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Congratulate the Champs

The Nittany Lions secured back-to-back national championships Saturday night by defeating Stanford. Send them your congratulations! Congratulate the Champs

Chuck (San Francisco): Congratulations on winning the national championship again!!! You are an amazing team and I've enjoyed watching you record setting run over the last two years. For the glory!

Jack Bixby: Hey, I just want to tell you all how very proud I am of all you have done and the way you handle yourselves with class. I have followed you through the last two years and all I can say is wow. These are memories you will have and cherish forever. Congrats to the best Volleyball team ever. You set a high standard. Enjoy it ladies, you've earned it and made the Nittany Nation so proud

Joe - Penn Hills, PA: WE ARE PENN STATE!!!!! Congratulations on a totally awesome season. PROUD TO BE A NITTANY LION!!!!

Toronto: Congrats Nittany Lions! Alisha, your an amazing setter... A. Kwan - University of Toronto

Libertyville IL: Congratulations on two great years.Lets go for three.

Chad (Bridgewater, NJ): I don't have a question, I just want to send my Congrats!!! All the to everyone on the Team, you have made Penn State Nation extremely proud!!!!!

Betty Slinger: Congrats Penn State! You all are such a great inspiration and a testatment to what can happen when passion, talent, and teamwork come together!

Stan Allsopp (Pensacola FL): Mega-congrats!!!! Totally awesome season, totally awesome final! On behalf of the entire Emerald Coast Chapter of the Alumni Association, we salute you!

Amanda, State College: Congratulation on the win! I'm so happy for you guys! Celebrate like crazy!

Dan Morgan, Fort Mitchell, KY: You were FANTASTIC! We are so happy for you. Enjoy every moment!

Sean (New York): Congrats ladies! Steve Semler...hey!

Eddie (Novi, Michigan): I watched you guys and you are great! Very impressive, big swings at the end by Hodge, choices by Glass and blocking by that Opp/MBs. Just a lot of fun to watch!

Elton (Plainfield, NJ): Congrats on winning your second national championship! I'm a senior at Penn State Erie and have been following you girls the entire season by either watching you play live or on the Big Ten Network. Congrats on an undefeated regular season. You girls are definately the BEST IN NCAA HISTORY! WE ARE PENN STATE!!!

San Jose, Costa Rica: What an impressive group of young women! Congratulations on a fabulous season and achievement at the highest level. Thank you for representing PSU in such an outstanding way. You make me proud to be an alumni. Best regards, Mark Kissel ('77)

Jeff (Amherst, MA): WE ARE... PENN STATE

alex: i just wanted to say congrats to all of the players as well as the coaches. You guys did an awesome job winning the championship again and all of you deserve it. I am a really big volleyball fan and i wish i could meet all of you guys. congrats again!

Caleb Young (Charlotte, NC): Congratulations ladies! I'm so proud of you for living up to the expectations and exceeding them! Savor this and have the happiest of holidays. WE ARE PENN STATE!

B Shore (1983): Way to go ladies, congratulations on your awsome run, and being first class Nittany Lions. You represented the Nittany Lion Nation well. Best of luck to you all in the future. We Are... #1 again.

Jenny (Fargo): Congratulations on the title and undefeated season! You really proved your dedication this weekend. Enjoy the celebrations!

Sam (Lynchburg,VA): Congrats! You guys played one heck of a season.

Dave, Pittsburgh: Congrats AGAIN, Ladies! You are the greatest team ever... What you accomplished, is just incredible in collegiate volleyball. You've made the Penn State community proud once again! We Are..

Sam (University Park): Awesome guys job! Only got to go watch you once but was watching you guys all year long! Exciting semi-final and final game!! you guys deserved it!! soak it in and let's bring another one next year!!! P.S. Blair Brown your amazing ;)

Karin (Williston, VT): You did it again with class, poise, intensity and determination. What a joy to watch such a competitive group of female athletes! Your coaches and families should be SO proud! Can't wait to see that White House picture! Congratulations!!!!

robert(san antonio,texas): congratulations on your undefeated season and another national championship!! Phenomenal play! Best of luck to the seniors and to the returning player--can you say 3-peat? Go LIONS

howard pittsburgh: congrats i am proud to be an alum of psu. you girls showed the vollyball world that your the best ever. espn kept saying that also. good luck to the seniors and hope the rest will have a good season next year.

Jan( long beach, Ca.): Great game!!!Congratulations to the best volleyball team and program in the nation.

Chris (University Park): Big congrats, girls. You deserved it for such an outstanding season.

Kaly (Iowa): YESS!!! Thank you girls, you are the best. BACK 2 BACK!!!!

Brian: Great job ladies, 2 years in a row!!!!!!!

Canton, Michigan: Ladies, My wife and are Penn State alums. We watched you defeat Michigan a few weeks ago and left the match with tremendous respect for the quality of athletes that you all are. You represented our university with class, and Penn Staters everywhere are very proud of your accomplishments. Congratulations on a perfect season and your second national championship. We are...Penn State! Keith and Diana Hirsch

Nick & Kristin (State College): Great job ladies on another stellar season! What a team effort. Enjoy the holiday break - you deserve it!

Galloway NJ: You made every Penn Stater proud. Congratulations on being the best of all time in your sport.

mike k: Wow...could a team be more dominant. Watched last year and as much as I could this year. You ladies are fantastic. Congrats on a great run!!

Ray(boston): Congrats~ you are the best! Go Lions!

Ben (Jersey City): Impressed and Speechless! Congrats!

State College, PA: A fantastic season!!

Tony Wile - Hershey, PA: Congratulations on a spectacular performance and season - I have always enjoyed vollyball and watching your team win in such style gave me a new appreciation for the game. Have a blessed New Year!!

Derrell Melton (Brooklyn, NY): COngrats Nittany Lions......i was rooting for you all in my house......i had faith that you could do it and you did......congrats go Meghan i hear National PLayer of the year 2009?......yeeeeessssss

Beckie in Lancaster, PA: You go, girls. Proud of your skills and your sportsmanship.

Len (St. Louis): Great job girls! I'm so proud of you! That had to feel fantastic to beat Stanford three straight games. Amazing job regaining your composure against Nebraska too. Were you girls ever scared you'd lose to them when they had you 10-8 in the fifth set?

Mechanicsburg, PA: Congrats on a great season!

Len (St. Louis) 1983 alum: Congratulations girls! I have a second question for you. On ESPN they said the whole starting lineup could touch 10'5" high. That's amazing! How high can the best jumper touch?

Craig (Knoxville): Way to go Lady Lions!!

Richard Chew "DC"/New York City: You did it again! Congrats! Go PENN STATE!

Mark PSU '83 (Baltimore): Well done team! Was a nervous wreck just watching your thrilling five set semifinal win in Omaha against Nebraska. You then swept Stanford while I was at work. Could not be any prouder.

Dan P, Holland (PA): I Love you girls!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!! WE ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kellen-Spokane, WA: Congratulations! What a great accomplishment!

