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The Nittany Lions have won their third straight national championship by defeating Texas. Send them your congratulations!

Trish (Audubon): The best volleyball match and team ever.

Mike N Reston VA: Congrats to the Champions! What an impressive comeback from 2 sets down to capture your 3rd consecutive national title and another perfect season. Lets make it 4 in a row next season.

Steve (Woodcliff Lake,NJ): Congratulations to the Nittany Lions Womens Volleyball team on an amazing come-back and the greatest record in NCAA history!

Gary B, Columbus, OH: OMG! What a match! Way to go ladies! So very proud of your accomplishments, my Ohio State friends are sick of hearing about it! Love it! But next year just do it in the first three!

Eddie (Wisconsin): I couldn't be there this year but CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Camp Hill, Pennsylvania: Way to go, Champs!!!!!

John Hartranft (Rockville, MD): Way to go ladies! And Coach Rose!

John Jelinek: To the women's volleyball team. Congratulations LADIES. May I extend a "WELL DONE". To the team & the coaching staff. John G Jelinek Paulding OH Penn State Alum Class of 1953.

Brian (Reading, PA): WOW!!!! This is an awsome moment in time. What a wonderful time for the team and their fans. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!

Ted McGurk Exton, PA: Great job girls, you are the best.

Exton: Thanks for a FUN season...congratulations on this last set as it was most deserved the win...we continue to be Penn State proud thanks to YOU!!!!

Bob (Palm Harbor, FL): The last 2 years were great but having been able to attend the last 4 matches this year in Florida was outstanding!! You have given us a memory for a lifetime. What a run! And what a comeback in the Finals!

Tommy (Tampa, FL): Easily the best match/sporting event of the year. Best comeback, best streak, simply unbelievable! Congrats Coach Rose and ladies!

Class of '73 (Flagstaff, AZ): My wife and I were living and dying on every point of the championship match. Congratulations to Coach Rose, the assistant coaches, and all the players on a legendary comeback. Special thanks to Darcy ("Sparky") for changing the momentum on key points. We look forward to three more glorious years from you !

Ed (Holtwood, PA): How does one define dominance? Just look at the resume of Penn State Womens Volleyball, and you'll get your answer. Congratulations to the team and coaching staff on another magical title run.

Brad Livingston: Wow! Congratulations champs! Savor the moment.

Rich & Sue Gabel (State College): We began attending games when our son joined the pep band three years ago. What a great time to learn about Volleyball!

Mike Columbus, Ohio: Congratulations, Lady Lions from Buckeye land

Steve Brown (Lima, OH): You are certainly a very special team!! Congratulations to all of the players and coaches. You have made us all very proud.

Troupie-Sunbury PA: Congrats we never gave up on you girls great comeback!!!!!!!

ScottM Apex, NC: Three straight championships for PSU!WE ARE VOLLEYBALL U! Thanks for thrills of the season and topping it off with a five set come from behind WIN. You continue to set the bar higher. How about one more next year?

The Mills Family (Hamilton, VA): Hamilton, VA loves Blair Brown and all the Lady Lions!

Towanda: Way to go girls.

Dana (Bonita Springs, FL): Congratulations on your continued dominance. An amazing rally and comeback. Truly Penn State!

Tom K. (Northumberland, Pa.): You Ladies were (are) fantastic. That was a very thrilling comeback. I never had any doubts.

Judy (Glenside): Congratulations on a fantastic comeback and an amazing season. You are amazine and we are all so proud!!

Tim (Tunkhannock): congrats Ladies Great match last night you guys played amazing last night

Lori(Ashland, PA): Threepeat! Congratulations on your win! What an awesome game! You really hooked them horns!

Al (Rochester NY): Ladies great comeback; you truly are a legendary team. GO FOR FOUR!!!!!

Chris (Sunbury, PA): What a fun season! Wish it didn't have to end. Congratulations to the ladies and coach Rose,

John (Pittsburgh): Alysha......Marry Me !!!!

Jason (Delaware): Congrats on another great season and title!

Transylvania, PA: whoa..what an awesome match..i swear my sweat caused all the people at the bar to look at me funny..congrats gals

Doug Robb, '77, Austin, TX.: Awesome job ladies and Coach Rose. Amazing! You should great poise and skill and you have made all the Nittany Nation so proud! Now let's go get No. 4!

Deb Wu Syracuse: Congratulations, Coach Rose and the entire team on an outstanding season,your THIRD CONSECUTIVE NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP, and setting a new bar for excellence!!!

Deb Wu Syracuse: Congratulations, Coach Rose and the entire team on an outstanding season and your record THIRD CONSECUTIVE NCAA Title!!!

Turk (Annapolis): Instant Classic Epic Comeback Win! Way to go PSU Women's Volleyball National Champions Threepeat!

Cameron (Arlington, VA): Epic match! A team for the ages--not just in women's volleyball, but in all of college sports. Way to make us feel Penn State proud!!!

Centre Hall, PA: Great job! You all showed that you really are a great team

John (State College, PA): NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE HEART OF A CHAMPION!! Congratulations on an unprecedented run. You deserve all the accolades you get, and everyone at Penn State is so proud of you.

Brooke Lancaster, PA: That match was amazing!!! Congrats PSU Volleyball!

David, State College: Wow! The heart of a Lion was on display last night. Congratulations to the team and coaching staff. Can't wait for 2010!

John Fetchko (Pittsburgh, PA): Great Coaches, great players, fantastic game, gutsy performance, senior leadership, tremendous team effort, come from behind victory, epic tradition...WOW sounds like football! We Are...Penn State Womens V-Ball!!!

