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Introducing the Nittany Lion Club
Seat Transfer & Equity Plan (STEP)

Phase I: Transfer Season Tickets
The Nittany Lion Club STEP provides a first-time, limited opportunity for current Nittany Lion Club members to apply to transfer their season tickets to family and/or friends. The limited-time Seat Transfer Applications will be accepted from November 30, 2009, through June 30, 2010 (postmarked).

Approved transfers of tickets will be in effect for the 2011 football season.

Phase II: Retain, Upgrade, or Relocate Season Tickets
The Nittany Lion Club STEP will introduce the Seat Equity Plan, a new program that will align and allocate Penn State Football seating options with a donor's annual Nittany Lion Club contribution. A Nittany Lion Club donor's minimum annual contribution will now be determined by three factors when purchasing season tickets:

1) The quantity of season tickets the donor wishes to purchase (as is currently the case);
2) Whether the donor would like additional benefits (Preferred or Reserved Parking); and
3) The desired location(s) of season tickets.

Beginning with the 2011 football season, all who purchase season tickets must be Nittany Lion Club members.

Under the Seat Equity Plan, all Nittany Lion Club members who purchase 2011 football season tickets will have the opportunity to:
Retain their seats in their current location (please see exceptions below*);
Upgrade their seats to a more desired location, based on Nittany Lion Club point total and seat availability; or
Relocate their seats to a location that requires a contribution more closely aligned with their preferred level of giving, based on Nittany Lion Club point total and seat availability.

Phase II of the Nittany Lion Club STEP will commence on July 1, 2010, when the 2011 membership year begins. Seat assignments under the Seat Equity Plan will take effect for the 2011 football season.

Not all Nittany Lion Club members will be impacted by the Nittany Lion Club STEP. A current season ticket holder whose Nittany Lion Club contribution currently meets the donation requirement under the Nittany Lion Club STEP will have the option of remaining in their current seats without making any changes to their donation.*

* Season tickets located in the first three (3) rows of sections EA - EJ and WA - WJ, as well as sections SG (even numbered seats, rows 1-58), SH, SJ, SK, WA, WAU and WBU (odd numbered seats, rows 41-80), and North Upper Deck sections NAU - NJU (rows 81-95 in all sections), must be reassigned due to the installation of ADA seating along both sidelines, the enhancement of the student section in the south end of the stadium and the relocation of visiting team tickets to the North Upper Deck.