Notre-Dame, NB, Canada: You girls and Mr. Rose deserve the most worthy congrats from all sports fans around the world. You seriously have done your Penn State alumni and fellow students proud. Thank all of you for your sacrifices. Enjoy it; have an enjoyable holiday; and may you all have a successful time at PSU and in all your future endeavers.

Chuck (Huntington Beach, CA): Congratulations, ladies. Your season was unparalleled. I look forward to your attempt to three-peat next season.

Jonathan (chi-town): Volleyballin!!! Way to bring the trophy back to REC!

Scott (Dayton): Congratulations, ladies! It has been an amazing season, and you have earned your place as one of the best teams in history. I hope to see some of you represent the United States in London in 2012!

Mike (West Chester, PA): Awesome, awesome job! Way to stay focused throughout the year and accomplish what y'all set out to do from the beginning! Best of luck to those trying out for the US National team! USA Womens Volleyball will have a very bright future if there is a strong presence from PSU!

Davis: Congratulations for this well-deserved national title!

Zach (Ohio State): Congrats on an unbelievable season and way to keep the title in the Big Ten!!! Best of luck with your future endeavors seniors!!!

CJ (Shrewsbury, NJ): I can't express how wonderful it is that you won the Title. On the long journey and path to consecutive titles, the whole team has dealt with rigorous situations, like the Semis and Finals, and have had the perseverence and qualities it takes for a team to persist and win a title. All of you young ladies should be honored, as well as everyone you represent at the Pennsylvania State University. Congratulations on your historic run and Back-to-Back National Title!

Nick (Toms River, NJ): Congrats!!! You girls are AMAZING!! You deserve it!!

Kishan (Carmel): Congrats girls!! I've been following you guys all year! Unbelievable!! Megan, Nicole, Christa, Blair, Alisha, Roberta, Alyssa, Arielle, Kelsey--it's been an incredible season! Can't wait for more! You guys rock!!!

Craig Bel Air, MD: Way to go Lions! Congratulations on back to back championships and an undefeated season this year. We watched the tense, exciting match against Nebraska and were very impressed by the way the team found the strength to prevail. The win over Stanford was very impressive too. Enjoy the championship and know that Penn State Alumni are very proud of what you have accomplished!

Walt Kowalik: I watched every game that was on TV. I wish I could have been there. You are a great team and I congratulate you!!!!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Unbelievable! You guys are truly amazing individuals. People worldwide look up to you. Parabens!

Billy(Huntington Beach,CA): Congrats on a historic year! You ladies were so fun to watch! Good luck to all the seniors as you go out into the world to do great things. P.S.- christa harmotto is the greatest volleyball player EVER!!!!(no offense to anybody else on the team, but she's my favorite player,sorry)

Jim Astor (Red Lion): Congratulations for an outstanding, record breaking year. Each, and everyone one of you, and as a team, has displayed class, sportsmanship and an unwavering dedication to excellence. You are the best of what Penn State is all about. It is an honor to have you represent our university. Cherish the moment and best wishes for the future.

Warren, PA.: Congratulations on such an extraordinary season!

tom: congrats ladies. i became an instant fan and am so glad to see you ladies fight to the end and claiming ever deserving championship. once again congrats and three peat's always sweeeet.

Susan Newtown Pa: You are FANTASTIC!! We all bleed blue and white for you! PSU Women Rule!!

Cory Ingram (New Castle): Congratulations girls! It was great to be able to play in the band and root you on to your 2nd straight championship

Indiana: FANTASTIC!! Nobody deserved it more. You are indeed the Pride Of Pennsylvania. Congratulations on a record breaking year AND another National Championship! WE ARE...

Judy Fox (Dallas, TX): Hey PSU VB! As one that grew up in the Poconos and is a lifelong PSU fan in everything, please accept heartfelt congratulations! A high honor, well-deserved for a worthy program. Way to represent the east coast! Congratulations and God bless each of you!

Jim Eicher (Troy, PA): Totally AWESOME!!!! My daughter, Clarice (15, So., Sayre H.S., Sayre, PA) and I LOVE YOU!!! As a father, I'm proud to say that I've showed her "the best there ever was"!!!! We look forward to more Lady Lions success in the future! You go, Girls!!!! XOXO, Jim Eicher & daughter, Clarice Garfield

Anna (Columbus, OH): Great Job!! Congratulations!!

Antonio, Miami, Florida: Great job Penn State! The back-to-back championships and consecutive undefeated seasons are very impressive. Keep up the good work!

jay/oakland: I have been rooting for you guys all season, so I feel great! Just want to say congragulations and Merry Christmas to all you guys.

Mike (Reston, VA): Absolutely one of the greatest teams in NCAA history.

Alex (State College): Hey PSU men - the women stepped up and answered your title. You got next.

Nari (State College): Congratulations Lady Lions! Absolutely phenomenal performance. I loved watching every minute of the game. Also it was funny to see the scoring snafu in between at 21-19. BEST TEAM EVER!!

Bill&Janice Gleason(West Caldwelll,Nj): Congratulations on an incredible season and National Championship! We enjoyed watching you play at Rec.Hall. We are Very Proud of you all.

Chris (University Park): Way to go ladies!! One of the best accomplishments by any Penn State team! Undefeated and two titles in a row - amazing.

Dave (Pugh Street): The Women were already reigning champs! You gals were so composed and relentless the entire year--undoubtedly the best ever. Best luck to the seniors.

Neil (Moron de la Fronta, Spain): Congratulations on another great national championship. It was a honor to watch the greatest volleyball team ever. We'll miss the seniors, but are looking forward to another great season next year. You did PSU and yourselves proud!

Dave, Strasburg, PA: Congratulations! Your team defines excellence. It is a great pleasure to watch you play.

Gaurav (Lewistown): Scintillating performance yesterday ladies!! You were so good even the scoreboard couldn't keep up with you! Congratulations on retaining your crown! God Bless!!

Tony (Burke,VA): Congrats! Great way to close the greatest season. Thanks for giving us old alums ('68) another reason to be Penn State Proud. We Are... Penn State!

Naveen (Winter Garden, FL): Congratulations on an awesome season and a 2nd straight national championship! Way to go!

Mike (Ligonier, PA: You played with heart all year, and you make us all proud to be associated with Penn State.

Dave (New Jersey): Way to go girls. what an amazing year. Something you'll always remember and be proud of.


Bob - Scottsboro, Alabama: Congratulations. I am sure the ENTIRE PSU family is so very proud of you ladies and your accomplishments!

Ed (Glenmoore): Well done! So happy for you all.

Ed (Holtwood, PA): The media has now started to call this years squad the "best team ever". Proud Nittany Lion fans have known that long before! Congratulations, ladies!

Terry (Dothan Ala): way to go lady lions for showing the country we are Penn State

Elizabethtown , PA: Wow !! I have been keeping close track on you ladies for the last three years . I have been watching you hit milestone after record after award . Thank you , ladies for everything .

Charlie (Walkersville, MD): Congratulations on your second consecutive National Championship and the undefeated season! You have made everyone associated with Penn State very proud!

