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Alumni Challenge

Varsity S Club

The Varsity `S' Club, the Nittany Lion Club, and Dave Joyner, Athletics Director are proud to present a challenge for former Penn State Varsity Athletes (Varsity `S' Club members). The Penn State Alumni Challenge for Former Student-Athletes will provide former student-athletes with the opportunity to show support for the teams they participated in while wearing the blue and white. Former student-athletes of each team will compete against the other teams to have the highest percentage of former student-athletes supporting Penn State Athletics. The challenge provides an avenue for each team to compete against each other to see who can show the most support to its program throughout the year. This past year, the Varsity `S' Club is proud to announce that more than 2,000 former student-athletes represented their teams by supporting Penn State Athletics through the Nittany Lion Club. When does the challenge begin and end?
The 2014 Alumni Challenge will run through the 2014 fiscal year (July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014) and will enable former student-athletes to have the opportunity to provide their varsity team with an opportunity to win two $6,000 prizes.

How can my team win the challenge?
The two ways in which the challenge can be won are:
1. The sport with the highest percentage of former student-athletes giving to Penn State Athletics
2, The sport with the highest percentage increase in giving from former student-athletes compared to the 2013 Alumni Challenge results

Is every sport included in the challenge?
Yes, all 31 varsity sports and their former student-athletes will be included in the challenge.

If I didn't participate in the sport while at Penn State, but acted as a former manager, can I still participate in the challenge?
Yes, both former managers and student-athletes can participate in the challenge.

How are the results calculated?
1. The number of former student-athletes that have given back will be based on the number of student-athletes that give back divided by the number of active student-athlete alumni at the end of the fiscal year.
2. The percentage increase is based on the 2013 percentage of former student-athletes that give back for each team compared to the 2014 percentage. The difference is the percentage increase between the two.
-Example: In 2013, Team A had 10 donors out of 100 former student-athletes (10%). In 2014, Team A has 23 donors out of 100 student-athletes (23%). Team A's percentage increase from 2013 to 2014 is 13%.

Can I make my Senior Class Gift to the Alumni Challenge and credit it towards my team?
Yes, Senior Class Gifts will be included in the numbers.

What if I participated in multiple sports as a Penn State student-athlete, where will my donation go?
If a former student-athlete played multiple sports while at Penn State, each sport in which they participated in will receive credit.

What if I choose to give to another sport in which I didn't participate?
If a former student-athlete gives back to another sport other than the one in which they participated, they will be counted in the challenge as a former student-athlete giving back from the sport they participated in.

Can I make my gift on behalf of another student athlete?
No, a former student-athlete cannot give on behalf of another former student-athlete.


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