Woodbury, PA: Congratulations to the number one volleyball team in the country - WE ARE PENN STATE!!!

Dick (Santa Barbara CA): Probably the all time accomplishment of team in Penn State sports histroy. Wow, way to go

Greg (Omaha): The most dominating WVB team ever!

mike (pottsville): WOW WOW WOW 3 Peat, Congrats to Coach Rose & Our Amazing Lady Lions Volleyball Team, Yet Again You Have Made us PENN STATE PROUD!! So Exciting For The Whole Penn State Family, WELL DONE LADIES, Congrats To You All!!

Kerry McCoy: Congrats! Great job! Enjoy it!

Craig Jacksonville FL: Way to woman up!!! we were there and it was the best VB match I've ever seen-thanks for giving us the best national championship ever!

Cindy & Neil (Bloomington, IL): Incredible run. Incredible year. Incredible championship, Russ, staff, and team! We are so proud of you!!!

Erik (State College): 3 Time Champs! Certainly one of the greatest volleyball matches ever! But I think the best part is that you all look like you're having so much fun out there, whether you're falling behind or way ahead in a match. It's a great example for sports teams of all ages and levels. Thank you!

Michele (Centerville, OH): THANKS!! Watching you play is always so much fun, love seeing your smiles, your pride in your team, your determination! WE ARE and will always be, proud to be PENN STATE!

Rafiq (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia): Congratulations! What you all have achieved is truly special and will be remembered forever! PSU alums worldwide are all very proud of you!

Sam (Dillon, MT): Way to go Ladies!!! The announcer said it the best way "Heart of a Lion" Great comeback!! Drawing extremely close to being the most impressive collegian team of all time! We are!

Jean Jacksonville FL: WOW!!! you girls are absolutely incredible! to come back being down like that with everything on the line and that much pressure-GO PSU


Eric (State College): Block Party!!!

Gregg (Easton, PA): Congratulations to the 3X national champions!!! Was great to watch a tremendous comeback.

Andrew from Temecula CA: great job girls ! I want to say I can't believe you girls did 3 in a row, but I totally can ! you really inspired the club team I coach when we watched the match together seeing how you composed yourselfs to come back, good luck on the 4th ;)

Chad Lancaster PA: Congrats ladies! Amazing!! What an incredible match and year! You truly are the best! What a comeback for the ages! WE ARE PENN STATE!!!!

Rick Schutz (Burke, VA): You women are an inspiration to millions....showing how grit and determination are part of being real champions. We proud. Congratulations.

Mary Medford Lakes, NJ: YOU DID IT AGAIN! Congratulations. The worldwide PSU family is proud of your achievements. ALL THE BEST in the future. YOU ARE......forever in our memories. Just amazing!

Mary (State College): Congratulations! You guys are truly inspiring and amazing. What an amazing comeback. You make me PENN STATE PROUD!!

Bill White Haven,Pa: Way to dig in girls and bring home the championship.What heart.WE ARE

Joe (Moorestown NJ): Watching you Ladies play is like watching one of those TV shows where the main character is always facing unbelievable odds. You know they're going to make it at the end so you just sit back and enjoy. The only difference is your games aren't scripted, making it all the more amazing. You are really a dynasty. Thanks!!!

Prof. Digdeep N. Spiket (State College): Absolutely one of the most thrilling and impressive performances in the history of women's collegiate athletics. You deserve a trip to the White House for this glorious victory as you represent the exceptional spirit in competition that defines this great country. Now, its time to celebrate!!!

adam hopewell pa: congrats to the #1 team in the world!! WE ARE PSU

Rick Schutz: You women are an inspiration to showed the nation the grit and determination involved in being champions. We proud. Congratulations.

Todd (Connecticut): Wow! What a match! Most exciting sports win I've seen all year. Way to go Lady Lions!!!

Max Toronto: three in a row, unbelievable!!!

Joe, Catonsville, MD: Back-to-back-to-back! Awesome! And an incredible come back. Congrats!!

RC: Incredible. Congrats, we are all very proud of you.

Sara ( Waynesboro,pa): You girls are awesome! Congratulations to the whole team and thank you seniors for an amazing four years! WE ARE...PENN STATE!

Peg and Phil in SC: True Grit! And you won by making fewer errors. What great focus and concentration. Oh, what did Russ say at the break?

Scott (Dayton OH): Congratulations, ladies! That match was an instant classic, and I never doubted your resilience. Best wishes to the seniors, and I look forward to seeing the underclassmen defend again next year.

Todd (Indiana): Congrats ladies! Youve done the lions proud! Blair Megan Alisha Arielle Darcy Alyssa Fatima Cathy-unbelievable we're so proud

shelby hopewell pa: you guys are so awesome! we always come up to watch you guys and you never disapoint us! last night my family all came over and we cheered on from our house! as for glass and hodge you will be greatly missed!

Bill (Woodbridge VA): Congratulations, you girls are awesome. You deserve the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Clifton Tay (Hawaii): Congratulations ladies! So proud of you guys! You showed them who's the real champions... thanks for an AMAZING match. GO STATE!

Rodney Watson: Congratulations!

Greg (Tampa, FL): Can you girls wrap it up a bit quicker next year? I can't take another nail-biter! :) You have talent, talent, and more talent coming back! Good Luck!

Ron, Bristol, TN: Absolutely the best womens championship ever. You beat a very talented & classy texas team. People will be talking about this PSU dynasty for many years to come.