Bob (Palm Harbor, FL): Super, super job, ladies! Enjoyed following the season on the Internet and watching every time you were on TV! You dominate in every aspect of the game and it was a season of history. Enjoy the victory!

Craig S (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia): Just saw the fantastic news! Way to go Lady Lions! Phenomenal year go for threepeat!!!

Pete '83 - Lansdale, PA: Way to go ladies! A flawless season. And I love the way you all laugh and smile out there. Congratulations! And way to go Phils!

Tom & Cyndi- YORK: Way to make us Penn State Proud Congratulations Coach Rose and entire TEAM !!

Chris (Cambridge, UK): A hearty congratulations to the entire Volleyball team and staff. You girls are truly amazing in what you've accomplished! Makes me ever proud to be a PSU alum! Savor your title and make us Penn State proud again next year!

Lou, Lumberton, NJ: You girls are the best !!!


Rob (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam): Nothing makes me happier than seeing the Nittany Lions win. Congratulations from Vietnam!

Walt & Joanie B. (Savannah,GA): Truly an awesome performance. Congratulations. Enjoy the moment. We'll be back to see every home game possible.

North Port, FL: Way to go ladies. Your were awesome all year.

Stephanie: Way to go ladies!!!!! Fantastic year. Congratulations on a most impressive year & very deserving championship. We Are Penn State!!!!

Huidong (Lychburg VA): Congratulations. We are pround of you

Cathy(92 Alumni, PA): Way to go Lady Lions! Great performance--PSU proud!

Martinez GA: Great Job! Congratulations!

Tony (Philly): You guys rock!

Bill (Collegeville,PA): Great finish to a record setting season! Congrats to all of the players and coaches! Penn State Proud!

Shena(Bel Air, MD): Congratulations on an incredibly outstanding season!!! GO LIONS.

Rob M, Monaca Pa: Nice job ladies! You have proven yourselves to be one of the best teams ever! We are Penn State!

Kris M. (Conshohocken, PA): Congratulations on a perfect season and another National Championship!! Enjoy it, you ladies earned it.

Poolesville High School: Congrats from Poolesville Volleyball :)

Lori, Ashland, PA: Congratulations for your back to back national champion ships! You made us PSU proud!

Mike (Miami): Way to show the nation that the best Volleyball is played in the East! Great job ladies!

Tina (Illinois): Was there ever any doubt? :) What an amazing season you guys had. Congrats to everyone for experiencing another championship (and also for the freshman) all were great and had an incredible year. Thank you for making Penn State PROUD!

TNT (Indianapolis): Incredible - congrats Ladies and Coach Rose. You just wrote yourselves into the college sports history books for a very long time. We are very proud to have you as Nittany Lion ambassadors. And you did it with such class. You made the Penn State Nation very proud!

Steve, Akron OH: Great performance, class act, great winning attitude!

Mike (Omaha, NE): Congrats Ladies! We are so proud especially your friends and Alum here in NE. Thanks for showing NE who's boss!!!

Wallace Family (Oshkosh, WI): One of the most exciting sporting events I have seen. Way to go! WE ARE PENN STATE!

Julie: Congrats! You guys are the best.

Erin (Washington, PA): Totally domination! Awesome. It's been a pleasure to watch over the past few years. We are Penn State!!

Blue Achiever (Atlanta by way of 'Cuse): congrats on becoming the greatest womens volleyball of all time!!!

Vestal, NY: I've never seen a team that looked more dominant, or one that looked like they were having so much fun! Your season was a joy to witness. Congratulations to the entire PSU VB family!

Ed (Canton, MI): You girls rock! Congrats on a great season and making it so rewarding in the end. You especially rose to the occasion in that Semi-Final match against NU. A job very well done in a tough environment! You all have made us Penn State proud with your accomplishments!

Greg (Omaha, Ne): The seniors on this team started their careers in the QWest Center and ended it there. I'm proud to have been at both. Thanks Christa for getting the team to sign those mini vballs at the game in 2005.

Erik Shrom, Columbus, OH (Aumnus '06): You make us all so proud to be Nittany Lions!!! I've been folowig this team all season and finally had a chance to see you play the Buckeyes (I was the one leading the Penn State cheers!!! :-)

The Mills Family (Hamilton, VA): Hamilton, VA was cheering for you Blair! Congrats to all the Lady Lions, we loved watching you all season long!

Jim (Juneau, AK): CONGRATULATIONS!!! Way to go, ladies!!!

Juan (Wenatchee, WA): Congratulations ladies on a great season.

Tony (Lawrence, KS): Congrats! We moved away and found ourselves watching you in Omaha winning a title. Thanks for the memory!

Marlin-Virginia Beach: Congrats! You all were very exciting to watch being that I haven't watched a volleyball game in a decade. I'll be looking for you all next season!

The Smith Family (Aliquippa): Congratulations on your back-to-back championship wins!! Christa, you made Beaver County proud! WE ARE!!

Scott (St. Louis): It has been a tremendous thrill to follow your record-setting season. Now it will be an agonizing withdrawal until the beginning of next season when the underclassmen take the court again. As for the seniors, I look forward to seeing you compete again while wearing red, white and blue.

Caitlin (PA): Ahhhhhhh! Congratulations! It is still crazy to me that I was coached by you girls and got to spend time with you. Seeing you play up close is in one word...ridiculous. I wish I could have been there in nebraska. There will never ever ever be a team quite like you girls.

Laura (Seattle): It's great to see Penn State overwhelming other teams with their serves! Way to get the blocking back together as well. Great job! You made the final match look easy.

Rick (State College): Congratulations Penn State! You represent what PSU is all about!

Olivia: Alisha glass you are awesome I hope that one day I can be a great setter like youuuuu!!!! Go Penn state!!!!

Paul(Staten Island NY): Great job ladies....amazin season

Alex(Illinois): Congralutions Penn State!!! You guys were so GOOD!!!!!

Ricky (Alexandria, VA): Great job girls!! Congrats on back-to-back titles. Seniors, thanks for the memories.

Stan & Sharon Centreville, VA: We are proud of you ladies. You are the best!

Brian (State College): Congrats ladies what an epic season...good luck on everything to the seniors who contributed so much to the program and the school

Bob - State College: Congratulations on accomplishing such an amazing championship. This team will go down in history as the best women's volleyball team ever.

Karl (Cincinnati): Way to go team. You have made all the PSU current and past family proud. Bask in the glory of knowing you make up the best vollyball team in the history.

Deb & John G. (Stewartsville, NJ): WE ARE PENN STATE!! Way to go Lady Lions!! What an amazing season! We are so proud to be Nittany Lions!! Congratulations!!

Jack (Mechanicsburg): Great Job lions, just another reason why Penn State is the best!!

Mechanicsburg, PA: Very proud of the PSU ladies and an incredible back to back NC!! Motivates me to get my 1-yr-old burping and setting for the future! You'll remeber this moment for the rest of your lives, enjoy!

Doug, Lancaster PA: The college volleyball capital of the country - way to go!

Brooke (Lewistown,Pa): Good Job Girls You deserve another win!! Looking forward to seeing you this summer at Volleyball camp!!

