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Body Composition Analysis

BOD POD Testing
Penn State Athletics provides two BOD PODs, located at each side of campus, for body composition testing of athletes. The BOD POD is the Gold Standard for body composition testing. Tests are available from Monday through Friday 8am-5pm in either Rec Hall or Lasch.

What is a BOD POD?
The BOD POD is a 2-compartment body composition model that uses Air Displacement Plethysmography technology to measure fat mass and fat free mass (including bone, muscle, and body water). BOD POD technology also predicts calories needed to sustain current weight in relation to activity level and body fat percentage.

How does it work?
The entire process will take approximately 15 minutes. Athletes will be tested two times for accuracy and then counseled on the results. There is an error range of approximately 1 to 2.7%.

In addition, the requirements for the day of the test are as follows:

  • No food, drink, or exercise 2 hours prior to testing
  • Minimal, form-fitting clothing required
    • Men: spandex shorts
    • Women: spandex shorts and sports bra
  • A swim cap is necessary and will be provided
  • No jewelry

Why should I get a test?
BOD POD tests can be used as the most accurate way to track changes in fat and fat free mass over time. It is an excellent way to measure progress towards a goal, whether that goal is to maintain muscle while losing fat or gain muscle.


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