Griff (Chantilly, VA): Congrats to the Lady Lions and Coach Rose!! One heckuva comeback in the finals match! Excellent adjustments at the break and a never quit attitude makes you the champs indeed!! Best wishes in the off season!

David (Virginia): You made us all very proud, particularly the gutsy comeback and the fierce determination to not let this slip away. Truly AWESOME!!!

Gary: Congrats on a great season and amazing comeback. Karch kept saying that great teams find a way to win when their back is against the wall. Maybe now Karch will finally BELIEVE that great volleyball is no longer a California privilege.

Jerry Clarks Summit PA: Congratulations ladies and coaching staff on a wonderful accomplishment. You're the number one team in the nation and the number team at PSU. Great job!

Kelsey (Sterling Heights, MI): Congratulations on the third consecutive win in a row! you guys played an awesome game! it was an intense match between you and Texas! great game and good luck next year!!!!

Anonymous (San Diego): I am inspired by all of you and hope to watch another incredible year of talent next year. Alyssa, you are my idol! You can dig every single ball and have a great attitude!!! Wishing you all the best!!!

Jann (State College): Congrts ladies WOW!!!! first tem to come back from 2 sets down and first to win 3 nat. titles we are so proud of you!!

Carmen (Lemoyne): You're legends!

Lou Lumberton, NJ: You are True Champions. Thank you for a wonderful season of world class volleyball.

Phil (Waldorf MD): Success with Honor, congratulations and thanks

Kate (Cortland): Congrats ladies! What a feat! You deserve the national championship! You have made myself, the fans and the alumni VERY proud! GREAT JOB LADIES! GO STATE!!

Stockbridge, GA: Congratulations Ladies!!! Just goes to show you don't need a beach to be the best in the country!

mary pittsburgh,pa: congrats

Dan (Indiana): Awesome job Ladies!! By far the best Volleyball team (men or women) ever!!

Scott (Florida): Great job displayed true Lion Pride..........YOU ARE.....PENN STATE!!!!!!

Cookie (Tucson): I cried for joy with you at the end what a totally thrilling victory! Congrats! Thank you Megan and Alisha for a fabulous ride during your PSU tenure!

Lynn from Colorado: The best game ever! You are awesome and inspiring!

Jack (Buffalo): You ladies epitomize class, grace, and athleticism. I'm still pinching myself that you pulled it off, again, this time after going down two games. Congratulations and you make me extremely proud to be a PSU Alumnus. I've been bragging about you all day, including on the ski sl

Scott (St. Louis): Congratulations. What an amazing comeback. Megan, Alisha and Kelsey, you will be missed. What you've done can't be overstated.

Tom & LInda Mt Dora, FL: Awesome, just awesome! The greatest comeback I have seen. You go girls!

Sherrie, Jupiter, FL: Great job....AGAIN. You were amazing!

Carrie (Malibu, California): I have never been more proud to be a Nittany Lion!!!!

Tom Bradley '71, Altoona, PA: You are an inspiration to all Nittany Lion teams. Thanks for giving Mack Brown tears in eyes!

potter county,pa: awesome job ladies and coaches best wishs to the seniors

tom c ( E-town , pa ): I have been watching you all year fantastic year - fantastic team thank you , seniors . may you do well in your futures

Hellertown PA: AWESOME To come back from two down against that level of competition is unbelievable. Kudos to coach Rose and the players

Heather (Malvern): Congrats on your win! I watched the game. I like how you persevered. Your fan, Heather King

Cathy (Muncy): Unbelievable!! Phenomenal comeback and dynamic teamwork ......CONTRATULATIONS!!! LOVE YA LIONS!!!

Washington DC: That was amazing! Got me jumping off my seat watching the incredible game against Texas for the championship! Ya'll betta werq!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations! Ya'll deserve it!

Keith (Michigan): Well done, ladies! We are all Penn State Proud! Congratulations on all of your achievements on the court and in the classroom. Congratulations also to Coach Rose!

John (Enola, PA): Wow what a championship game!! You all really showed the heart of the lion with that awesome come from behind win! I followed you all year and I think you guys are the best volleyball team ever with 3 consecutive championships. Congratulations ladies!!! good job

David, (Harrisburg PA): I have been watching you ladies for the past three seasons and it never gets old. You are all an inspiration! CONGRATS! Megan, Alyssa and Kelsey good luck in your future endevors!! We are PENN STATE!

Dan (Washington, DC): The best volleyball match I have see all year. Champions always overcome adversity and rise above it all. Way to go Ladies! Makes me proud to be a Nittany Lion!

Gab (Texas): CONGRATULATIONS GIRLS!!! I'm a volleyball player working to make it on varsity...and you girls inspire me to work harder everyday!!!! GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE!!!!

Mark King (Malvern): Congratulations on an awesomely magnificent performance. Champions can overcome all obstacles, make up for any circumstance, and overcome every difficulty, by pulling together as a team. I think people will point for many years to your three year run as an example of true championship character. Thank you for giving our family such thrilling finals victories to watch the last three years.

Ben, Hoboken New Jersey: Alyssa D'Errico you are so nasty! I was blown away by the number of balls you kept alive! Kudos to you and the rest of team!

boris kravitz -key west: Incredible-what with Hooker on the opposite side- I knew it couldn't happen. While it was happening I couldn't believe it was & and it did. Incredible--wonderful.I close my eyes and see it again & again.

George in Pottstown: CONGRATULATIONS! It was fun watching and being a part of it. Thanks for one more reason to be Penn State Proud!

