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2018-2019 Penn State Cheerleading Team

  • Main Bases: Alexis #56, Sauers #58, Rory #43, Veronica #36, Chloe # 62
  • Side Bases: Sarah #60, Audrianna #55, Dani #57, Emily H. #77, Anna #59
  • Back Spots: Kelly #64, Allison #29, Danielle #53, Geroski #65, Julia #10
  • All-Girl Fliers: Allison #4, Briah #75, Fleece #70, Lillian #71, Brooke #42
  • All-Girl Alternates: Jenna #63, Jillian #61, Taryn #16, Michelle #14, Gianna #13, Brooklyn #31, Cailin #68,
  • Coed Fliers: Garvey #67, Ruff #73, Camryn #38, Rhiannon #3, Knorr #66, Skye #9, Chloe #47, Caitlyn #37, Jaclyn #72, Viola #74, Madison #76, Sophia*
  • Coed Men: Jack (F), Trisstion (K), Gino (I), Daniel (B), Brad C. (H), Carter (G), Chad (J), Zac A. (L), Holden (M), Connor (A), Eric*
  • Coed Alternates: Ashley #69, Brad I. (E)
  • Coed Captains: Trisston/Sophia
  • All Girl Captains: Kelly/Briah
  • Tryout Information Form Get Acrobat Reader


    Penn State Cheerleading tryout information

    • 2019 Tryout Dates: March 29th-March 31st
    • Location: Horace Ashenlfelter indoor multi-sports complex
    • March 29th: Registration starting at 5:15pm. Tryout start TIME 6:30pm (instruction/testing day and first round of cuts)
    • March 30th; Start TIME 11:00-1:30pm (Instruction/testing day and second round of cuts), Interview times start at 3pm
    • March 31st: 11:00-1pm
    • April 22nd: NEW TEAM ANNOUNCED
    • Wear any white shirt and navy blue workout shorts for each day of the tryout.
    • Girls wear a white hair ribbon and red lipstick (preferably COVERGIRL number 507). Guys must be clean shaven (no facial hair) and have a conservative haircut.
    • Interviews require professional dress attire, if you qualify for the interview round.


    High school seniors may tryout. All tryout candidates must supply the following:

    • Proof of acceptance to the University Park campus of PENN STATE
    • All physical paperwork dated within the past 6 months of the tryout date and SICKLE CELL testing.
    • Current health insurance policy and group number along with a photocopy of your health insurance card and IMMUNIZATION RECORD.

    If you can't attend the March dates you may tryout by video. In the video tryouts (for Cheerleading only, not mascot) you should include the following:

    • 1 cheer with a standing tumbling skill incorp. (females only)
    • 1 hip hop dance (females only)
    • Tumbling skills (running and standing)
    • Coed or all-girl partner stunting skills (All-girls candidates wear white t-shirt and blue shorts. We must identify you this way.)
    • Minimum 1 minute dialogue by tryout candidate describing him/her-self and why selecting Penn State.

    The video must not be longer than 5 minutes. Do not show the same skill more than once. The video is due on March 28, 2019 only by video link.

    All candidates submitting a video will be on a probation period, during the months of August and September, if you are accepted to be a member of PENN STATE CHEERLEADING.

    In your video packet include proof of acceptance to the University Park campus of PENN STATE, all physical paperwork within the past 6 months, immunization record, and sickle cell testing, contact information and proof of insurance. Videos should be mailed to:

    attn: cheerleading
    105E White Building
    University Park,PA 16802

    Please read below for tryout requirements and information.

    Penn State Cheerleading consists of a Coed Team and All-Girl Team.

    Penn State cheerleading is one of the top programs in the country. Most tryout candidates are able to display outstanding cheerleading atheletic skills and the exceptional candidate must also have strong communication skills.

    All women will need to wear a white hair-ribbon and men must be clean shaved with a conservative haircut.

    Dress for the interview is professional.

    Men Women
    Gymnastics Some experience recommended. Standing back-tuck, standing backhandspring back-tuck Standing back-tuck, standing backhandspring back-tuck, roundoff handspring back-tuck
    Stunting Ability Some experience recommended. Examples include toss stunts such as liberties, extensions, cupies, heel-stretches, etc. Coed and/or All-girl stunting recommended. Examples include liberties, heel-stretches, fulldowns, extensions, cupies, all-girl fullups, etc.
    Interview Strong communication skills Strong communication skills
    Other Proof of acceptance to the University Park campus of Penn State, health insurance information and proof of a physical within the past year Proof of acceptance to the University Park campus of Penn State, health insurance information and proof of a physical within the past 6 months
    ***Candidates not able to perform the above skills may be considered if he/she shows exceptional ability in areas that will help improve our cheerleading program. These abilites include excellent stunting ability, strong interview skills, outstanding athletic ability, etc.
    Each year, cheerleaders in their second year are eligible for the Dr. Allen Scholl Scholarhip ($1100.00). The scholarship is only awarded to current team members.
    The Dr. Allen Scholl scholarship has awarded over $1,000,000 in the past 17 years. All Cheerleaders receive a textbook scholarship. Cheerleading apparel is covered by Penn State Intercollegiate athletics.
    If chosen for the team, cheerleaders are required to fullfill their responsibilites as a representative for the Penn State University. Practice begins in early August. The season is complete by the first week of April. Cheerleaders must be willing to possibly give up their Fall, Spring, Winter and Holiday breaks to cover events scheduled by the coaching staff. Cheerleaders may also be asked to miss class to cover events. University excuses will be given for any missed class. Classes missed for cheerleading responsibilites rarely occur.
    Men's and Women's Basketball
    Women's Volleyball
    Alumni Association Events and Pep Rallies
    Community Service Activities
    Charitable Organizations' Fund-raisers
    College Cheerleading National Competition
    University President Tailgates
    Athletic Department Events
    Nittany Lion Club Events
    Hospital and Retirement Villages Visits
    Nittany Lion Pride Events
    Miscellaneous Events class="middleLink">


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