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Pursuing Success With Honor

Consistent with Penn State Athletics' core mission of pursuing Success with Honor, Penn State must take the steps necessary to ensure that the Nittany Lions remain at the forefront of the increasingly competitive college athletics landscape.

As an integral part of doing so, Penn State Athletics is excited to announce the Nittany Lion Club Seat Transfer & Equity Plan (STEP). The Nittany Lion Club STEP, to be implemented in two phases over the next 18 months, will provide current and new Nittany Lion Club members who purchase football season tickets the opportunity to transfer, retain, upgrade or relocate their seats.

We realize that the Nittany Lion Club STEP means change. But we also realize that change, properly planned and executed, means progress. We're thankful that the Nittany Lion Club membership will be at the forefront of making sure that Penn State Athletics is making progress.

Please note that the Nittany Lion Club STEP is not a complete reseating of Beaver Stadium.