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Postgame Quotes vs. Northwestern

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Jan. 11, 2013

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Penn State Men's Basketball
Penn State vs. Northwestern
January 10, 2013

Head Coach Patrick Chambers
Opening Statement:
I thought Northwestern played a great basketball game. I have to do a better job. I have to do a much better job preparing my team and getting them ready to play. This one is on me. They were not ready to play. They did not play with any energy or enthusiasm. It's disappointing and sometimes in this lifetime you need to look at yourself in the mirror, "Did I do everything that I could to get this team prepared?" And I didn't. It is obvious because that was embarrassing. That is the first time I have said it in the year and a half I have been here. I didn't like the way we played. I didn't like the way we competed. That has a lot to do with Northwestern. I do not want to discount them at all. Bill Carmody is one of the best coaches in the country and he deserves wins, the NCAA tournament and all of that stuff. But, we were not ready to play and it is it disappointing and that is on me. I take full responsibility.

Q: What do you think you could have done differently to prepare them?
A: Different adjustments and different starting lineups. We didn't share the ball. We have two guys who think they can do it all. They can't. They need help, we all need help. We are a feel good team. My job is to tell them we play hard and that is the way it has to be this year.

Q: Did the style that Northwestern plays make it hard to make those adjustments?
A: They play an amazing style. We knew what was coming at us. It is tough to play freshmen in that environment when they are back cutting, spinning. They took advantage of that. But we played them last year. We knew what they were doing, but it comes down to the fact that we need to make shots.

Q: You took responsibility for the performance but D.J. (Newbill) seemed to be the only guy that had his "Tim" (Frazier) moment; the guy that realizes that they need to score some points and he takes control of the game. Is this a moment where the rest of the guys see this has a gut-check where they start to see this as performance responsibility on their part, as well?
A: What I would tell you is that I need to get them ready mentally. If they have other things in their head, then I'm not doing my job. They should just be thinking about Penn State basketball - play hard, play together, play smart, play with pride - that's it. We have to take care of our attitude club and take care of game goals. When we do, you win games. When you don't, you lose. You know, Wisconsin is a good team. Indiana is top-5. This is a good team even though they lost Drew Crawford. They're a good team. They make shots. (Dave) Sobolewski is one of the best guards in the league - the kid can play. (Jared) Swopshire I recruited when I was at Villanova. I've known him forever. I'll tell you what, he hurt us tonight. Again, they did a great job.

Northwestern Head Coach Bill Carmody

Opening Statement:
It's good to get your first win in conference, and on the road makes it extra nice. We've actually played better on the road this year than at home. It was just pretty good all around for our guys. I thought we defended pretty well tonight. I actually think that if I look at the tapes, they probably had some shots that they could make and some pretty good looks in the first half. In the last ten minutes of the first half, we hit some shots and they missed some and we were able to keep that lead in the second half. I like that we didn't turn it over and I thought that our defense was pretty good all around. The last five minutes they were really taking it to the basket. For the most part I was pleased.

Q: What's the key to making runs throughout the game and what does it tell you about your guys?
A: I don't know if I can make any great philosophical predictions because we lost our first two games. We've been practicing pretty hard the past couple days and we just tried to stress defense. We hadn't been shooting the ball that great, so we just tried to ignore it and not put too much heat on these guys. We shot the ball pretty well through outside, which was good. I just thought that a lot of it is when you're making shots and they're missing. Again I'm sure when I look at the tape, I bet they had some open shots around the basket that seemed to fall out.

Q: You had four players score ten points or more. Can you talk about how you spread the ball around and got different guys looks?
A: We try to do that in our offense and usually the cream rises to the top most games. But I was happy to see Kale Abrahamson hit three three-pointers. And Dave Sobolewski got a few more shots tonight. He hasn't been taking too many shots and he was driving in hard tonight, which was great to see. (Jared) Swopshire and (Reggie) Hearn I just thought were very good all around, with rebounding, guarding and getting extra shots for us. Any coach wants a team that the scoring is balanced throughout the team.

Q: When you go to the locker room with a 15-point lead, what is your message to the team and how do you think they carried it out?
A: We just tried to stress the defense and just not to give them good shots. It's a heck of a rebounding team. I saw in the first half they had a few offensive rebounds, they ended with 15. But again, a lot maybe in the last five minutes, I thought we did a great job defensively. That's what we talked about in the locker room almost entirely. Just guard and don't give them any extra shots. I saw the Indiana game the other night. They came back against Indiana. They came back in the second half. We just reminded them of that. Also we reminded the team that we haven't had much success at this place.




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