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Chevy Sonic Road Warriors Visit Paternoville

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What does Chevrolet + Pizza Hut + Road Warriors equal? A happy Paternoville, that's what!

On Friday, Oct. 7 a few of us took a trip in the Chevy Sonic, packed with 50 Pizza Hut Pizzas and traveled over to the land known as Paternoville. There, students were camping out to get the best seats in the house for Saturday's game against Iowa.

First, these students are awesome and this is the reason Penn State has the best student section in the country; second, these "camp sites" are no joke. L.L.Bean would be blown away with the level of tent-building expertise these students show.

Paternoville was so excited to see the Chevrolet Sonic, PSU edition, and hear all about the great things the Chevy Sonic has to offer. In addition we were excited to see all the visitors that Paternoville attracted. Rob Stone, ESPN announcer and the Penn State Men's Hockey team were just a few. No matter who was there or what time it was the place was hyped! Every game you can imagine was being played and every corner was blasting with music... It. Was. Awesome.

If you haven't checked out Paternoville yet we highly recommend it. We have officially added it to the top 10 things you must do before graduating from Penn State.

Be sure to follow the Road Warriors on twitter @psuroadwarriors and Paternoville @paternoville.


Until next time,

Drive on 

A Hoosier Cruiser Act of Kindness

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Hey Penn State fans!

Dan and Bri here again with The Hoosier Cruisers! We just wanted to share with you an experience we had out in Bloomington before the Penn State-Indiana Football game last weekend. One of the challenges we faced was to perform a "random act of kindness" for an Indiana fan. We thought long and hard about how to do this and finally came up with a creative and fun way to do so.


Saturday morning we went to get breakfast at Bloomington Bagel, located just off of iconic Kirkwood Avenue in Bloomington.  We decided it would be a nice gesture to provide the employees of Bloomington Bagel with some Penn State/Chevy Sonic Road Warrior T-shirts. So after we all ordered our food and drinks, we went to pay at the register and surprised the owner with a handful of t-shirts and thanked her for having us in Bloomington! She was very surprised and happy with our "random act of kindness" and thanked us for the gesture! You can check out a video of how the whole thing went down here:

(click here to watch the video)

We had a nice conversation with the owner, who said she enjoyed watching Penn State Volleyball and had a lot of respect for our Coach, Russ Rose. She also provided us with coupons for free bagels, which we used the next morning before we left Bloomington! It was a prime example of Big Ten Sportsmanship and proved that even though Penn State and Indiana may not get along on the gridiron, we can still be friends off the field!

Thanks again for your support and remember to "like" us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @PSURoadWaariors!


The Chevy Sonic Hoosier Cruisers Complete Challenges

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What's up Penn State Fans!

Dan and Bri, with the Hoosier Cruisers here reporting on our weekend road trip to Bloomington, Ind. for the Penn State-Indiana football game! Penn State hung on for the victory in a tough battle with the Indiana Hoosiers Saturday, upping their record on the year to 4-1! We had a ton of fun on our journey out to Indiana University! We faced some pretty interesting challenges, and met some great Penn Staters along the way!

Friday afternoon we hit the road to B-Town in our all new Chevy Sonic decked out from top to bottom in Penn State blue and white! The journey was a long one--about 9.5 hours--but we had fun along the way! Around five hours into our trip we made a stop for food and gas in Cambridge, Ohio. There, we happened to run into some Hockey players from Penn State Behrend, who were on their way to take on Ohio University. The team loved the car and wanted to take their picture with it!



Running into the team just proved again that Penn State is everywhere! It was great to see some fellow Penn Staters, especially in the state of Ohio!

We arrived in Indiana around 11pm on Friday and decided to call it a day. We knew Saturday would be a busy and fun day, so we wanted to be rested up and ready to go in the morning!

Saturday morning we started off our day by heading to breakfast at an IU favorite, Bloomington Bagel. We all enjoyed our visit, and we have to say they had the best bacon, egg, and cheese bagel we've ever had! From there, we drove the Sonic up to Memorial Stadium, home of IU Football. The car turned a few heads along the way, as well as some jeers from a few Indiana students. As soon as we parked outside the stadium, some Penn Staters ran over to get their picture with the car!