Gerry Mc Gowan Cherry Hill N.J.: Great job lady lions was great to see you guys on tv you are the best and shoud be very broud of your selves God Bless you all for a great year Go lions

David (Annapolis, MD): Winning with honor is what your program is all about. Congrats Ladies and to Coach Rose and his staff. Proud to be a Nittany Lion

Mikala McCauley: Congradulations! I want to go here so bad when I'm older. I met Russ Rose when I was seven I told him i am going to set for him when im older... Belive me im working at it!

Karen Lounsbury (Burlington VT): What a nice piece of Christmas Cheer! Congratulations, you are truly exceptional.

Justin (Seattle, WA): Way to go! Penn St proud!

Terry (Pleasant Gap, Pa): Congratulations ona remarkable season....

Terry M (Allsion Park): Awesome! Congrats to all, including what is obviously the best coaching staff in the country! You all deserved this!

Fred (Waterford, CT): Congratulations ladies!! We Are Penn State!!

Josh (State College, 2003 EMS): I am so proud of y'all for putting together an incredible season. I'm glad I planned my life around watching most of the games at Rec Hall and wish I could have been there in Omaha. Tampa sounds nice for next year. It's never too soon to think about the three-peat. Should be another great team next season, so keep up the hard work, and hopefully Megan Hodge will be the next AVCA player of the year.

Mark, state college: Congrats, Ladies...#1 on and off the court...nothing but poise...U R PSU student athletes!!

Bob Kinsler (Chicago, IL): Congratulations!!! What a fantastic year filled with so many record setting performances. Enjoy the moment ladies you earned it. WE ARE PENN STATE!!!

Bob Kinsler Chicago, IL: Congratulations!!! What a fantastic year filled with so many record setting performances. Be proud ladies and enjoy the moment. WE ARE PENN STATE!!!

Mike (State College - Alumni '98): Congrats - you are the best of the best. I'm now hooked as a WVB fan after this weekend's performance and would love to join you guys in St. Pete next year for a three-peat!! WE ARE.........

Ali Start (Mt Vernon, IA): Congratulations on a great season. You guys rock!

Tom (Conneaut Lake): Congratulations on ana amazing season. Had fun following you all year. Lets make it 3 in a row.

Den of Pittsburgh: You won with class. Congratulations!

Judy '79--Glenside: No doubt about it--you are the best NCAA women's volleyball team ever! Congratulations on a perfect season and another championship for Happy Volley. All of Nittany Nation is proud of you. We are. . . Back to Back National Champions!

Mph ('85 Mktg): Way to go ladies. Congrats.

Caroline (Eugene, Oregon): Congrats! Great match!

Pat and Jayme (Silver Spring, MD): Way to go ladies!!! We're soooo proud of you! You are truly a remarkable team, and deserve this title! We Are!!!

Drums PA: Great job Ladies!!!! You did it!!!! PENN STATE SHINES AGAIN!!!

Lauren (PSU Alum 07): Hey team, congrats!! Way to represent PSU with class (and talent, of course :) ) PSU proud!

Dale (Detroit MI): Like everyone knows: you are simply "the best"!

Mark B. (Barrington, IL): Back-to-back / classy all the way. Congratulations Ladies!

Jeff Stratton (Burke, VA): Congrats ladies, you are champions again! You played (and won) all year with teamwork and class. My family had the privelege of watching you dominate the Regional weekends the last two years at Rec Hall, and we will be back in 2009. Have fun at the White House! Jeff and Paula Stratton (both '79)

Eric (NYC and Minnesota): As a Minnesota fan and a fan of women's volleyball, I have NEVER, not even on the Nation Team, seen a team as well put together and coached as the Penn State Champs...Congrats!

beth hickey: thank you psu womens volleyball for making it tolerable to live in georgia bulldog country again! enjoy the moment.

Mike & Bonnie (Hyndman,PA.): Congratulation on your record setting season and the National Championship. You make the Nittany Nation proud.

Sam (Pittsburgh,PA): Great job ladies!!! You all played with such heart it was amazing to watch. Congratulations!

Donna (Harrisburg, PA): Congratulations on the repeat championship. You are awesome!!!

Dave & Kimi (Waynesboro, PA): Congratulations from South Central PA

David (Chambersburg, PA): Congratulations on winning back-to-back championships! Let's go for the 3-peat next year!

Aaron (Shawnee, OK): Good job. Congrats

John (Latrobe Pa): CONGRATS LADIES!! What a Streak! Thank you!

alex(moraga): way to go girls!! I watched the match last night, and went CRAZY!!! I'm now looking into volleyball. Beating Stanfurd made it even better (Cal fan too).

Jim (Collegeville, Pa): What an unblievable performance and I wasn't even a volleyball fan!

Wilson: Proud of our girls. Go lions!!!

Jim (class of 1968) Gainesville Fl: Congratulations on an amazing run, especially the comeback with Nebraska. I'm hooked

Justin (Groton, CT): Thanks for continuing the dominance and showing what Penn State is all about! True Champions in every sense of the word.

Johnathan (Denver, PSU 07): Great undefeated season!!! I love watching you girls play, keep up the good work!

Bickhams--Bellefontaine, Ohio: Congratulations --Love you Nicole

Kim Philly: My daughter Caitlin went to your camp this summer, she said "Mom they are the best I"ve ever seen" Christa was her coach, thanks for all you did for her You guys Rock

The Barry's - Orlando: Congratulations ladies. See you in Tampa next year.

JD, Pittsburgh: Congrats to the GREATEST NCAA Women's V-Ball Team of ALL TIME!!!

Loren Penman (Genesee Co., NY): Congratulations to our own Alyssa D'Errico and all the Lady Lions for your well-deserved win!

Jason R. (Nassau, The Bahamas): Congratultions ladies, Job well done!!! This year was such an historical one, let's make history again next year (3 peat)!!! Keep up the great work!!!

Adam (Blacksburg, VA): Congratulations girls and Coach Rose! Good to see the tradition of Penn State excellence in sports is still alive!

Kalia,Westminster: heyyy penn state girls i just wanted to tell you all that i'm so proud of each one for you guys,i'm 15 years old and you guys are my biggest heroes and role models.take the title again nexxt yearrr. ( :

Hopewell Twp., Pa.: Congratulations Christa and the rest of the Penn State Women's Volleyball Team!!!

Jordan Pittsburgh: Great Job!! What a run you had, this was an incredible season and one you all will remember for the rest of your lives! WE ARE...PENN STATE!!

David - Akron, OH: To Coach Rose and the entire team -- Truly an amazing season and an awesome performance in the tournament. You've made Penn Staters everywhere proud of your accomplishments.

Bill (Sewickely, PA): What a fantastic end to a fantastic season, one that will be long remembered by all Penn State fans. Not only are you great players, you are wonderful people.

Dan (indianapolis): FANTASTIC!!! What a great year. You are simply the best.

Eric - Carol Stream, IL: You girls areawesome!!! Congratulation!!

Marian, Sarasota, FL: YOU ARE--PENN STATE!!! All class and perfection. You Go Girls...

