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How Do I know Where I'll Sit in 2011?

Beginning in 2011, all season ticket holders must be Nittany Lion Club members. Renewing season tickets for the 2011 season and participating in the Seat Equity Plan, as described below, will renew or establish your required Nittany Lion Club membership.

Declaring 2011 Seating Intentions
On July 1, 2010, football season ticket holders will be sent paperwork, which must be returned to the Nittany Lion Club offices by September 1, 2010, asking them to declare one of the following seating intentions for the 2011 football season:

Retain your current seat location under new Nittany Lion Club STEP guidelines;
Upgrade seat location to a section with a higher annual seat donation than your current location requires;
Relocate to a section with a lower annual seat donation than your current location requires;
Waive your right to purchase 2011 season tickets by choosing not to participate in the Nittany Lion Club STEP.

Not responding to the Nittany Lion Club with 2011 seating intentions on or before September 1, 2010 will be determined as an intent to relinquish ticket purchasing privileges. Seat Selection
Upon receiving all 2011 season ticket holder seating intentions, the Nittany Lion Club will place all ticket holders into a seat selection group and establish the seat selection order within each group. This order will be based on each ticket holder's accumulated Nittany Lion Club points through June 30, 2010, and their registered seating intention.

All season ticket holders whose intentions have been received by the September 1, 2010 deadline will be eligible to participate in the online seat selection process. Complete instructions and detailed dates and times of the seat selection process will be sent via mail under separate cover.

Note that within each seat selection group, seat selection order will be established and determined by a donor's Nittany Lion Club point total (from highest to lowest). Seat selections will be fulfilled based on availability at the time each donor makes their desired seat selection.

Seat Selection Groups & Order of Selection

1) Season ticket holders who will remain in their current seat locations

2) Season ticket holders left without the choice* of retaining current seat location because of:
i. Student seating enhancement
ii. Relocation of the visiting section
iii. Installation of ADA seating

3) Season ticket holders declaring a preference to upgrade their seat location to a seating zone with a higher required annual seat donation

4) Season ticket holders declaring a preference to release their current seat location and relocate to a section with a lower required annual seat donation

5) Season ticket holders declaring a preference to purchase additional season tickets and Nittany Lion Club members who wish to purchase season tickets for the first time

* Season tickets located in the first three (3) rows of sections EA - EJ and WA - WJ, as well as sections SG (even numbered seats, rows 1-58), SH, SJ, SK, WA, WAU and WBU (odd numbered seats, rows 41-80), and North Upper Deck sections NAU - NJU (rows 81-95 in all sections), must be reassigned due to the installation of ADA seating along both sidelines, the enhancement of the student section in the south end of the stadium and the relocation of visiting team tickets to the North Upper Deck.