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Jan. 5, 2011

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Penn State Head Coach Ed DeChellis

Q: E'Twaun Moore had an off night, can you talk about your defensive play overall?
A: I didn't think we guarded very well. You can't let them (Purdue) shoot 47% and getting 83 points. They got a lot of points at the line tonight. You know, if (JaJuan) Johnson had 15 and Moore had four I would have thought that we would have had a pretty good chance. Lewis Jackson had a big night for them, stepped up. Ryne Smith didn't miss a shot. That was critical for them. I thought they all pitched in. The guys off the bench, (Terone) Johnson had nine. The game was won on the glass. They just out-rebounded us in the second half. We didn't get any rebounds. We didn't rebound the ball.

Q: Were you surprised by what you saw in Jermaine Marshall?
A: It's amazing. He played the way he does in practice some days. Then, the next day we kind of don't see that as much. I was glad for him. I thought he had a great night offensively for us. That was very, very important. We needed some help off the bench so hopefully that will help his confidence.

Q: Was the difference in the game the fact that Purdue had more guys step up when their leading scorers weren't producing as much as usual?
A: That's part of it. Again, I really believe it comes down to the glass. You have to go rebound the ball. You can't give them 14 offensive rebounds. We had some many balls just bouncing around that we couldn't grab and couldn't pick up. That's unfortunate but that's what you've got to do. You've got to grab lose balls. You've got to go on the rim and go grab the thing and rebound it and make a basketball play. We didn't rebound the ball. I thought we had a frontline is not bad. We've got some height so we'll continue to work on that.

Q: How difficult is it to refresh everyone in this tough stretch of the schedule?
A: You better get refreshed. I told them to go home and get a good night sleep, see them at 10:30 tomorrow morning for tape and 3 o'clock practice. This is what we do. The schedule is what it is. We've got Michigan State Saturday and then we've got another one next week. We'll come back and practice and get ready to go because that's what you've got to do. There's not a whole lot you can do other than get ready and get yourself ready to play.

Q: How do you prepare for Michigan State?
A: Rebounding. We've got to rebound the ball because we're going to play a team that's maybe one of the best rebounding teams in the country. So, if we don't rebound and block them out and go get some offensive rebounds and get some easy baskets it will be very, very difficult because you've got to rebound the basketball against that team as well.

Penn State Player Quotes

Jeff Brooks
Q: Was this the most physical game you have played all year?
A; Yeah, but we expected that. It's always like that when you play Purdue. Especially as a senior, one of the five seniors, the guys that have some experience, they all knew what we were getting into. So, we prepared like that for two days, going against pressure without fouls being called and things like that, just leading us up to a very physical game that you'd expect out of Purdue. That was exactly what we expected and it was a good game from them tonight.

Q: Your team played good defense on JaJuan Johnson and E'Twaun Moore, but did some guys hurt you that you didn't expect?
A: Definitely. (Ryne) Smith had 20, five of five from three. Lewis Jackson, I think he had like 17 or something like that. He went 7 of 13 from the free throw line. Guys just stepped up tonight and that's what good teams are supposed to do. We did a great job, I think, on Moore and a great job containing Johnson and other guys stepped up.

Q: What do you think of the tough stretch in the schedule?
A: We looked at the schedule and when we saw that we were going to play five top-25 teams back-to-back, we all didn't look at it like nervous or scared or anything. We all looked at it as an opportunity to really show what we got and see where we really are. This is just one of five. The only thing we can do is just come back in tomorrow, work hard, work hard Friday preparing for Saturday night's game and we will see where we're at there too.

Q: What do you think you need to fine tune for Michigan State?
A: We lost by 15 on the boards tonight. Michigan State, one of their staples had always been rebounding the basketball so that's going to be a big emphasis in practice. Another thing, they have great perimeter players that can drive in and shoot the ball. So, containing the ball and getting over screens is going to be a big emphasis in the next couple of days. Basically, we're just going to have to put our hard hats on and get to work. We're going to have to forget about this one because get this one back.

Jermaine Marshall
Q: What did it feel like to get some real playing time in the Big Ten?
A: It was obviously physical but I've been waiting a long time so it was fun, but at the same time we lost. I think it built my confidence a lot. That was the best part about it but it's kind of upsetting that we lost

Q: Did you feel like you had to score more when Talor Battle was struggling?
A: I didn't really pay that much mind. I was just trying to be aggressive. Coach told me when I get in don't hesitate, don't be timid, be aggressive. That was the motivation all game. Everybody just kept trying to be aggressive.

Purdue Head Coach Matt Painter

Q: Did your team's free throw shooting and inbound plays drive you crazy and what do you think about getting production from guys other than E'Twaun Moore and JaJuan Johnson?
A: Yeah, the one time when they (Penn State) went they pressed we had guys taking the ball out of bounds that weren't supposed to be taking the ball out of bounds. As a coach, you can move some guys around when it's a dead ball but when it's live you've got to get to where you're supposed to be and then take care of the ball. We got a couple rebounds and then had turnovers after we've secured the basketball. It got sloppy there for a while but I was happy to see some guys step up and play. I thought Ryne Smith was huge tonight. Lewis Jackson played a very good floor game. The ball is not always going to go in for those guys (Moore and Johnson). This was kind of a difficult game as it went into the second half to play there for a while just because they (Penn State) got real aggressive with the press and they were gambling and we didn't do a good job of handling it for that stretch.

Q: How satisfying is winning eight consecutive Big Ten road games?
A: It's hard to win one road game. This was a difficult win for us today. We knew it was going to be tough. You're just proud of your players for the mental toughness because that's what it takes to go on the road and be able to battle the crowd and be able to make shots and execute and do a lot of the little things. It's a good notch for us in terms of trying to move towards making improvements and getting better. A lot of people are good at home, but can you win on the road? We've shown some consistency in that area.

Q: What did your team do on Talor Battle?
A: We tried to throw some different guys at him with Kelsey (Barlow), Lewis (Jackson) and Terone (Johnson). We think we have three guys that are pretty good defenders. The Malcolm Delaney's and Talor Battle's of the world, we try to keep a fresh guy on them as much as possible but they're good players. Talor Battle is a very, very good player. I think our guys did a good job of staying with him until the end. He got away and shot a couple open ones there at the end.




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