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Dance Team Alumni Mentor Network

All alumni are invited to participate in a new program launched by the Morgan Academic Support Center for Student Athletes. The Student-Athlete Alumni Mentor Network is a program that will contain information from student athlete alumni across the country, accessible by current student athletes here at Penn State. The Dance Team would like to be the first team to bring this idea to fruition.

As a mentor, your responsibilities may be as simple as advising a current team member or you may wish to take on a more comprehensive role and assist with internship placement, or housing information. We are hoping this program affords Dance Team members the opportunity to increase their career network opportunities; as well as provide the necessary resources for career development and enhancement.

If you are interested in becoming an Alumni Mentor, please e-mail the following information to

Business Address
E-mail Address
Phone Contact
Job Category (ie. Sales)
Graduation Year

If you are missing from the roster below, please e-mail us at with the last year that you were a member of the team.

Penn State Lionettes Alumni Chair
Amy Doering

2013-14 Team


First Row from left: Megan Arroyo, Ashley Hand, Sara Leary, Rebecca Roderick, Jessie Maynor, Nicole Williams, Elise Potter, Alexa Schear

Second Row: Andrea Cocolin, Danielle Galipo, Allison Chambers, Alicia Popescu, Amy Doering, Rachel Bove, Nicole Logan

Third Row: Veronica Rossi, Katie Shearin, Brooke Piccione, Madison Fox, Angela Connors, Jessica Spellman

Forth Row: Jackie Ferre, Katherine Ching, Yahna McPherson, Carolyn Duffet, Leigh Sabinsky, Alexa Gambuti

2012-2013 Team


First Row from left: Shannon Yuen, Melissa Diehl, Kayla Weaver, Monica Douglas, Perri Hammershlag, Nicole Symeonides

Second Row: Megan Arroyo, Elise Potter, Sara Leary, Tanika Peart, Rebecca Roderick, Nicole Williams, Alexa Schear

Third Row: Andrea Cocolin, Rachel Bove, Danielle Galipo, Allison Chambers, Amanda Lavino, Ahsley Hand

Fourth Row: Katie Shearin, Angela Connors, Amy Doering, Alicia Popescu, Brooke Piccione, Nicole Logan, Jessica Spellman

2011-2012 Team


First Row from left: Melissa Diehl, Jessica Tote, Amy Branstetter, Natalie Sarver, Jenna Dolce, Meagan Ebmeyer

Second Row: Monica Douglas, Shannon Yuen, Sara Leary, Kayla Weaver, Rebecca Roderick, Nicole Symeonides, Perri Hammershlag

Third Row: Megan Arroyo, Elise Potter, Ashley Hand, Rachel Bove, Tanika Peart, Nicole Williams, Alexa Schear

Fourth Row: Andrea Cocolin, Nikki Sillinger, Allison Chambers, Jessica Maynor, Danielle Galipo, Amanda Lavino, Nicole Logan

2008-2009 Team

First row, from left: Caitie Donnangelo, Ashley Herbick, Sydney Klein, Jenny DiNardo, Christina Liebert and JoAnn Esposito

Second row: Chelsea Dolchin, Amanda Jo Cannillo, Nicole Bautz, Megan Highfill, Erin Zoch, Alex Costello and Katelyn Berardi

Third row: Allie Scott, Kristen Fedeli, Kailin Armeny, Karley Chism, Alyssa Guttendorf and Caroline Molloy

Fourth row: Meagan Ebmeyer, Ashley Hinson, Amy Duray, Kayla Kollman, Marisa Pollack, Natalie Sarver and Monica Endy

2006-2007 Team



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