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Monroig: Game Day is Tomorrow!

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By Megan Monroig, Senior Co-Captain

Tomorrow is GAME DAY!!!!! It's been almost a full week since our exhibition match against Villanova and we're excited to finally play someone other than ourselves once again.

We've been preparing all week for tomorrow night's game. We had our last day of two-a-days last Sunday and had a much needed day off on Monday. Everyone took full advantage by sleeping and doing a lot of lying around. We got treatment from our wonderful trainers who take good care of our bodies on our off days and make sure we're ready to go when we start up again. Tuesday was the start of our regular practice routine for the season. Once the season officially gets started we have games most Fridays and Sundays so that we have off Monday and then practice Tuesday through Thursday. Tuesday was a more difficult practice but since we're just coming off almost two full weeks of two-a-days our bodies were still struggling a little bit. Last nights practice ended with a very well played 11-a-side and got us very excited for tomorrow's game.

Since our game time is 7 p.m. tomorrow night we started practice at 7 p.m. last night to get our bodies used to the time of day. Since it got dark for the last 20 minutes of practice the lights on our gorgeous practice fields came on and our spirits rose a little bit. It was like we were playing in a real game and the scene was set for success and we played incredibly well! At the end of practice everyone was buzzing and even more ecstatic for our first game of the season! We have pregame practice today where we will play everyone's favorite heading game.

Our heading game is what sets the tone for our pregame practice. It's a warm-up but it's very competitive and since our team is very competitive no one wants to lose and everyone works extremely hard. We have tons of fun playing it and after it's over we're usually on a high that keeps us lifted for the remainder of our roughly 60- to 70-minute practice.

After practice we'll have our catered meal in the Recreation Building and after that everyone will probably be going to bed early tonight. That is of course after we have a little team bonding over MTV's Jersey Shore! We just can't get enough of that show!!! After that it's off to bed since it's finally time to take on the West Virginia University Mountaineers.

Here is video of practice on Tuesday and a few short interviews from's Tony Mancuso and his All-Sports Blog.

Monroig: Pre-Game Training and Team Building Ropes Course

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By: Megan Monroig, Senior Co-Captain

Pre-game practice day is done and tomorrow is our first game of the season (unofficially). We play at Villanova tomorrow and we're all very excited about it! Before we get into that let's recap our past few days. 

Wednesday and Thursday we had some good times with two practices each day. Preseason is really wearing on our bodies now and practices are a little sluggish in the beginning. But thank goodness that at the end of morning and evening practices we play small sided games and 11-v-11, respectively, because that really brings our level up. Our small-sided play consists of usually 2-v-2 or 5-v-5 games where we have fast transitions and hopefully lots of goals when Krissy [Tribbett], Kristin [Hartmann], and Tara [Barr] are not ruining our days with big saves. 

We really get the heart rates up and we know this because every practice we have to wear heart rate monitors so we literally know how hard each one of us is working. And a big hit with the heart rate monitors is knowing how many calories you burn at the end of practice. Lexi Marton is usually a big winner losing around 900 to 1,000 calories in one practice! Crazy I know, but that just goes to show you all the hard work we put in. 

Anyway, we all love playing small-sided mostly because of the good competition we give one another. We all bust our butts to win because usually trash talking occurs at the beginning so then nobody wants to lose and pretty much have to swallow their words. 11-v-11 at night has pretty much the same effect on our practices. Everyone works so hard during that showing off their skills because we're all still fighting for any playing time possible this season. We have some very good play going on and as we continue 11-v-11 and seeing how good we can be as a team we just get more and more excited for Saturday and this season in general!

We continued with preparation for tomorrow's game this morning with our pre-game practice. We went through our pregame warm-up, played 11-v-11 and then worked on set pieces (direct and indirect kicks and corner kicks). We're trying to get some goals from set pieces this year so any practice with them is always good for us.

After practice we had a short lift and then our first team activity. For our team activity we went to this place called Shaver's Creek which is outside State College and did a ropes course. The ropes course consisted of three giant tree logs about 50 to 60 feet high that short of tee-peed together with a platform at the top. The object was to climb to the top using whatever method of obstacles you chose. You could use the rock climbing grips that were on the logs; you could climb up the cargo net; use the dangling ropes with knots tied in it for grips or whatever other method you saw fit. You made the course as hard as you wanted to make it and you climbed up as high as you wanted. (There are videos of this ropes course on our facebook page,, check it out!).

