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Hello Penn Staters!

The relentless drive for excellence instilled in all Penn Staters is extremely visible in the lives of its student athletes. Last year, this university won eight Big Ten Championships and had nearly 300 student athletes receive Academic All-Big Ten honors. And in the twilight of such great success we look only to improve. We will embrace the everyday challenges presented to us and continue the tradition of success handed down to us.

Student athletes have always served as tremendous ambassadors of this university. From reading books in elementary classrooms, to speaking out against bullying, our position as role models is embraced and utilized. Our tradition of service is strong, and we hope to expand upon it even further. Not only will we keep our long-standing community involvement, but we will also look for new opportunities to positively impact those around us. The support we receive from the surrounding community is truly incredible, and we hope our efforts can show just a fraction of our gratitude.

We hold so much potential to be a powerful voice within this university. We want to work closely with other student organizations to promote positive programming, school spirit and core value our incredible University stands for. We will push to better integrate our community into the university as a whole, and through our efforts be exposed to countless opportunities and exciting ventures happening at Penn State.

In the classroom, on the field, in the gym, and within our community, we uphold the many traditions of athletics at this university. Penn State has a long history of excellence and we look forward to continuing it this year.

Preston Gall
Men's Gymnastics
2013-14 Student Athlete Advisory Board President
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