NLC compliance graphic

One of the important cornerstones of the Penn State athletic program is the loyalty and enthusiasm of Nittany Lion fans who have demonstrated by their interest in our teams, and their attendance at events, that they are without equal.

We must be cautious, however, not to let enthusiasm for athletics lead us into conflict with the very specific rules and regulations of the National Collegiate Athletic Association or the Big Ten Conference.

The NCAA definition of "a representative of the University's athletics interests" is very broad and encompasses many if not all of the people who are regular attendees at our sports events. If you fall into this category, there are a number of activities regarding contact with student-athletes and athletic recruits that could put the University at risk for NCAA sanctions.

The University is charged with the responsibility to exercise "institutional control" of its athletics interests and we are committed to maintaining the kind of responsible program in which all of us take such great pride. The NCAA constitution provides that each institution shall be responsible for ensuring that individuals or groups representing the institution's athletics interest comply with all applicable NCAA rules.

Penn State is grateful for all you have done to make this one of the model programs in the nation. We know, based on our contacts with alumni, faculty and friends across the Commonwealth and the country, that you share our earnest ambition for athletic success within the rules.

For more information, please visit the compliance section at or call the athletic compliance office at 814-863-8048.