Penn State Athletics Recognizes First Five ONE TEAM Commitment Donors

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Nov. 9, 2012

UNIVERSITY PARK, PA. - During the first quarter of the Penn State-Ohio State football game, Penn State Athletics and the Nittany Lion Club recognized the first five people who chose to participate in the ONE TEAM 5-Year Commitment. The first five people to donate were: Rich Basile from Richfield, Connecticut, Sam Evans from Warriors Mark, Pennsylvania, Jim Flynn from Breinigville, Pennsylvania, Jeff Hantz from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Jason Szotak from State College, Pennsylvania.

"We felt this was a great way to recognize these individuals and bring attention to the One Team Commitment opportunity," John Nitardy, Director of Major Gifts and the Annual Fund, said. "By making the ONE TEAM Commitment these individuals, along with the thousands of other NLC members that have since made the five year commitment, are sending a message to our student-athletes and coaches that we continually encourage their positive efforts. After the NCAA imposed sanctions, it became evident that our alumni and friends were upset, but it was also clear that they wanted to show their support and ensure that our student-athletes continue to have the opportunity to excel both in the classroom and on their respective playing surface."

"The ONE TEAM Commitment was solely created to provide every Penn State fan the opportunity to show their resolve and commitment to the student-athletes," Nitardy continued. "Our student-athletes and coaches have continued to work hard to represent this great university, and for us to have the opportunity to express our commitment, for their commitment, is huge."

The five, were greeted to a standing ovation by over 100,000 people who were in attendance for the game.

The ONE TEAM Commitment is a first-time, five (5) year commitment for NLC membership which, allows members to earn significant NLC bonus points each year, while demonstrating their longer-term support to Penn State's 800+ student-athletes competing for 31 varsity teams. To date 91% of NLC members that have renewed their 2013 annual contribution have signed up for the ONE TEAM Commitment.


The opportunity to participate in the ONE TEAM Commitment exists for both current NLC members as well as those who wish to join in supporting Penn State Athletics and qualifying for football season ticket benefits for the coming years. Those who choose the ONE TEAM Commitment will earn double the NLC points for their annual contribution in each year of fulfilling their commitment, as well as an additional 50 NLC bonus points upon completion of their 5-year commitment. Additionally, participants in the ONE TEAM Commitment will assure that their seat donation does not exceed 2013 per seat levels during the five (5) year commitment period. Annual NLC points will be recorded as donations are received each year. Nittany Lion Club membership can be renewed online at

To those who have already made a ONE TEAM Commitment, thank you. To those who are still weighing their options, we strongly encourage you to check out the new ONE TEAM Commitment and all of the benefits it provides to you. If you know that you would like to participate in the ONE TEAM Commitment CLICK HERE to visit our giving website.