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Eating Challenges

Weight Management
Our team of Sports Nutritionist can assist any athlete with weight management concerns. Whether an endurance athlete finds it difficult to maintain a healthy competition weight or a strength athlete can't seem to eat enough to gain muscle, we can help. We will provide the educational tools and motivation needed to assist in individual weight management.

Emotional Eating
Do you tend to snack even when you're not hungry? Do you find yourself reaching for sugary or salty foods when you're bored, stressed, or feeling upset? Our team of Sports Nutritionists can help you break poor eating habits to assist in weight management. We are dedicated to helping athletes recognize and understand their physical and emotional hunger to better maintain a healthy weight.

Disordered Eating
If you or a teammate suffers from disordered eating habits, contact the Sports Nutrition department. Our Sports Nutritionist works closely with University Health Services Counseling and Psychological Services to assist those with eating disorders and disordered eating.

As an athlete, disordered eating poses a great risk for the Female Athlete Triad, which can lead to the development of Osteoporosis. Penn State Sports Nutrition and CAPS can offer group therapy or individual counseling, as well as nutritional counseling, to athletes that feel they need assistance.

Please contact the Sports Nutrition office at 814-863-8107 for assistance with disordered eating.


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