Leeza (Orlando, FL): Way to make us Penn State Proud!!!

Tommy (Cambridge Springs, PA): Congrats ladies!!! That was one of the best displays of volleyball I have ever seen. Well good luck to you all and lets try for 3 next year. Go PSU

Meghan ( Raleigh): Congratulations!! Can't wait to see you play next year and meet you again! WE ARE PENN STATE!!!

Rafa Toro (San Juan,PR): Way to go ladies!!! Thanks for making us proud...WE ARE...

Triangle Volleyball Club (Raleigh NC): A big shout out to Megan and Katie from Triangle VB club

Derb (Greenwood, SC): To say, "You are the best" may sound trite, but in your case it really is true. The greatest team to ever play the game!!! You were always fun to watch and you played the perfect season that you never want to see end. Congratulations. Looking forward to next season. Russ, you can smile now; just a little!

Lorraine (Hunter) Jones, VA Beach: Congratulations!!! You were terrific. So proud to watch such a great Penn State team.

Chad (Cedar Rapids): Dominating Season! Watched every game that was televised here. Hard work has paid off =) Big fan of PSU and Volleyball so made my season. thx

The Waits Family (Tacoma, WA): What fun we've had following your journey this year...and for Mom the past few years. Congratulations!!!

Jim 61 Los Angeles: You are wonderful Thanks for being great role models for my grand daughters!

NIck (State College, PA): Congratulations on an amazing season. I've been fortunate enough to see the team grow over the past couple years. What this team has done is nothing less than amazing. Congratulations seniors as well!

Joe (Mechanicsburg, PA): I love you Harmotto.

Jason (Pittsburgh, PA): Congratulations to the players, coaches, and staff on a great season and another national title!

Chris 5K (State College): You all have made us so very proud! WE ARE....PENN STATE! BACK TO BACK NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS

Terri Kerley (Bowie, MD): Congratulations to all of you and Coach Rose. What an amazing season for all of you. The seniors led the way and finished on top. See you all at camp this summer.

Sam (Nebraska): Congrats for winning your second championship in a row. You did PSU proud. Congrats for showing the haters what you are made of. Nicole, Christa, and Roberta we will miss you! You three had great careers and played unbelievable last night. Congrats to everyone on the team, NATIONAL CHAMPS (again)!!

Emma, 8 years old (State College): Congratulations! I like watching you play volleyball. Way to go Lady Lions!

Phila.: great job,great teamwork,success with honor go state!

gerald omaha,neb: congrats to penn st. on the victory over nebraska and the national championship. also congrats to nicole fawcett on player of the year.

Nathan: Great season! Thanks for the great effort all season long and making Penn State proud

Rob Northeast Pa: Congratulations on your second consecutive National Championship and the undefeated season! You have made everyone associated with Penn State very proud! WE ARE ... PENN STATE!!!

Keith (93 Alumni, Pa): Great Job. We are so proud of you!!! You bring everybody Penn State Pride!!!!

Bill (67 Alum) Fort Wayne, Indiana: Way to go Ladies. You are the greatest!!!

Joe (Gaithersburg Md): The match point in the second game was awesome. I could watch it all day.

Krishna, State College: Great job ladies! You have proven Penn State is the best team in the sport........we are........champions.

Jeff (State College, PA): Congratulations to all of you as a team and as individuals who represent the best in PSU sports and academics. Also to Russ Rose for being such a wonderful coach. We are proud of you all!!

Scott - Louisville, KY: Congrads on an unbelievable season!

Joe and Leslie (West Chester): Congratulations! Looking forward to the three-peat! We Are...!

Chhinsong Pa, '79 EE (Ewing, NJ): Congratulations. It is certainly an amazing team!

Neil (PSU Worthington Scranton): Amazing season! Congratulations!!! Success with Honor. For the glory, WE ARE...PENN STATE!

Scott (Chicago): Congratulations on back to back! We are Penn State!

Mark (Ashburn,VA): Congratulations on a great season. I've been following your success all season. What a great finish to an outstanding season!!! Congratulations to the team and coach!!

Tim (Oil City): Way to go ladies! Great job. You made PSU proud, and thank you Nicole Fawcett and the other seniors for an amazing career!

Sisi (Newark,DE): Congratulations!!!!!I LOVE U GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ed (Enterprise,AL): Congratulations Team from Enterprise, Al and all of Alabama are proud of you. You are Penn State.

Sisi (Newark,DE): Congratulation!I love you guys and I am so proud of you.Hodge and Fawcett I love ya'll. I will miss all the seniors. But good job.LOVE YA!!!!!

Long Island NY Alumni Chapter: A tremendous victory and season. Congratulations.

Carrie (Winchester, VA): I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!!


Tony (Cincinnati): BEST TEAM IN COLLEGE HISTORY!! Congratulations!!

Ed (Enterprise,AL): Your the reason that I'm proud to be a Penn State Fan. Perfection you are. You are Penn State.

George (Quakertown, PA): Simply said - Congratulations!!

Earl, Pittsburgh PA: VOLLEYBALL U. !!!!!!

Mike M (Raleigh, NC): Congratulations PSU Champs! Your dominance is impressive, your attitude is fun to watch, and your class makes us proud. Thank you!

sal (astoria) ny: just a awesome job my a great group of young ladies congratulations

Walter (Bowie, Md): Congrats Lady Lions on an outstanding accomplishment. We Are Penn State!!!

Andrew (Hanover, PA): You Rock! We are...


Amy (Norristown, PA): WOOOOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Thank you, ladies, for another incredible year and for bringing the championship home AGAIN!!! We're so proud of you and are glad for all of the fun & excitement you gave us this year (as Coach Rose does every year.) WE ARE...PENN STATE!

Fred(South Korea): You're such wonderful people! Congratulations.

Dan (Laurel, MD): Congratulations! What a great way to show how great a squad you've been at Penn State! Way to go!

Lori & Barry ( Muncy, PA ): Awesome job Lady Lions!!! We are so proud to be Nittany Lions Fans.

Amy - Burlington, NJ: Congratulations on your National Championship! We Are...

the Stevenson's, Jupiter, FL: Congratulations on a perfect season and a well deserved national championship. Best wishes for a terrific volleyball future for Nicole, Christa, and other graduating Seniors.

Lori & Barry ( Muncy, PA ): Awesome job Lady Lions!!! We are so proud to be Nittany Lions Fans.

Beau (Ridgway, PA): Awesome performance! Way to make Penn State Proud!

B.C., Shippensburg,PA: 38-0, Awesome Year!!!,Back-2-Back

Tom - Atlanta: Congratulations on a fantastic season!

Brad & Becky - Pine Grove, PA: What a truly remarkable year! Congratulations on all your stellar accomplishments! It was certainly more than a pleasure to watch you play this season!! WE ARE!!!!!

Kevin & Marsha: Great job ladies. BEST EVER! Congratulations!

Jaime (Johnstown, PA): Awesome job Lady Lions, CONGRATULATIONS! We are Penn State and We are #1!!!