At Memorial Stadium we learned a little about the history of IU Football and had the chance to complete one of our challenges by taking a picture with "Hep's Rock." The rock is named in honor of a former IU coach who coined Indiana's slogan "Defend the Rock".

From the stadium we ventured out to the Penn State Alumni Association tailgate and had the opportunity to show off the Chevy Sonic and hand out some Road Warrior t-shirts to fans. One of our challenges at the tailgate was to find a famous Penn Stater, and take a picture with them. We found two! Chairman of the Penn State Board of Trustees, Steve Garban, and Penn State Athletic Director Tim Curley! Needless to say, we lived up to the task!


We had one more interesting challenge to complete following the Alumni tailgate. We had to find a building on IU's campus named after a Rock n' Roll legend, and created lyrics, about Penn State playing Indiana, to the tune of one of their hit songs. We were up to the task and quickly discovered the John Mellencamp Sports Pavilion. Myself and fellow Road Warrior Chris Henken decided to entitled our song--which I think will soon be a hit of its own--"Penn State and Indiana," based on the lyrics of Mellencamp's legendary "Jack and Diane". We think it's great, but you can be the judge:

(click here for the video)

With our pregame challenges complete, we entered Memorial Stadium and enjoyed watching a Penn State victory from the sidelines! After the game we took some more pictures and videos around Indiana's campus and Bloomington, and completed a few challenges before heading back to Happy Valley! You can check out the rest of those pictures and videos from the challenges we faced by "liking" our team page on Facebook or by following us @PSURoadWarriors on Twitter!

Thank you for the support and remember WE ARE... HOOSIER CRUISERS... WE ARE... PENN STATE!

How's it going my Blue and White fanatics?!

Temple_Nittany Lion.jpg

Anthony here again and I just wanted to talk about our experience at the Penn State Alumni tailgate that we invited to.  Let me start off by saying this was like the after party of the Oscars.  Every Penn State celebrity was there from the Nittany Lion to the man himself, President Dr. Graham Spanier.  We actually saw Dr. Spanier right when we walked in and even though no challenge had anything to do with him I had to talk to him and get a picture.  Once we got our picture with him and after I stopped giggling like a little schoolgirl (for some reason I was really excited about meeting him) we got pictures with the Nittany Lion and the dance team too!

After we were done being starred struck we looked to the big tent in the center of the tailgate and saw that the pep rally was about to begin.  The music that every Penn State fan knows was played and Graham said some very inspiring words that got the crowd going.  Then after the team and I filled our gluttons with as many donuts as we possibly could. We made our way to the stadium, taking many pictures and videos along the way and even after the game was over. 

Temple_President Spanier.jpg

I invite you all to check out those pics and vids and have a good laugh and to remember to like our team page on Facebook.

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Follow the Penn State Alumni Association on Twitter @PennStateAlums


Thanks for the support and remember, ARE YOU WITH THE BLUE CREW???

The Chevy Sonic Blue Crew Enters Owl Territory

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Hi everybody! It's Anthony from your very own Chevy Blue Crew. 

Temple_Lincoln Financial Field.jpg

This weekend was absolutely unbelievable.  Traveling down to Philly in the Chevy Sonic is something that we all will never forget.  Just try to picture the Sonic cruising down the highway at 65mph while being photographed by tons of Penn State fans yelling and honking their horn.  The most memorable moment of the trip to Philly was probably going through our first toll.  The man who we had to pay said he had a cousin who once played for Penn State football.  The funniest part of our encounter was the huge line of cars that formed behind us because of the conversation of Penn State taking place.  It is truly is amazing how you can run into people who have been directly or indirectly effected by Penn State. 