We had a few people who were scared of heights but somewhat conquered their fears and climbed up at least some part of the way. One of the most fun parts was when Emma Thomson and I decided to challenge Coach Walsh and Ann [Cook] to a race up to the top, loser bought ice cream for the winners. We were supposed to be harnessed to our partners but Coach cheated and decided to unattach herself from Ann right before we started and tried to take off up the log. Well needless to say, cheaters never prosper and it came back to bite her in the butt. Emma and I ended up destroying them and got to hang out at the top platform for about five minutes until Ann and Coach decided to join us. Best part was, we won the ice creamJ

After we all made our four or five trips up the ropes course our fun was over, we ate dinner and came home. We all just relaxed for the evening and were quite ready for bed. We need to get our rest since we have our Villanova tomorrow. For all you readers, we hope to see you there! Game time is at 3 p.m.! 

--Megan Monroig

Monroig: First Day Off

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By: Megan Monroig, Senior Co-Captain

Finally, our first day of preseason off!!! We have finally made it to Day 7 of preseason and our first full day off. We have been training so hard that it's nice to take a day of R&R (rest and relaxation). Most of us are lying around doing a whole of nothing. I believe a few people took a trip to the local man-made beach called Whipple Dam this afternoon to relax and hang out as well. Those of us that are taking classes are also getting some studying in as we prepare for finals this week. I think there is even a possible movie in the works for tonight's hang out session! I know what it seems like, we just can't get enough of one another and well that's exactly right!!

The past few days of practice have been tough, not just physically but mentally as well. We just finished up our second 2-2-1 cycle. Our preseason runs in a specific routine and it follows this 2-2-1 cycle. How it works is that we have two days of two-a-day practices then a day having just one practice. Then we repeat that cycle and on the seventh day we have a day off. We were quite pleased with our efforts in last night's practice especially since we were all so excited about having our day off today. We went into practice with tired legs and minds but came out feeling like we accomplished our goals and got better in our roughly 90 minute practice. Every night practice we have we play 11-v-11 and we really felt like for how our bodies felt it was a very good game. Hayley Brock's speed really showed up as she tallied two goals and was really giving the one team's defense fits.

We get back at it tomorrow with another 2-2-1 cycle before our first game against Villanova this Saturday. We really have our sights set high for this season and are very eager to see how we fair against the Wildcats. I'd also like to point out the fact that the NSCAA has released its preseason poll and we were ranked 13th in the Nation!!! That's a very big accomplishment for us considering we lost seven very talented seniors. It just goes to show you that we have an amazing freshmen class and a good core of veteran players still here!

--Megan Monroig

Monroig: Opening of Training Camp

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By Megan Monroig, Senior Co-Captain

So we just started preseason and being a senior it's my fourth and final one. I'm so eager to get it started because we should have a phenomenal team this year but with it also comes some sadness in the fact that this is my last year. This isn't just a team but a family and I know that going into my final season there are expectations for everyone, including myself.


We kicked off preseason 2010 with the beep test which overall I think went pretty well for everyone with a couple of outstanding performances from junior co-captain Emma Thomson and sophomore Julie Hubbard. The coaching staff, as well as all the players, expect nothing less than hard work and determination throughout every session no matter what we're doing. We have high expectations for ourselves this year and it all starts with a good preseason.


It's definitely a tiring process but for what we want to accomplish it's definitely worth it. As a senior I know what to expect from myself and my teammates and that preseason is no walk in the park. Coach Walsh, Ann, Michael, and Tim do a good job in making every single one of us ready for bed each night.

Preseason is a great time because we get to spend so much time together. Some people may think too much time together could be a bad thing but for us, for some reason that's never the case. We spend all our time together on and off the field. It's great getting to know our freshmen and continuing to build our friendships with the teammates we already have. It really is a good time. But for the rest of preseason we're just going to continue to work our behinds off at practice, we have some team activities planned which are always fun and just more of the hanging out and relaxing during our down time. 

--Megan Monroig






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