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What Challenges Motivated This Plan?

Financial realities
Penn State Athletics receives no state or University funding and must generate sufficient revenue in order to maintain its status as a self-supporting budgetary unit of the University. Left alone, athletic department expenses are projected to exceed revenues within the time frame of the current 10-year financial plan. More information on financial details can be found at

Alignment with peer institutions
Penn State stands out as one of the only major college athletic programs in the country that does not currently align football season ticket locations and donor giving levels. By foregoing this source of revenue, Penn State puts itself at a severe disadvantage to other nationally competitive football programs. To view comparative donation-based seating programs at peer institutions, please reference the list at

Opportunity to transfer season tickets
Nittany Lion Club donors who purchase season tickets have not previously had the opportunity to pass along their season tickets to family or friends. This plan now allows for that on a limited-time basis.

Nittany Lion Club seat assignments
The current football ticket allocation process does not adequately reflect a donor's Nittany Lion Club contribution to the quality of seat assignment in the ticket purchase and renewal process.

What Are the Benefits and Outcomes of the Nittany Lion Club Seat Transfer & Equity Plan?

• First-time, limited opportunity to transfer seats to family and friends

• Long-term financial viability of Penn State Athletics as a self-sustaining budgetary unit

• Long-term, fairness-based seat allocation system

• Enhanced reward for Nittany Lion Club point accumulation

• Increased and improved fan amenities at Beaver Stadium

• Reduced probability of annual ticket price increases

• Greater student impact on game atmosphere

• Improved sightlines adjacent to student seating