BillyBob(Duluth, MN): Way to go Lions! I'm so happy I cant tell you how happy this makes me. You are the best ever

John Suchanec: Well done ladies. You are the best.

Tom (Erie, PA):: Great job ladies!!! You make all Penn Staters proud!!!!

JR (San Diego): You girls represent our university so well. Certainly the most talented and good-looking volleyball team out there. I had followed the season through reading articles but I had no idea how just how dominant the team really is until I was able to catch the action on national television. 2 straight championships and with some returning All-Americans a 3rd is not out of the question! Well done and thank you seniors.

Hillary (Core, WV): Way to go.. You guys pulled through a great season. and whoo hooo. u went 38-0. CONGRATULATIONS!!

Suzanne Stahl, McBain, MI: Congratulations Penn State, especially Alisha Glass. I've watched you since you were a little girl taking care of the volleyballs for your mom's team. It has been such fun watching you during this season and tournament. I am so happy for you

Timothy (Bridgeport, CT): I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Great season!

Kevin (Hellertwon, PA): Just awesome!! Fun to watch perfection in action. Congrats on a great season.

Neil (San Diego): Where do you start? 115 - 2 (sets); 38 - 0 (overall); 111 straight sets; 65 straight matches; Coach of the Year; Player of the Year; six All Americans. As someone who loves watching volleyball, this was absolute brilliance. Congratulations on a phenomenal past two seasons.

Sue (Altoona): What an awesome season-you girls are simply fantastic and it was a joy to watch you perform...let's go for 3-peat!


Ben (Havertown, PA): You guys make it look so easy! And you have so much fun out there on the court. Never forget this feeling when the going gets tough!

J.D. Baltimore: WE DA BEST!!!!!!!!!

Bruce-Canton, OH: Congratulations to the BEST EVER!!!

Chris (Lancaster, PA): My family and I were all on the edge of our seats watching both the semi and championship matches. Great job, you all deserve it!!

Bill (Indy): You are awesome and great embassadors for the University. Great Job Lady Lions

Peter (Orlando, FL): How bout them Lady Nittany Lions!!!!! Way to go....let's go STATE!!

Wayne (Wilmington,NC): An AWESOME season for an AWESOME team. Congratulations!! Go Penn State!

Cathy (Devon, PA): Congratulations on a fantastic season! We loved watching you on tv - more Penn State proud than ever!

Hopewell Township Pa: you are the best team ever Penn state...Christa you Rock Girl...Mrs. Steigerwald

Barry (Seattle): Congrats, ladies! Once again you've made us proud!

CSH (Leesburg, VA): SIDE OUT! And Lights Out to the competition! Comgrats on a great season!

Kraig (Indianapolis): You girls did great!!! Especially Holehouse!!!

Katie (Virginia): Way to go Penn State! It's been a pleasure following you all to the finals! Congrats on this amazing accomplishment!

Katie (Virginia): Way to go Penn State! It's been a pleasure following you all to the finals! Congrats on this amazing accomplishment!

Loraine (Western NY): ALL THINGS NITTANY... Thanks for your hard work, passionate play and contagious enthusiasm on the court and off. We are SO Proud!

Peter, Chalfont PA: Wow, that's all I can say! You did an outstanding job!

Bob ( streator Il): Congrats!! You guys were allot of fun to watch during the entire season!!

Dave and Suzy (South Bend, IN): Congrats on a FANTASTIC season! We enjoyed watching you in Evanston and on TV when we could! Great work on the season! Already looking forward to next year!

Wes Shanholtzer, Huntington, WV: I am a West Virginia U. alum but a PSU volleyball fan. You are a fun bunch to watch. Congratulations. Wes

Don Hartzell (Burke, VA): You truly represent the PSU athletic motto, "Success With Honor". Congratulations!!!

The Lewis' (Edinboro, PA): Way to go LIONS! It was a pleasure watching you win it all this season!! Congratulations!

Mark (Lewistown, PA): You ladies were the best Volleyball team I've ever had the pleasure to watch. Congratulations on an amazing season!

Harrisburg: You make us all Penn State Proud!

Christina Stelljes, Frederick MD: Great job had me worried during the semi-final match, but I knew you could do it. The men will have to step up now and win a national championship in 2009! WE ARE PENN STATE!!

Dave (MD): 114-2, 38-0, back-to-back NCs. AMAZING!!!

Aurora: Not only are you champions on and off the court, you guys are the most beautiful group of young ladies I have ever seen!

Rich (Poughkeepsie, NY): Congrats champs!! Two in a row puts you in a unique club of champions. We are... Penn State !!!

Randy-Lancaster PA: Awesome job Girls!!! You had a great year and Congrads on winning back to back titles! It is very fun to watch you play!

Joe 75: You make us all proud!

Greg & Dave Truz: What a show Your special

Jim '06 (Jacksonville, FL): Congratulations Ladies ! I started following the team after reading about you on and the championship match was awesome!!!

Mark '82 (Street, MD): Congratulations on a record setting year! I couldn't be more proud of my alma mater. You have won another national championship with class and honor. WE ARE...PENN STATE!

Paul- Hershey: Congratulations!!!

Roylin (St. Martinville,La): Congrats! I love to watch you guys play awesome volleyball!!

Nidia (Mexico): Congratulations girls! this was the result of your hard work and your passion for this sport!! I feel very happy for your championship...because I told that you will win! GoPSU!! Go Nitanny Lions!! congratulations again!

Aric B. (Enola, PA): Congratulations girls! You were awesome and showed some mental toughness in that semi-final match. Congrats on an awesome season. Enjoy your back-to-back national championships!


Tom Bradley '71, Altoona, PA: Ladies, Penn Staters all over the world are proud of you! Let's do it again in 2009! For the glory!

Neal (Beaver, PA): I am so proud to be a Penn Stater and you ladies make me even prouder. Winning with dignity and style, the Nittany Lion way! WE ARE PENN STATE!!!

So. Waverly, PA: Happy Volley is PROUD!

Alan (Chester County, PA): Congratulations on a great year....way to go!!

JK 85'- Atlanta: Congrats Ladies! Now how about a 3 peat!

Curt (Aaronsburg): (noting also JoPa's recent praise of coach Russ Rose)

Barry S (Denver, PA): Congratulations ladies! Good job.

Jared (Penn State 2010): Amazing job...thank you very much.

Steve, Skillman, NJ: Great season, fantastic finals, awesome championship repeat. You ladies make us Penn State proud!!!!!!

Joseph M. (Wichita, KS): You are inspiring.

Maida, Ga: you guys are amazinggggggggg.the nerbaska game was a lil scary but you got em!! congrats =)

Josh (PSU BERKS): Way to go girls. Congratulations. best of luck in future seasons.

Ken (Germantown MD): Congratulations on another fabulous season!! Penn State Proud!

Scott '94 (Cincinnati): What an incredible run. Proud to be a LION! Congratulations..savor the championship!!! We are.. Penn State!!

Steve (Lansdale, PA): Congrats on another magical season!

Caitlin (State College): Congratulations! You make us proud. We are Penn State!