Rob (University Park): You ladies are awesome! You didn't need to make it that exciting, but thanks! Great season! Keep the streak alive!

Sam Loewner (PSU Student Government: On behalf of PSU's student leadership - you are all great! It's awesome to have such a great team representing PSU all over the country! Keep up the great work!

PSU Athletics/ Customer Relations: Incredible and absolutely thrilling! So proud to watch you play in the Blue and White. As exciting a competition as anyone could ask for!

Tim (Mechanicsburg): Thank you for one of the most exciting weekends of my life. You made me, and the entire Nittany Nation extremely proud. Thanks for providing me yet another opportunity to leave an event filled with pride and joy. You are all TRULY AMAZING!

Madeline (Brooklyn): Yet another reason to be a proud alumni! Keep the streak alive...

Eric from Leesburg, VA: Thanks for one of the most memorable Penn State sports events ever. You exemplify Penn State Pride! Congratulations.

Michelle (Phoenixville, PA): Congratulations on a great season and an amazing Finals!

Ralpg (Easton): Not enough superlatives to heap on you guys. 1001 for coach Rose, 102 for the squad and a 3peat. History made. Success with Honor exists and You Are Penn State

winnie (Boston): Ladies: an amazing match!! It was so exciting, I had to mute it to keep from freaking. :) Congratulations!

Beau (Ridgway, PA): AWESOME MATCH! Amazing win! You show a lot of heart and determination! Way to make all of Penn State Proud! CONGRATS!

Rick, Fort Worth TX: I watched the match with a group of Texas fans and we all agreed it was an instant classic. You represent the U so well, great job ladies!

Brian Schwab (Germantown, MD): Congrats to the players on the best WVB team ever! "Champions" is fitting after a come-from-behind win like that!

Matt (Emmaus): I am regretful to admit that I rarely watch women's sports, yet as a Penn State student and sports fan, I strive to support any and all teams. Having said this, the championship match with Texas was one of the most exciting sporting event I have ever witnessed. Each point was incredibly tense. I know that you may not receive the attention you deserve from the student body, but you continue to get it done. Congratulations and and I promise that more of us will be there to support you in the future. Thank you for your success with honor.

Walter (Bowie): Way to go ladies; you proved you are the best ever!!

Jim (Hanover): Congratulations on setting a standard so high that no one is likely to ever reach it again. You are a credit to yourselves, your coaches, and your school. No team has represented Penn State better over the past few years than the Women's Volleyball Team. Your courage, tenacity, and pride came shining through against a tough opponent that had you down but not out. All of us who have followed your accomplishments are bursting with Penn State Pride. You are the best.

Michael (Media): Tremendous comeback! Congrats on the threepeat!

Lewisburg: You should be an inspiration to the rest of Nittany Lion teams -- a great comeback against a great team.

Vince(Pottsville): Congratulations. YOU ARE THE BEST.

Barb (Wellsboro): WAY TO GO! We are so proud of all of you in my house! I can't wait to watch the replay. I wish you all continued success in all your endeavors! Thanks for the great memories.

Kelly (Wellsboro): 'Kay. So you guys are totally awesome. =DD I watched the game, getting more nervous by the second, but I knew you'd pull through. It just seemed like it wasn't possible for you to *not* win. You just proved your awesomeness, though. The first to *ever* win the NCAA championship times in a row. Best. Team. Ever.

Silver Spring, MD: Congratulations ! Three championships is amazing. It was a great match but I certainly was worried during the first two sets.

Abe Assad, Class of 1986 (Allentown, PA): Team Penn State, CONGRATULATIONS on showing all PSU fans and The Nation what is to be champions with class!! Thank you for a great season and showing PSU Pride. Sincerely, Abe & Lisa Assad

Karen'75, Dean'74, Heather'04, Sarah 09: What a day,our daughter's PSU graduation(entire family now) then watching your fantastic win. We are so very proud of our Big Penn State Family. (Kutztown)

Linda and Bill Gibsonville NC: What a great job!We saw you at Duke.We watched you many times on TV.Bless you all.

Jill Lancaster, pa: Great Job Lady Lions! We are proud of you:)

Jake Shellenberger (Lynchburg, VA): Congrats again!!!!

Wayne and Mary Ann-Naples Fla: One of the most exciting sporting events we have ever witnessed-Congrats on your 3d title!

Erin (Wash., PA): Success with girls are awesome. I'm so proud to be a PSU volleyball fan!

Josh (York, Pa): Congratulations! As a volleyball player and an alumni, I couldn't be more proud to be a Penn Stater. This is one of the significant accomplishments ever made by a team in any sport on any level.

RGY ( Pittsburgh): Yea Baby!!! National Champions Again! Congratulations Ladies.

Dick(State College): You have all brought so much pride to the Penn State family, Penn State, and to State College! Absolutely amazing season. Congrats Champs!

Jan (State College): I love watching you play with your upbeat attitude and support of one another. Congratulations!

Tom Quinn (Honolulu, HI): That was awesome!!! You ladies showed the true heart of a 'LION' and a CHAMPION by coming back from an 0-2 deficit. Congratulations, that match has to be the best championship match ever. My Penn State Pride is overflowing in the land of your semi-final opponent.

Rob(Ridgway, Pa.): Congrats to Coach Ross 1001 wins Megan Player of the year Lady Lions 102 in a row Three Peat YOU R PENN STATE

Ralph (West Chester): What a great comeback! We are so proud of you and the coaching staff! I have seen many matches on football weekends and on cable, but this was the BEST.

