Men's Gymnastics Meet Results


Host: Penn State
Date: January 18, 2018
Location: University Park, Pa. (Rec Hall)
Venue: Home Meet
Contents: Event Results Team Results
  Floor Exercise Team Standing
  Pommel Horse Penn State
  Rings Army West Point
  Vault Judge List
  Parallel Bars  
  Horizontal Bar  
  All Around  


Team Standing  (Top)
Place  Team Score 
1  Army West Point 94.650 
2  Penn State 80.700 


Penn State  (Top)
Head Coach:  Randy Jepson
 Gymnast Floor  Horse  Rings  Vault  Pbars  Bar  AllArr 
 Jack Baldwin 13.600            
 Brayden Borromeo 13.200            
 Parker Clayton 13.900            
 Brennan Pantazis 14.050            
 Noah Roberson 13.600            
 Chris Sands 14.150            
 Wyatt Tyndall 12.250            
 Team Totals 80.700            80.700


Army West Point  (Top)
Head Coach:  Dr. Doug Van Evern
 Gymnast Floor  Horse  Rings  Vault  Pbars  Bar  AllArr 
 Colton Bradley 14.100            
 Tim Fletcher   13.550          
 Take Giese   14.150          
 Nathan Goff   13.500          
 Matthew Martin   14.000          
 Mitchell McHugh   12.650          
 Joseph Minus   12.700          
 Team Totals 14.100  80.550          94.650


Floor Exercise Results  (Top)
Place  Gymnast  Team Score 
1  Chris Sands  Penn State 14.150 
2  Colton Bradley  Army West Point 14.100 
3  Brennan Pantazis  Penn State 14.050 
4  Parker Clayton  Penn State 13.900 
5  Jack Baldwin  Penn State 13.600 
5  Noah Roberson  Penn State 13.600 
7  Brayden Borromeo  Penn State 13.200 
8  Wyatt Tyndall  Penn State 12.250 


Pommel Horse Results  (Top)
Place  Gymnast  Team Score 
1  Take Giese  Army West Point 14.150 
2  Matthew Martin  Army West Point 14.000 
3  Tim Fletcher  Army West Point 13.550 
4  Nathan Goff  Army West Point 13.500 
5  Joseph Minus  Army West Point 12.700 
6  Mitchell McHugh  Army West Point 12.650 


Meet Judges  (Top)
 Event  Number  Name  Rating
 Floor  Judge 1  Chris Adams  Brevet
   Judge 2  Brandan Bruen  Brevet
 Horse  Judge 1  Brandan Bruen  Brevet
   Judge 2  Jon Corbitt  Brevet
 Rings  Judge 1  Rich Ellis  Brevet
   Judge 2  Chris Adams  Brevet
 Vault  Judge 1  Devin DeBacker  Brevet
   Judge 2  Nate Dotson  Brevet
 Pbars  Judge 1  Devin DeBacker  Brevet
   Judge 2  Rich Ellis  Brevet
 Bar  Judge 1  Peter Graber  Brevet
   Judge 2  Chris Adams  Brevet


 PLEASE NOTE: All scores are unofficial until verified at end of meet. For questions regarding the meet results, please contact the host institution.
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