Marlin Lewistown: Congraluations Ladies on a great Season! You're one of the Greatest Vball teams in NCAA History!

Scott Beattie (Indianapolis, IN): Congratulations on your great season and another national championship! You represented our university well, both academically and on the court, through your athletic ability and your sportsmanship. Well done. -Scott ('99)

Megan (Albany, OR): Congrats on your 2nd National Title in a row!!! I wish I could see you play in real day! My husband is PSU alumni and I am quite a fan of Penn State although I am a Sun Devil alumni! What an accomplishment!

Monster (York): Awesome!!! Yet another reason for California schools to hate us (the Rose Bowl will be the next one). Looking forward to the threepeat!

TanayaLofton-Williams Philadelphia,Pa: Congrats to my future school penn state for winning the title back to back......i love yall

Tom J (Tampa, FL area): Congratulations! and Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Triangle Volleyball Club: Great job PSU! NC loves you. Thank you for a great season, you were so fun to watch.

Christopher (Columbus, Ohio): Congratulations on an unbelievable season and on your second National Championship. I'm a big fan of the PSU Women's Volleyball Team and thanks again for another outstanding season.

Matthew (West Lafayette): Good stuff! Mad props from the Midwest. Way to represent the Big Ten.

Ike (Ft Lauderdale): Well Done

Randy (Charlotte, NC): The Nebraska game was the most gut-wrenching, nerve-racking, emotionally draining game I've ever watched. I woke my 16 month old up twice yelling at the tv. Congratulations on a great game and a fantastic season. You truly are a special team. WE ARE!

Houston, TX: Congrats to the best volleyball team ever. Please come back to Houston!

Aaron (Atlanta): You are the best volleyball team ever!

Evan (Lake Placid, FL): That was the first Championship I ever got to watch of my favorite teams. Congratulation.

Mount Pleasant, MI: As a PSU Alum and former athlete, I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS on being the National Champions!!! We are P-S-U!!!

Adam (Reno): Great job girls, 2 years in a row, cant wait to see how you follow it up next year. LETS GO STATE!

jermiah (flippin, arkansas): go big ten!

Jon Philadelphia: It's plain and simple; you guys are amazing! You brought proud to the university and all of it's fans. You desreve every record you set and continue the glory! Hail to the Lions!!!

ohio: awesome job, congrats!!!!

Kevin Thomas (Michigan): Congrats on a historic run. You Are Penn State !!!!!!!!

Kameron Smith: Great job...You guys looked strong all year, and that final was great. Congratulations to all, especially the seniors.

Matt (Reading, PA): Way to go! You guys had some great leadership this year, and I can't wait to follow your continuing careers! You give me another reason to brag about my school...go PSU!

The Flynns: Congratulations once again. Some of you are bound to hit the Professional circuit after graduation. Pittsburgh is so proud of each of you.

Joe Belleville: You women are totally awsome.Nice job on town in a row. You did it in style and poise.

R.C.: Congrats on an awesome season!

Andrew (California): as a volleyball coach for my local team ive always supported Standford Volleyball but the way you all held together and played as a team especially in the semi-finals was amazing and beauty at work. Great Job Girls !

Jeff (Lock Haven, PA): Congrats on your back-to-back National Championships! You've all worked hard and persevered. Very deserving! We are....Penn State!

The O'Connell's (Cherry Hill, NJ): WAY TO GO! CONGRATULATIONS! You are the Champions forever! Best of Luck and Warm Wishes To You All.

Dito's Family (Bowie ,MD): Way to go ladies- we knew you would do it. Penn State Proud!

Katie (Naperville, Il): Congratulations to a class act.....on and off the court!

Bob - Duryea, Pa: WOW!!!!!!!!!

Garrett, Maryland: Congrats ladies, you give everyone another reason to proud to go to PSU, enjoy it. WE ARE!!!

Keith (Manheim, PA): CONGRATULATIONS!! You are Penn State, and we are extremely proud!

Mark Schraeder, Belgium: WE ARE PENN STATE!!! Great job from Europe....

Mike & Jaxon (Omaha): Congrats ladies. You made us so proud and showed the country and Ne what real Champs you are.

State College: WE ARE...PENN STATE!!

Katarina(north ridgeville): i watched you guys on t.v. i was stunned. you guys are amazing. i wanna be like nicole but in 2012 (: i look up to you guys. if you guys must have worked really hard. and so will i. CONGRATS !

Josh (Batavia NY): Congratulations on another great season! Nice job Alyssa!

Ken & Kathy(Lewisburg,Pa): Congrats lady lions,you are the best and should be proud,best of luck in your career :)

beth - ATL: Oh my, enjoy the moment! have loved telling the bulldogs here in georgia how to watch the lady lions and learn

Joe (Morestown NJ): Way to go!!! You have made us proud..again!

D.B. (Illinois): Unbelievable season, congrats!!

Justin (Exton, PA): Congratulations!!!! You make me proud to be a Nittany Lion!!!! Keep it going into 2009!!!!!!!

Andrew (Harrisburg, PA): Your determination and teamwork displayed over these past two seasons are the most impressive I've ever seen. For the Glory. (Andrew '07)

Al (Cape Coral, FL): WOW! What a display of great teamwork. You did yourselves and PSU proud!

Dr. and Mrs Curt Swagler ,(PSU): We are so proud of you!!! Thanks for all your hard work and a perfect season and Congratulations!!! Proud of you as great Volleyball players as well as great individuals.

Jon (Kilmarnock, VA): Ladies, you are unbelievable! I drove 7 hours from the eastern shore of Virginia to bring my senior high school volleyballer grand daughter to PSU to see a great team beat W. Mich. and Cal. You had me worried with Nebraska, but proved you are champions!! I love all of you!

boris/ key west: your intensity with the spirit of generosity added to your great skill and success brought richness to my life --- so thanks a million

ken (whitehouse station new jersey): Congratulations on a truly awesome season! You are the best! We are proud of you and wish you the best next year! You are Penn STate.

Jerry & Kelly Gates (Waynesboro, Pa): Congraluations Ladies on a great Season!!! We are so Proud of You!!! We are Penn State!!! God Bless!!!

Rob Ridgway, Pa: Congrads Coaches and young ladies. 2 in a row way to go

Coach James Anderson (Doss High School): Best of luck in the PRO's! Awesome job!

Maddie Churches (Waukesha, WI): i watched this years championship three times. you guys are amazing! i only wish ill be as good as you. youve got me wanting to go to PSU now :] congrats!

charles (fresno): "simply the best"..better than all the rest

seilers (berwick pa ): great job ladies your semi final match against nebraska was a nail biter but like all seaon long you found a way to pull it off amazing

Shannon (NJ): Congrats! Your spikes were incredible... they must have been so hard to dig!!

Freddy (Mifflinntown): Congratulations....Its nice to see any Penn State team win a national Championship. You work extremely hard, so be proud and strut that trophy around.

Hollidaysburg: Back to back champs. Total domination. You guys rock.

Jessica: Congratulations... you guys rock!

Ben Dallas: Good Job. U guys are great

Ben (Allentown, PA): WooHoo!!!