North'd: Awesome display of stick-to-itveness! True champions all of you. Congrats for 3 and best wishes for 4!


Peg and Jim (Exeter, Pa): Congratulatins to the Lady Lions, coaches and staff on an awesome accomplishment!

Bob & Betsy Green: You girls are amazing. Congratulations and thanks for keeping us on the edge of our seats. You make us PENN STATE PROUD!

Steve & Andrea (East Lyme, CT): We were there and to witness the heart and spirit of this team was an incredible experience! Merry Christmas to all of you!

Joni (Mechanicsburg, PA): You girls ROCK! You make me proud to be a Penn Stater! Congrats!!!

susan savitt Hastings-on-Hudson, NY: Fantastic achievement. You represent the best that we can be,especially in overcoming a 2 game deficit. The world needs more people like you.. Congratulations!!

Lenchen (Harrisburg): you women rock!

Charlotte ( State College): What a wonderful win! You never gave up, continued to pursue the opposition, one can't ask for anymore. You deserve to be Champions. Let's celebrate when you return.

Greg (Bellefonte): An amazing game and and amazing accomplishment! Congratulations on your success. Go Penn State!

Gene Massine , Randolph, MJ: You're simply the best, better than all the rest. Times 3.

George & Roxanne Libby (Pgh PA): Just heard about your 3rd national championship from a non-PSU fan! Congratulations ladies. We're real proud of you.

Ed [State College]: We cheered as the final point thundered to the floor...what a great achievement, personally and together...we are thrilled for each of you and the coaches, too. Well done!

Jeff M: The best Volleyball match I've ever seen!

Skaneateles, NY: AWESOME!!!! Ted Kinder

kara(wilkes-barre): good job ladies you make penn state proud(:

Patrick & Trish Boyer: Last week we purchased a 2009 team signed ball from the kids auction online.....SO proud of all of you!

Nicole (Scranton): Congratulations ladies! Way to play with heart and pride! Congratulations on an incredible streak and history! You are the best team ever in the sport!

Pete (Wayne, PA): Way to go, Lady Lions! This is my third year in a row congratulating you. But it never gets old...

Nate (Hodgenville, KY): CONGRATS!!! My family has had the honor of watching all 3 title runs. My dad is from Pennsylvania, so Penn State has always held a special place in my heart. Keep the streak alive!! WE ARE PENN STATE!!!

Brenda Annandale, NJ.: A video of this match should be required viewing for every athletic team. Your never give up attitude and team spirit shows what can be accomplished with determination and a positive attitude. You are the best ever!

Jim and Elaine O'Connor (Spring City): In a word...AWESOME!!!

Boots (Ringtown, PA): I have three daughters. The Lady Lion volleyball team is a sensational role model to young women everywhere. You were down, but not out. What an amazing display of talent mixed with shear determination. The Lady Lions refused to loose!

Art (Columbia, MD): Congratulations!! WOW!!! What an awesome, edge of your seat thrill ride!! You guys ROCK!!

Steven (Austin, TX): Congratulations on the results of your hard work. In addition to having success on the court you are role models off the court. Thank you for your dedication For the Glory of Old State. Best of luck in all things in the future.

Richard (Asheville, NC): Down 0-2, I thought that you still had much to be proud of. Taking the next 3 confirms that you are the best ever! Congratulations!!!

Adrian, MI: WE. . . ARE. . .Very proud to be Penn State alum in MI!!! Thank you for representing our school with success & grace.

Dan, Pittsburgh: Darcy- your enthusiasm was incredible! Can't believe you're only a freshman! Congrats Lady's! You rock!!

Robbie (Beaver, PA): Wow! Outstanding accomplishment! Great win.

George Guch (Largo, Fl): Awesome Ladies....Glad I was there to see it all happen live...Now I need to see a cardiologist...PSUVB Alum'73

Dave Truitt: Great show,what passion and class.You're the best.

Pete, Glenshaw, Pa.: Success . . . with honor. There is no better example of this than what you ladies did! I am very proud of you!

Rob Carlisle: Great job girls! Do it again next year.

Tom, Philly: Awesome job ladies!!!!! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Karen D Columbia MD: Awesome match! Even someone who was not a volleyball enthusiast would have enjoyed it.

Tom (MI): Alisha... you have made Michigan proud. You made it all happen! Great job!

John and Haley (Las Vegas, NV): Congrats, my 13 yr old loves to hear about your matches, you make us proud.

Shawn (NC): Fantastic win ladies!

Jon P. (Baltimore, MD): Congratulations on another amazing season!

Marvin and Lynda New Jersey: We are Penn State proud!!! Congratulations!!

Carl (Allentown,PA: Congratulations on a most memorable accomplishment. You ladies are the best!

Al, Boston: Awesome job girls.

East Berlin: What a great accomplishment. You should all be proud.

Riviera Rob, Middleburg, PA: Great Job! I was stuck in Philly's blizzard without satellite TV, but family kept me posted. Never lose faith.

Whitcombs (Stewartsville, NJ): Congratulations to the players, coaches, and parents!! The final was amazing and you showed the true heart and meaning of team.

Don (Newtown): Leaving NO DOUBT who is the best there ever was!!! Congrats Lady Lions on an incredible three-peat! Savor what you accomplished. It was tremendous and you made us ALL a proud Pride of Lions!

Nancy, Bethlehem, PA: You girls make us Penn State proud! I have loved every minute of watching you - you are so exciting!!

Ralph - Elizabethtown, Pa.: Super job, gals. Lets make it a "four 'pete" next year. Thanks for this year.

