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Women's Soccer Takes Home Top Prizes in Alumni Challenge for Former Student-Athletes

Aug. 5, 2013

UNIVERSITY PARK, PA. - The final whistle has sounded for the 2012-2013 Penn State Alumni Challenge for Former Student-Athletes, and women's soccer has claimed both of the challenges' prizes for their program.

Getting an early lead in the contest and keeping it until the end, women's soccer had the highest percentage of student-athletes giving back to their sport (43%) and the highest percentage increase of former student-athlete donors over last year (26%). By taking first place in both categories, they earn a total of $12,000 for their program to help the current women's soccer team pay for travel, training, and other expenses they need during the upcoming year.

The final top 5 teams for the first prize, the highest percentage of student-athletes giving back to their sport, were:
1. Women's Soccer - 42.96%
2. Football - 37.15%
3. Men's Hockey - 33.25%
4. Men's Lacrosse - 29.23%
5. Men's Volleyball - 26.54%

The final top 5 teams for the second prize, the highest percentage increase in giving from 2011-2012, were:
1. Women's Soccer - 26.06%
2. Men's Lacrosse - 14.62%
3. Men's Gymnastics - 9.47%
4. Field Hockey - 8.48%
5. Women's Gymnastics - 8.33%

To see the final results of all the teams, please visit Alumni Challenge Results.

The Varsity `S' Club, coaches, and current teams thank everyone who participated in the challenge this year. Overall, 28 percent more former student-athlete donors supported their team this year than last, and more than $400,000 more was donated to Penn State Athletics from former student-athletes in comparison to last year. Nearly every team increased their giving numbers from last year.

"The challenge represents the pride and passion that our former student-athletes have for Penn State Athletics and their programs, said Clint Eury, Varsity `S' Club and sport specific giving coordinator. "The support and commitment from our former student-athletes throughout this year exhibits a special bond between our alums and our student-athletes for Penn State that shows the commitment to success of our programs long after they take off the blue and white."



Gifts from former-student athletes provide valuable resources to assist their current programs in excelling on and off the playing surface. Through sport-specific giving, donors can designate one hundred percent of their gift to benefit a specific sports program.

To learn more about the Varsity `S' Club and the Penn State Alumni Challenge, please visit