Dale (Richmond, VA): Amazing season and championship, ladies! You've done yourselves and families proud. Go PSU!

Charisse (Fayetteville ,GA): CONGRATULATIONS on a tremendous victory! Your parents must be proud.

Durham.NC: Congrats again to you Megan and your teammates for winning the national championship again by going back-to-back. Riverside High School is proud of its own Megan Hodge. Your former teacher, Margratha Chambers

Daye (Philadelphia/State College): On behalf of THE BRUHZ (Ωmega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc) of Penn State....CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Yall did it again! Happy New Years!

Kathy (Bucks County): Yo go girls!!!!!! Way to represent.....

Jackie (Germantown, TN): CONGRATULATIONS...WE ARE...PENN STATE! Looking forward to another great season in 2009 - 3peat!

Jon (Honolulu, HI): Best team ever......... Congrats on your Back to Back Championships

Kevin (Lancaster, PA): Way to go! You make all PSU fans proud!

corie: Way to bring back home ladies!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE PENN STATE

Matt (Philadelphia): Congratulations on the title, great season. Steve Semler is the man.

Doug (Downingtown): Great Job Ladies!! You made all Penn State fans proud. Congratulations on a great season and the BACK to BACK Championships!!

Elizabeth (New York): I play club volleyball and you girls are an inspiration to all of us. Congrats, we love seeing east coast teams beat up on Cali. I <3 PSU


Jarrod (Kalida): Go P - S - U! Congrats I Love watching you play it is amazing. Hope to watch you 2012 Olympics!

Desirae (Irving,TX): You girls are my idols, Keep it up. <3

Mark (Princeville, HI): Congratulations on a great season and back to back championships.

Shelise (Seattle): Congrats to you! You are an awesome team with perfect chemistry... Hard work does pay off!

Ashley (Long Island): Hey guys I am only in eighth grade and I play my school volleyball team. You guys are my heroes! I dream of someday being on a team half as good as yours! YOU ROCK!

Arthur (Toluca, Mexico): Hey girls, congratulations, u played an amazing match against stanford. I´m Nicole and Blair´s fan #1. Good luck next year

Katie (Sauquoit, NY): Congratulations! I enjoyed watching you girls win and you are an inspiration to all volleyball players!

Brian (Wyandotte,MI): Congratulations on winning the championship. I thoroughly enjoyed watching you ladies play!!

K& M Gurak Groveland, NY: Congrats on the REPEAT! What an awesome season 38-0! Will be back in 2009 to watch some more.

The Guraks (Groveland, NY): Congrats on the Repeat! Best wishes in 2009-we'll be there to watch.

Henderson, NV: Congratulations to the team that only needed to learn how to count to #1--twice.

Stephen & Ken: What an incredible team...had great time attending the Rec Hall matches this season. Just fantastic!

Karson (TX): I am a huge fan of Penn State and hope to join your amazing volleyball team when i start college!

Michele (Centerville Ohio): Thanks for another great season! It was so much fun watching you in Rec Hall and watching you win the championship on TV. Best of luck seniors I'll miss your smiles and the fun you obviously had playing. See the rest of you in the Fall--WE ARE....PENN STATE!!!

Abby, TN: You guys are amazing! I have enjoyed being able to watch you guys play, and in a couple of years I hope to join you! Congratulations again!

Arnold Nazareth Pa: Way to go girls, you are awesome because WE ARE PENN STATE...LUV YOU LIONS

Gary (Philadelphia, Pa): Going undefeated is one thing, but to lose only 2 games out of 116 is something I cannot imagine ever happening again. Only Nebraska on its home court, where it practically never loses, prevented the unthinkable season sweep of all of PSU's opponents. Thank you team!

Kevin '07 & Rich '70 (Yorktown, VA): We were so fortunate to be able to see some of your phenomenal play in matches on TV this year, including regional, semi-final, and final. You’re the best ever and make us even more Penn State proud.

Marty/Pittsburgh: Way to go, Lady Lions!!! 'Attagirls' all around!!!!


Skids (Columbus): Way to go LADIES!!! You never cease to amaze us Alumni as you continue to consistently raising the bar...

Gail (Dickson City, PA): We are...awesome, ladies. Congratulations!!! Penn State Proud!

JoAnne (Las Vegas, NV): What a great accomplishment for all of you. You made the Lion Nation very proud. Best of Luck to all of you in the future.

Donna (Hbg): Congratulations on another amazing year. Enjoyed watching you win back to back National Championships. Go Lions!!!

Chelsei Brown Houston Tx!!! :): Hey good job!!! and you guys signed my t-shirt at the college tournament at Texas Tornados!!! You also hit me in the leg with a ball but thats okay!!!

Susan, Shillington, PA: Poetry in Motion....simply amazing to watch. Congratulations

Birmingham, AL: You guys rock!!!!!! We love you here in Alabama.

Shelbie, Trussville, AL: The match was awesome!! You guys are awesome!!!!! Can't wait for summer camp

Spencer (Scranton, PA): Congratulations !!! We Are Penn State !!!

Dave Frick - Fort Worth, Texas: Great season. You make all Penn Staters proud. Dave '60

Mike Hancharik- Los Angeles, CA: what a season ladies, im so happy for you all. i grew up in western PA and even though im a Florida Gator, my heart will always be with Penn State.. GREAT JOB

Willis, Texas: Congratulations PSU! We will miss you seniors. Best of Luck!

Stephanie (Arizona): Way to go winning the NCAA! You are awesome to watch.Go PSU!

Charlie, Hackettstown NJ: Ladies we were at one of your team camps this past summer and you were all so cordial and great to be around. Alisha, you especially were great with the girls and a great coach yourself (we were the ones who had the goofy footed jump served on night #1haha) when I came back for the coaching clinic it was evident you cared for the sport. CONGRATS!!! See you next summer.

john, {muskogee,ok}: awesome ladies and staff, i am bringing my team to team camp this summer eo my girls can see the best there is

taylor(michigan): i love you guys so much and i am so glad that you guys won the championship!! you guys totally deserved it!! GO PSU!!

Devon Taylor (Lakewood, CA): I Love megan hodge! ONE OF THE BEST PLAYERS TO EVER STEP FOOT ON THE VOLLEYBALL COURT!!! i knew one championship wasn't enough, go nitty lions!!!!

Emily (Atlanta): You guys are AMAZING! I believe we play you guys in this spring! I can't wait!

Jean-Jacksonville, FL: you girls are the best and WE ARE-PENN STATE!!!

Sophia (Boston, MA): You guys are absolutely amazing, inspiring, and an exciting team to watch!

Antais(detroit): i am very proud of u girls i've watched you guys for many of years... I wish u luck for next year that you'll bring home the trophy agian and maybe the following year i can join your legacy

Phoenix, Arizona: you guys are sooooo amazing!!!!! you guys are my mentors! AMAZING job!

Taisia Phillips (Newark, NJ): Congratulations to the Penn State Women's Volleyball team... coming to your camp last summer inspired me to want me to play volleyball next year as well as in college.. congrats and i wish your team many more.
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