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Volunteer Opportunities

The Penn State All-Sports Museum offers a variety of way for interested students, alumni, and the general public to become involved:

volunteer [vol-uh n-teer]: a person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking.

Volunteers assist the Museum in all aspects of its mission ranging from operations to collections. Opportunities are available in the following areas:

  • Daily Operations - assisting at the front desk, gallery monitors
  • Collections - aiding in collections cataloguing and data entry
  • Research - conducting research in support of Museum projects
  • Maintenance - assisting in maintaining the Museum's exhibits
  • Programming - aiding in executing programming for all ages

Museum's top 10 volunteer wish list

    1. Docents

    2. Stadium tour guides

    3. Tech savvy volunteers

      • kiosk updates

      • docent training videos

      • podcasting

    4. Gallery monitors

    5. Curatorial volunteers

    6. Photography volunteers

    7. Journalist volunteers

    8. Research volunteers

    9. Data entry volunteers

    10.Social manager volunteers (birthdays, anniversary, illness, graduation, etc)

For more information regarding these opportunities, please contact the Museum at (814) 863-5689 or

docent [doh-suh nt]: a person who is a knowledgeable guide, especially one who conducts visitors through a museum and delivers a commentary on the exhibitions.

The All-Sports Museum's docents are a special kind of volunteer. They are thoroughly trained and equipped to educate children and the general community about Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics programs and history.

For those interested in becoming a docent:

  • Training is 6 weeks long.
  • Training is typically done in the early spring semester when the museum is operating on limited hours.
    • If there is enough interest in conducting training a different time of the year, additional classes will be added accordingly.
  • Classes are typically on Monday mornings, for approximately 2 hours.
  • At the conclusion of the 6 weeks, docent trainees are required to take a sports content knowledge exam.
  • Upon successful completion of that exam, docent trainees are then asked to conduct a mock tour for their peer trainees and seasoned docents.
  • Upon successful completion of their mock tour, new docents are required to observe 2-3 tours given by our seasoned docents

You might be wondering how much time do docents have to commit to giving tours?

That's completely up to each docent. The only requirement we ask is that docents volunteer at least 25 hours per year. Beyond that, each docent chooses their schedule based on the tours that are scheduled. Being a docent is very flexible.

If you are interested in being a docent, please contact our Programming and Education Coordinator Aimee Brown-Shadduck at 814-863-5689, or via email at



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