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A Message from Director of Athletics Tim Curley

"Embracing Tradition. Preparing for the Future." At Penn State, we face the very real fact that the former is at risk without commitment to the latter.

Beginning with the 2011 football season, Penn State Athletics introduces the Nittany Lion Club Seat Transfer & Equity Plan (STEP), a new Beaver Stadium seating program that will allow us to carry on the great traditions associated with Penn State Athletics, while also positioning the athletic department to better serve you and meet the many challenges that come with competing today at the highest level of college sports.

These pages will outline how the Nittany Lion Club STEP may impact you. And I intentionally emphasize the word "may," because many will not be impacted at all. That's why it is very important to carefully read this material.

"The Nittany Lion Club Seat Transfer & Equity Plan (STEP) will allow us to carry on the great traditions associated with Penn State Athletics... & better serve you."

Director of Athletics
Tim Curley

With Phase I of the Nittany Lion Club STEP, we're extremely pleased to offer the first-time opportunity for Nittany Lion Club members who purchase season tickets to transfer those tickets to someone else, whether family or friend. This limited-time offering will allow many of our longtime friends to pass the glory of game days onto others who can keep their traditions alive for years to come.

Phase II initiates the Seat Equity Plan, which allocates season ticket quantities and seating locations based on the annual support that you provide to the Nittany Lion Club. This results in some significant changes to how we currently allocate seats and where those seats are located.

While both phases of the program will not go into effect until the 2011 season, familiarizing yourself now with the various changes and timeline of the new STEP will be important preparation for when the time comes to transfer or secure your seats. For that reason, we encourage you to take plenty of time to read and review this material. Thank you for our treasured traditions, which will live on as a result of our collective commitment to make sure that they do.

For the Glory,