Frequently Asked Questions

Men's Lacrosse

How many members are there in the NLC?
In 2014, the Nittany Lion Club had over 21,000 members, making it the largest intercollegiate athletics booster organization in the country.

Is my contribution to the NLC tax deductible?
Yes, gifts to Intercollegiate Athletics and Penn State are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as charitable contributions. A full deduction may be taken when no tangible benefits are received for the gift. Benefits, such as tickets and priority points are 80% deductible under IRS regulations. Please consult your tax advisor for detailed information.

How is my gift to the NLC used?
Gifts to the Nittany Lion Club provide funding for the full number of scholarships provided by Intercollegiate Athletics. NLC gifts also provide program support for areas such as the Morgan Academic Support Center and Penn State Center for Sports Medicine and capital projects in support of facilities.

Why is it required to be a NLC member in order to get football tickets?
Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics is self-sufficient, receiving no state or University funding. The support of the program through NLC contributions enables the Nittany Lions to compete at the highest level on the field and in the classroom for championships on a national level. The demand for benefits such as tickets and parking passes creates the need for a fair system for which these benefits can be fairly distributed based on NLC contributions and priority points.

What is the priority point system?
The NLC utilizes a priority point system to help fairly allocate benefits. Donors receive points based on their contributions, consecutive years of membership and alumni affiliations. NLC priority points rewards both longevity and gifting amounts when establishing a donor's ranking. With this system, the NLC can rank each donor regardless of giving category and prioritize benefits such as bowl game and away game tickets.

How do I keep my football season tickets and parking privileges from year to year?
The NLC membership level that is required for your current seats and parking is the baseline gift required in order to maintain the same location from year to year.

My company has a matching gift program. What do I need to do to ensure their match is applied to my annual contribution?
Please include your company's matching gift documentation with your annual contribution application or renewal form. Employee gifts and employee matches must be received by February 1, 2015 in order to receive ticket and parking benefits. If gifts are not received by this date, the donor will still earn NLC priority points for the match. For more information on matching gifts, visit

My friend tells me that his reserved football parking is grandfathered. What does this mean?
Beginning in 2011, the NLC membership benefits offered for the first time in many years the ability to purchase multiple parking passes. Donors who contributed at the honorary coach level since 2001 and purchased two reserved car passes consistently can keep that benefit at the honorary coach level. Also, donors who contributed at the honorary coach level in 2009 and purchased a reserved RV pass may maintain this RV benefit at the honorary coach level.

How do I improve my ticket and reserved parking location?
The 2015 seat selection process will take place in the spring of 2015. NLC members will have a chance to upgrade or relocate their seats utilizing an online seating application. Members wishing to improve their parking location can do so by calling the NLC and being placed on the upgrade list (based on priority points) which is reviewed annually after the renewal process ends in February.