Cincinnati, OH: What heart and determination! Champions find a way to win!! Congrats ladies!!

Sally and Jim Welsh, State College: Your fortitude and consistency were amazing! Congratulations team and coaches.

Marybeth (Wheaton, IL): We were in Whiskers at the Nittany Lion Inn along with 11 of our closest family and friends. You were electric! The place was going wild cheering you on! Great job! Sooo proud of you all!

Ron (Doylestown): Congratulations Lady Lions! The Texas match was by far the best nationally-televised sporting event of 2009.

JoAnne, Las Vegas,NV: You make me Penn State Proud!!!

Ralph (Mount Laurel, NJ): Unbelievable, amazing, remarkable - you guys are redefining superlatives - and defining a new era of collegiate volleyball! Congrats again on another National Championship, and thanks for making us Penn State proud yet once again!

John & Jean - Lancaster: Great heart coming from 2 down. We watched every thrilling minute. Congratulations on an accomplishment that may never again be equaled.

Theresa, Vestal NY: Congratulations - The team and coach are truly what "WE ARE PENN STATE" is all about.

Dean (Oaklyn,NJ): Thank you for the tremendous thrill ride! You were unbelievable.

Fred, Pittsburgh: CONGRATULATIONS LADY LIONS! You are a credit to Penn State.

Karl & Elsa, Clarion Pa.: Watched every second, and still can't believe what you did!! Fantastic! Congrats Coach & Team

Mechanicsburg: I must admit football always over shadows all the other sports at PSU, but congrats on a GREAT season and especially for the three-peat. WE ARE PENN STATE!!!!!

Mark, San Diego: We had a big event to watch the match and it was great! Way to make us proud all the way out here!

Linda C, Clifton Park NY: CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!!! Way Cool.

Doreen and Mark-Chestertown, MD: Congratulations on your 3rd. National Championship. You are truly scholar athletes and Success with Honor. You are an inspiration to us all. We Are...

Colin, West Chester, PA: Congrats ladies...what an incredible match and season!!!

MIKE KOLSKY-SURPRISE, AZ: great match! showed unbelieveable heart to come back as you did! you represent our University in the best tradition of sportsmanship and determination, we are! mike

Marian, Sarasota: So proud! Such heart and spirit to come from 2 down. I couldn't sleep for hours after the match. What a thrill.

Jan State College, PA: Congratulations! You are awesome and you have made Happy Valley very proud! Let's have a parade when you return!

Elana, Indianapolis: Congrats Lady Nittany Lions, That was one of the best games ever. I held my breath and just screamed and cheered at the tv watching the game.!!!!!!!!

Glenn - Williamsport: Great match! Champs figure a way to win no matter the situation. I see matches at the Rec Hall and on Tv and this was the most exciting. Thanks to the seniors for many great years.

Dana (Tampa): That was one of the most exciting sporting events I have ever been to! Congrats on a well deserved win! Your heart and determination was AWESOME. WE ARE PENN STATE!

Jim & Tere Rill (Millheim, PA): We are Penn State alums and are loyal fans of your team. You have been amazing and a joy to watch. We all are Penn State Proud of your team and Coach Ross and his assistants. Best wishes for a wonderful New Year!

Carol (Hesston, PA): What an amazing journey for the team and coaching staff. Congrats! But you did have me a little crazy during the first 2 matches... don't do that again! lol Merry Christmas to you all and have a great New Year!

Joe (Greer, SC): What this team showed all season is the "Will to Win", Quitting was not an Option", and Teamwork wins Championships. "When the going gets tough the tough get going" Things got very tough and Whow did you girls get things going. Thank you for your efforts and for choosing PSU.

Penny Center Valley,Pa: Fantastic and exciting! Great comeback and win!!! Much deserved congratulations

Nora (Cleveland): CONGRATS Ladies! Way to carry on the Dynasty!

bob: way to go ladies

Jeffrey Maierhofer, Wayne, Pa.: You Girls are Studs !! Period

Tess, Centre Hall: Your accomplishments will stand the test of time. You showed the nation what it means to be "Penn State Proud" in that you kept fighting and Never gave up! Congratulations ladies and to coach Rose and staff. WE ARE!!!

Larry & Lisa, Spring Mills, PA: Your team has done more to make us Penn State PROUD than any other team on campus. Fantastic season!! Good luck to the seniors in the future.

Joe, New Brighton, PA: You bring great pride to the University and all associated with Penn State. Thanks and congratulations on a job well done! We are Penn State!

Mike York PA: You all should be proud of what you have accomplished. You make us proud to be PSU fans ,thank you and have a Merry Christmas

Cindy (Jarrettsville, MD): You all are Penn State Proud Personified! Congratulations!

Richard (Bethlehem, PA): Congratulations!!! What an unbelievable match. An amazing show of determination and perseverance, you deserve to be the champions!!

Charnoff Family(Reading): Ladies that was one of the most awesome sporting events we have ever witnessed. Your will + determination will inspire my sons forever. You are the BEST!! WE ARE!!

Ron Johnson, Schellsburg, PA: As a former letterman in Lacrosse,(63-65), I can only say how fantastic it is to see such effort and determination to reach your goal. I am proud that you represent our University.

Brian (Atlanta, GA): Incredible accomplishment ladies! You make us all proud

Dave Flick, State College, PA: We are all so Penn State proud of you, champions with class!

Carol (West Chester, PA): Congratulations!! You've made us all Penn State are Success With Honor!!

