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LionVision VR Frequently Asked Questions

What is LionVision VR?
LionVision VR is a virtual reality subscription service that allows the user to access Penn State Athletics in previously impossible ways.

First, LionVision VR utilizes virtual reality technology to provide the participant with the experience of being virtually part of Penn State Athletics' most iconic experiences using incredible camera and computer technologies to create cutting-edge immersive video.

Second, LionVision VR will combine this technology with access to people, locations and experiences that were never previously available to the public.

The only thing better than Lion Vision VR's immersive experience is being there in person.

I've never tried virtual reality, what is it like?

Virtual reality and LionVision VR is high level technology that allows the user to be immersed in the experience as if they were there. Virtual reality is not High Definition TV. Instead, it is an immersive experience that imitates and gives the visual and audio perspective of real life experiences through depth perception, movement, sounds and spatial relationships similar to actually being there.

Does audio matter in my LionVision VR experience?
Audio is an important part of the experience. You should utilize your earbuds, headset or other quality speaker options for the best experience. Your phone's built in audio is acceptable but not ideal for the full experience.

Do you have a list of the experiences I will get to see?
Intended experiences include Football Game Day (behind the scenes, pre-game, in-game, and post-game) including some of Penn State's best game day traditions as well as pre-game, in-game and post-game exclusive content for men's and women's basketball, men's hockey, women's volleyball, wrestling and other sports where unique and VR appropriate content can be captured. If we can put a camera there, we'll consider it.

We intend to release video content multiple times every week.

Is LionVision VR hard to operate?
LionVision VR is easy to operate and requires no special training. But should you need assistance you can call 1-800-Nittany or contact our virtual reality experts at EON Sports VR via phone 323-813-6687 (M-F, 9 AM - 6 PM CST) or email

Can I view LionVision VR without a headset?
Yes you can, but it will not be a virtual reality experience and many of the VR effects will be lost. To solve this dilemma, during our initial ordering period we will provide you with a complementary headset that will allow you to access the full experience of LionVision VR right from your phone.

How many experiences will be part of my subscription?
You will receive a minimum of 30 virtual experiences during your subscription. In addition, we will release non-virtual reality video on an almost daily basis through the LionVision VR app, providing hundreds of experiences throughout the subscription. LionVision VR will be a must-see daily experience for the subscriber.

How do I get a subscription?
Go to the Apple Store or Play Store and search for LionVision VR or use either of these links to download the App to your phone and get started. What devices will LionVision VR work on?
LionVision VR is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.
For Android: Minimum Samsung S5 or equivalent
Quad-core 2.5 GHz
2 GB RAM or higher
Android 4.4.4 or higher
For iOS: Minimum iPhone 6 or higher
iOS 8.4

Can I use GearVR, Oculus, or HTC Vive with LionVision VR?
Unfortunately, right now only the phones listed above are compatible with LionVision VR.

I just purchased a new phone. Do I have to buy a new subscription?
Access to LionVision VR is transferrable to your new phone. Please email us at and we will issue you a new code to apply to your new phone.

When can I access the app?
  When you have your access code you will be able to access the app.

Can I use cellular data to stream and download content?
While it is possible to download and stream content with your a cellular data connection, it is strongly recommended that you use a Wi-Fi network as some of the file sizes can be fairly large.

You may be charged by your network provider for data services or any other third party charges as may arise while using certain features of the App and/or Licensed Content and you accept responsibility for such charges.

Penn State University and EON Sports cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred from the use of LionVision VR.

How do I cancel my subscription if I don't wish to auto-renew?
Email us at with the subject line "Cancel Subscription". In the body of the text include your full name and best phone number to reach you. You can resume access to LionVision VR at any time as long as your payment information is up-to-date.

Are there any safety concerns with using LionVision VR?
3D immersive viewing and LionVision VR is only recommended for ages 8 or above. Adult supervision is recommended. Viewing 3D effects may cause epileptic seizures - if you have previously had seizures please consult with your doctor before use. Do not use while driving or while performing physical activities. Use only in a safe environment. Be sure your smartphone is inserted securely. Avoid extended use and take a break every 15-25 minutes. VR smartphone simulators are intended for viewing 2D and 3D VR content and the headset should be kept out of the sun.


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