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Coed Team

The Coed Team at Penn State has been changing over the past years and the team members agree it is only for the better. Exceptional talent has entered the program and the team expects to get even better once the new year begins. By attending Rutgers University UCA Cheerleading Camp, the team hopes to learn new stunts and build team unity. In the past, they have earned titles such as the "most collegiate team," and have won many other awards. "I am guiding the cheerleading program in a direction similar to the structure of former Head Coach Lee Giannone," said current Head Coach Curt White. Coach Giannone lead the team to greatness during the mid-late eighties. The current success of the team is proving that the system works.

This year, the Coed Team consists of 10 co-ed couples. The 10 couples must have a standing back tuck, running tumbling, toss stunts and all-around exceptional skills. To learn more about the requirements for this team, click here.

This team placed 6th in the Division 1A finals of the 2003 UCA Cheerleading Championships. The division is a difficult one, containing teams like Alabama, Tenessee and the legendary Kentucky Wildcats, but the Coed Penn State team is determined to climb each year. In 2002 they placed 11th, but finished 6th in 2003, beating some great teams including Ohio State, Hawaii and LSU. They also finished first out of the Big Ten Schools.

In addition, this team cheers football, basketball, volleyball and gymnastics, as well as many other events. They also receive a scholarship for books and the Dr. Allen Scholl Scholarship, if their GPA is above a 3.0 by the end of their freshman year.

The members of the PENN STATE CHEERLEADING TEAM are:

Small Coed Members:

  • Chelsey Crocker
  • Theresa Arlotta
  • Stephen Avery
  • Tara Badman
  • Lauren Bumbaugh
  • Colton Clymire
  • Devon Cogley
  • Brendan Cox
  • Annie Crilly
  • Meghan Dugan
  • Caroline Evans
  • John Fisher
  • Natalie Hawk
  • Chris Moss
  • Ed Moyer
  • Kelly Serra
  • Stacey Silverman
  • Mark Stenner
  • Lee Verderosa
  • Britni Walton
Large Coed Members:
  • Alison Bush
  • Renee Carelli
  • Danielle Carfaro
  • Chris Clohessy
  • Melissa Fogel
  • Lisa Godiska
  • Lauren Harvilla
  • Kelly Hepner
  • Shauna Korner
  • Robert Leo
  • Todd Leo
  • Tom Matisak
  • Brian Moll
  • Thomas Morton
  • Kylie Nellis
  • Drew Palmer
  • Dane Paraschos
  • Michelle Peters
  • Zak Walko
  • Bryan Wilson
Rally Girls:
  • Brittany Carfaro
  • Alyssa Donahue
  • Jessica Fessler
  • Lindley Gallagher
  • Dana Gjurich
  • Lindsey Harvilla
  • Ellen Leto
  • Meagan McGrane
  • Julianne McKinley
  • Katharine Montag
  • Marissa Petrone
  • Stefanie Powell
  • Lea Renwick
  • Melissa Sansone
  • Allyssa Sirb
  • Melissa Syska
  • Alison Williams
  • Stephanie Zulkoski

To view more pictures of the Coed Team, please visit our Photo Album.


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