John, Hazleton: Ladies, magnificent job. Have never seen such excitement and commitment. YOU ARE THE TRUE CHAMPS!!

Penn State Long Island NY Chapter: A great win! What a comeback. Congratulations from all of us.

Timothy Reese (San Diego): Congrats Ladies from the San Diego Alumni Assoc Chapter! We had an amazing time watching your exciting win here in San Diego! Way to go and lets make it FOUR! Tim Reese

Jason (Lititz, PA): Congratulations...What an impressive victory! I think we woke up our neighbors after the final point!

Larry and Wendy: WOW!!!!!! What an incredible accomplishment. We are so Penn State Proud of you. God Bless each of you.

John Pocock Byon/Bergen Central School: WOW!!! Thanks for a great year

EJU (Bethlehem, pa): Not that you won, but HOW you won is the true PSU message. You never gave up! Success with Honor! Congrats.

Mark and Joan Mechanicsburg: Some incredible digs as we were snowed in ... truly awe inspiring comeback for the world to see the heart of the Lions

Andrew (Mercersburg, PA): Congratulations, ladies on a job well done. You guys have the heart and determination of a true champion. May the streak continue for at least another year.

Larry Butler, State College: You have made Penn State the Volleyball capital of the universe. Thanks for making my day. Hail to our Victors.

Mark and Doreen Chestertown, MD: Congratulations on your 3rd. National Championship. You are truly scholar athletes and Success with Honor. You are an inspriation to us all. We Are...


Lizton, Indiana: All Penn State Alumni could not be prouder of this fantastic accomplishment. You have all been great representatives for the university. Congrats Ladies

Eric Reading: You act did swell the fame of one heart that loves thy name----great come back win----GO PSU

cor hershey: roar lions roar!

Ike(Ft. Lauderdale): Well done.

Denny ( Duncannon, PA): Congratulations, awesome win, You are all true champions!!

Coach, Mechanicsburg: Unbelievable accmplishment. Few can appreciate the work you have put in to the current run. And It's only going to continue next season. Way to go!!!!

Bill Makdesi ( Sydney, AUS): Way to go Ladies! Congrats from the Land Down Under! My friends think I'm crazy, but they don't understand what it is to be Penn State Proud! You made history and a legacy to follow! WE ARE....

Sally (State College): You ladies are awesome! You have made me proud ot be a Penn Stater!

Phin (Washington Crossing, PA): As a former member of the PSU Volleyball Club ('71), it's amazing how far & well you (& the men) have come! Congratulations on a phenomenal comeback against an outstanding Texas team & a record-setting 3-peat!

Singapore: Don't get ESPN here. But listened to the match over the net (great job, Dean). What a game. Congrats to the team and Coach Rose.

Russ(State College, PA): Unbelievable! Great work!

Brad, Sothampton, PA: Fantastic! girls make us all Penn State Proud!!!!you had thousands of the PSU Nation pulling for you...congrats!

The Muirs, Aldan PA: WOW! What an exciting match! A well-deserved win ladies - congratulations :)

WEST CALDWELL PA: Congradulations on your 3rd Straight National Championship!!!That win Saturday was incredible! We have enjoyed watching your success over the past 3 Years! You young ladies make all of us Penn Staters Proud!!! Keep up the Great work!Bill and Janice Gleason

Don Bain, Plymouth, Michigan: We love you!! For the seniors--best wishes for continued success in all you do in the future. For the returning players--lets go for 4. GO STATE!!

Karen Anne (Philly): CONGRATULATIONS! You are the best by 3! Thanks for bringing PSU another national championship.

John (Bel Air MD): Awesome comeback. For some reason, I was never really concerned that you would not do so. You are all class people and do Penn State Proud!!!! Congratulations!!!!

Stan (Pensacola FL): Megan-congrats on a fantastic win! Many of us watched it live - awesome performance! You made us all Penn State Proud!

Dennis '69 (Lititz, PA): WOW!! Congratulations ladies! You've made all of us Penn State Proud! You truly have the heart(s) of a champion.

Bob (Washington DC): Gratulations on the greatest comeback by the greatest VB team of all time. I'm so Penn State proud of all of you.

Bill Johnstown, Pa.: FANTASTIC---What a comeback. I hope the girls weren't as nervous as I was.

Mike - 95' (Lewisburg): Absolutely amazing match and comeback! You are amazing athletes and showed great pride to keep the passion even when down. You made this Lion proud! We are . . .

Daniel (Greeley, PA): Ladies, what a memorable match to watch on a snowy evening in Pennsylvania on ESPN 2! So inspiring and makes me more proud to be a PSU Alum! Love to meet you all someday in an alumni function!

Marilyn and Kenn (Oakton, VA): You had us on the edge of our seats! That game was a classic which will be shown for years to come!!! We are so proud of you!! WE ARE....

Gary, Springfield, VA: One of the most riveting sporting events I have ever watched. Even my son, who normally does not want to watch women sports, was glued to the set and emotional. What an historic turnaround of momentum in a match of great consequence. Good luck to the seniors, and to underclassmen and recruits, bring it on next year, too!

Sherry (Elkridge, MD): We are so proud of all that you have accomplished! Great Job!

Larry (Houston, TX): Inspirational accomplishment. Even the replay on Big Ten Network yesterday. Terrific focus to surmount a 2-0 set deficit and 3-peat. Awesome!

Sam Bernstine (New Castle, PA): CONGRATULATIONS to a TEAM of Student Athletes who excelled in the classroom and on the court with tremendous support from a very talented Coaching staff!

Kevin L (Columbia, MD): THREEpeat! You girls rock! WE ARE....