Falling to sleep that night was a challenge because of how excited we were about what tomorrow had in store for us.  Arriving to the stadium the next morning was a bit shocking to say the least.  I have always thought of Penn State as being the only school that has huge tailgates, so you could imagine my face when I saw the amount of people that filled the parking lots surrounding the Linking Financial Center and Citizens Bank Park.  Granted there were a lot of Blue and White folk in these parking lots but I did see a nice sea of red that did impress me.  We did turn a lot of heads when driving the car around but the smiles it brought to the Penn State fans was priceless.  Everyone came up to us talking about how much they loved the car and how they wanted pictures of it.

My favorite memory of Lexi, Chris, Kayla, and I driving around the tailgates would have to be when we made a wrong turn down a row of tailgaters that ended up being a one-way passage.  We were required to narrowly turn the car around with people, chairs, food, and most importantly cars surrounding us.  As I was about to get out to the car to help Chris turn that beautiful car around, a Temple fan came right up to us and helped us out.  Directing us perfectly we got the car in the right direction and were on our merry way.  It was that small act of kindness that really impressed me and made me realize that no matter who you were rooting for, everyone here was just trying to have a good time.  

Check out those pics and vids and have a good laugh and to remember to like our team page on Facebook

Thanks for the support and remember, ARE YOU WITH THE BLUE CREW???

Meet the Road Warriors as They Prepare for Trip #1!

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Hey Everyone!

It is Chris and Kayla here, your 2011 Penn State and Chevrolet Sonic Road Warrior Ambassadors (we will explain, don't you worry)!
This is our first blog leading into our first road trip of the 2011 Penn State Football Season. We couldn't be more excited to hit the open (or traffic congested road) and follow the Penn State football team to each road game this season in a brand new 2012 Chevrolet Sonic.

We will be Tweeting, Facebooking, blogging (obviously) and taking video throughout our adventures around  and beyond Beaver Stadium. We will be taking on tasks that are unknown to us at the moment and completing secret challenges on every trip.We can only imagine what people will come up with. All we can say is follow us via Twitter and Facebook, and we will do our best to ensure  these tasks are checked off our Road Warriors bucket list!

In addition to us, two other lucky Penn State students will hop in the back of the Sonic as Road Warriors for each road game. This weekend we have The Chevy Blue Crew,aka, Alexis Morgan and Anthony Piccolo taking the trip to Temple with us so be sure to join in on the conversation with the #PSUChevy and #bluecrew hashtags on Twitter. We will ask trivia questions, come find the best tailgates and interact with as many fans as possible while on the road!

Oh and we may want to mention... a CHEVROLET SONIC will be given away following the football season to a lucky fan who heads over to the Penn State Nittany Lion Facebook Fan Page and enters the contest! We know what college students will do for a free t-shirt so we can only imagine what you all will do for a car... but lucky for you all you have to do is enter!

Let me take over for a moment! Kayla here!

I'm so excited to be a Sonic Road Warrior this football season especially with the amazing away schedule we have and all of the places we will be traveling to. I'm looking forward to meeting Penn State alumni that travel from all over United States to watch the legacy of Penn State football. Penn State football fans are some of the most dedicated fans I've ever met and I can't wait to see the tailgates and traditions they bring on the road. I know all of the Penn State traditions and places to go in State College for football games, so I'm excited to see the traditions of other schools and how they prepare for the football games in their city. It will be an amazing experience that I'm so happy to be a part of.


Just a heads up, at the end of this football season we are going to ask everyone to head over to the Facebook Fan Page again and vote on your favorite Road Warriors. We are not eligible, but the other five teams are, so make sure to watch their videos and remember who you want to see win the Ultimate Road Trip at season's end!

Chris chiming in here... lets end this with a bang!

For me personally, I am super excited to see the Penn State following on the road. I have never been to an away game and thanks to Chevy I'll be going to five this year! I can't wait to be a part of the Penn State experience at some of the best college stadiums in the nation. I'm looking forward to seeing their traditions as I've experienced Penn State's at home. However, what I'm looking forward to most is meeting our fellow Penn Staters. But you've got to stand out! Whether it's having the biggest tailgate, or the wildest outfit, make sure we can find you.

Go State, Beat Temple!

Until the road finds us again,

Chris Henken & Kayla Inserra



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