's the positive. The negative is we have got to get (Gary) Harris doing more than he did. Appling and Travis (Trice) aren't shooting as well as they should. Those are my hardest working guys so they will work their way out of that I am sure.




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