BLShupp: Great victory ladies! I ordered my T-shirt next day from an email I received. Great comeback.

David (Columbus, OH): So proud! Congratulations on your accomplishments and thank you for a wonderful year of following your success!

Lou '59 Northville, MI: What character! You made us all "Penn State Proud"!

Rick Knowlton Elizabethtown: I just wanted to say how fantastic it was to see all of you win the National Championship three times in a row. It was even better being in Tampa to witness this extraordinary feat. This team is truly the greatest in volleyball history!

Tom (Manassas, Va): Great win ladies!

jim (boalsburg): Congratulations to a team of the ages!!!!! I'll never forget that comeback against Texas, makes us Penn Staters feel proud to see one of our teams pull together as you did and win it all!!! Three times in a row, you guys will go down in NCAA history!!! Congrats to Coach Rose for this great accomplishment!!! WE ARE - PENN STATE!!!

P-burg, NJ: Riveting match. What a glorious run of wins. Congratulations to the women.

Dave (Syracuse): Awesome. Just Awesome! Congrats. A true demonstration of Penn State character, poise, pride, and accomplishment.

John & Barbara - Abingdon, VA: 40+ years we watch PSU sports of all types. THE BEST was this team.

John & Margaret MacMaster ('63): You are awesome! We watch you play as of often as we can up here in Alaska. For the Glory! Go Lions!

Joan Miller (State College): Ladies, Thank you for an amazing season of fabulous entertainment. Your comeback in the finals was more exciting than most sporting events I can recall. You rock!!

Howie & Suzi (Ft.Myers): Congrats on THE greatest comeback victory in the greatest collegiate VB game we've EVER make us all Penn State proud!!!

Anne of Hurley, NY: You were awesome! Great comeback!


Sam (Austin, TX): I made the finals last year but this year I watched it on TV with a large group of UT fans. You ladies showed a lot of heart coming back from 0-2 and made me very proud to be the only Penn Stater in the room. Congratulations!

Brian (Richmond): Way to represent!

Lee (Harrisburg): Congratulations Ladies! WE ARE PENN STATE PROUD!!!!!


Jonathan (Atlanta GA): PENN STATE LADY LIONS!! GO GIRLS!!!

Mike Bankert (Hanover, PA): What a match! Way to hang tough and come back. You make all us Nittany Lion faithful proud. Congratulations!

The Spence Family (Palatine, IL): The best volleyball match of all time! Congrats!

Ithaca: You make us all proud to be Penn Staters!

Ray (Boston): Congratulations! You ladies are the best.

Taylor, Ebensburg: If I had to choose one word to describe your season, it would be "Wowwww". You're whole season was amazing, and then to pull of what you did to finish it? Incredible. Way to go ladies, good work!!!

Ken & Liz (Halifax PA): Great fun following this team again at Rec Hall, Duke, and Tampa. Incredible win over a great Teaxas team. Hooray!

Pittsburgh Pa: You have made all the penn state fans very proud of you. WE ARE PENN STATE

Mike (Middletown PA): Simply Amazing!!! Three in a row and undefeated in 102 matches. Way to go. What I love the most is the tv announcers having to ADMIT that Penn State is one of the best teams EVER. You know it pains them to admit it.

Belleville: You girls are the best, love watching you play, Penn State proud!!

Harry "68 & Sue '69, State College: The best comeback of all time; the best volleyball team of all time. WOW! Congratulations

Cherele Johnson (Clinton, NC): Tremendous effort ladies We Will Continue to Dominate Next Year as well!!!!!!!!!

Lori Wiechers-Blackwell(Lancaster, Pa): Congratulations! That was an awesome match, way to hang in there and bring home the title. WE ARE PENN STATE!

Adi (London, England): You all make every Penn State student elated with pride!! Keep breaking those amazing records!

Dave Hibbard (Churchville, NY): UNBELIEVABLE and AWESOME job ladies! Way to go Nummy! Three state titles in high school, three NCAA titles in college, six titles in six years. Simply put Alyssa, you are a WINNER, on the court and off. And I am proud to be your "personal reporter". Can't wait to see another NCAA championship banner at Rec Hall!!!!

Volleyball Hall of Fame (Holyoke, MA): Our congratulations to Russ Rose and the Nittany Lions Women's Volleyball team for a great NCAA victory and to continued success. Hope to see you in the HOF some day!

Josette (Willis, TX): Congratulations girls, Meghan, Miss REL, Blair and team. I will miss you

Greg (Greenfield, Wisconsin): Congtatulations! Thanks for playing the game with hearts of true champions. 102 matches in a row is an unbelievable accomplishment.

Ralph (Mechanicsburg, PA): From a guy football fanatic -- THE best sporting event of 2009 , period. Your "In a league of your own" ; congrats on a moment I'm sure you'll cherish. This time it took more than talent ; add poise and determination to the mix. Also, the Lady Longhorns were magnificent too.

Wes - Huntington, WV: Alyssa and Cathy - you both played as great as Roberta did last year and that is my greatest compliment. Little MVP's.

emiley(13): OMG! i love yalls vb team yall are really good and i play vb and hope to be on the team one day! BLAIR BROWN IS AWESOME!

Marie/Venice,FL: It was sheer joy to watch you play. Congratulations .

Waverly (AL): Woohoo!! Congratulations on winning three straight titles. Where I live, there is this high school volleyball team who has won seven straight titles. It is so amazing how teams can be so good but you are not going to stay perfect forever. Good job :) Hope you win next year.
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