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Nittany Lion Club Seat Equity and Transfer Program - Top 10 FAQs

1. What is the difference between the Nittany Lion Club STEP and a stadium reseating plan?
This is an excellent question and we're glad you asked. A stadium reseating, as many of our contemporaries have implemented, requires that seats are removed from each ticket holder's accounts and then the patrons are systematically reseated using some measurement reflective of financial support of the program. Reseating proceeds without offering any options to retain current seating location.

The Nittany Lion Club STEP offers multiple options. Most of our season ticket holders will have the opportunity to retain, upgrade, or relocate their seats. Nittany Lion Club members can also take advantage of a first-time opportunity for ticket transfer.

2. Is this a seat license?
No, the STEP is not a seat license. Many venues have adopted a seat license program which requires a long-term financial commitment. Instead, STEP is based upon an annual gift benefitting Penn State Athletics. You may renew or release your tickets each year and you are not bound by a long term contract. STEP is flexible and short-term allowing for annual adjustments as your personal situation may change.

3. Are the new seat donation amounts over and above my current gift?
No, but seat locations - in combination with ticket quantities and parking benefits -- are now what determines your minimum annual Nittany Lion Club donations.

4. Do other schools have a program similar to this?
Penn State is one of the only major college athletic programs in the country that does not currently align football season ticket locations and donor giving levels. By foregoing this source of revenue, Penn State puts itself at a severe disadvantage to other nationally competitive football programs. To view comparative donation-based seating programs at peer institutions, please reference the list at

5. Do I have to move my seats?
No. With few exceptions, all season ticket holders will have the opportunity to retain their current locations, as well as considering the options of upgrading or relocating.

6. How do I get better seats?

A complete description of how you can request better seat locations is available on page 8 of the STEP brochure. You can download the complete brochure by clicking here.

7. When does the Nittany Lion Club STEP go into effect?
Beaver Stadium seating in 2011 will reflect the changes made through the Nittany Lion Club STEP.

8. Can I now transfer my tickets and points to a family member or friend?
Nittany Lion Club members may transfer a maximum of six (6) tickets to a new or existing account. Nittany Lion Club points are not transferable.

9. How will the additional revenue be used?
As you may know, Penn State Athletics operates as a self-funding entity of the University, using no tuition or state appropriations for our annual operating budget. It is critical that the ever-escalating expenses associated with running our comprehensive athletic program are fully funded. The costs associated with tuition, travel, medical care and insurance, facility maintenance and construction and other big ticket costs continue to escalate at alarming rates and are beyond the fiscal control of the athletic department. These areas will directly benefit from the additional financial support.

Beyond the challenge of meeting today's operating costs, we will be enhancing the game day experience for all fans at Beaver Stadium over the next several seasons; upgraded amenities, such as increased restroom facilities, additional concession offerings, easier entry and access to the parking lots and stadium.

10. Who pays the Seat Transfer fee?
That is entirely up to the parties completing the transfer, but normally, the person receiving the tickets, and possibly establishing a new account, makes the Seat Transfer payment. No transfers are complete until payment is received and written confirmation is provided by the Nittany Lion Club.

The transfer donation will earn Nittany Lion Club points and will be credited to the Transferee's NLC Account. The individual making the donation will realize the benefit of the tax deduction.

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