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It's A Wrap for the 2011 Chevy Sonic Road Warriors

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What a season it has been!

From beginning of our travels in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania all the way to Dallas, Texas I have had the opportunity to meet die-hard Penn State fans from all over, sample food from famous restaurants and visit some of the greatest cities in the nation.


Each road trip was a new adventure with unique experiences and challenges. No road trip was the same. In Philadelphia we watched Penn State triumph over Temple in an NFL stadium. In Indiana we stood on the sideline next to the players all game and in Chicago we had the chance to visit the Big Ten Network headquarters. At Ohio State we learned the secrets of the campus by visiting the "Whispering Wall" designed by an engineer years ago and in Wisconsin we all tasted our first cheese curds as a team. No matter the outcome of the games the road warriors were the liveliest fans at tailgates.


Traveling to the TicketCity Bowl game in Dallas with the road warriors was an adventure I will always remember, as I had never been to a bowl game before. It is exciting to travel and visit new cities but visiting them with friends and teammates makes the experience surpass all expectations. Thank you Penn State Athletics and Chevrolet for making my last Penn State football season unforgettable.


Drive on and drive safe,


Cowboy Hats and Honky Tonks

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Dallas, Dallas, Dallas...

After months of advocating my friends and family to 'like' the Lethal Lions page on Facebook, I was delighted to hear that my partner and I won the contest! I've never been to Dallas before so I knew this was going to be the opportunity of a lifetime. After five hours of travelling, seeing PSU Alumni and football players flood in the lobby of the Hyatt in Dallas I realized that Texas was where my heart belonged. These people exhibited the pride I've had from the moment I stepped foot on this campus.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for 393352_10151113209625368_687680367_22379361_1454302432_n[1].jpg

I was excited to see what Dallas had to offer. After checking in and getting settled, the road warriors and myself set out to find the best eateries in town, including Chuy's a Mexican Bar and Grill. The food was amazing! Our dessert, a Mexican delicacy called, 'tres  leche' was to die for! We spent the rest of the night exploring the different sights of Dallas. The next morning, we started the day with a hearty breakfast (compliments of the Hyatt) and set off for football game. With the road warriors and myself decked out in PSU gear, we approached the Cotton Bowl stadium bubbling with excitement. I couldn't' believe how many Penn Staters I saw! Our "We Are..." chant was louder than I've ever heard it. It was a gorgeous winter morning in Dallas, with the temperature in the mid-50s. Although we did not win the game, it was amazing to see the support of not just our Alumni but from the Houston Cougars as well.

Thumbnail image for 383725_10151113255675368_687680367_22379461_41064295_n[1].jpg

After the game, the road warriors and I visited Billy Bob's, the world's largest Honky Tonk. We checked out an arena which had live bull riding as well as a wall of famous country artists' hand impressions from before I was born! Dallas is a really urban, clean and gorgeous city. I look forward to visiting it again in the future. I would like to thank Chevrolet for putting together The Sonic Road Warriors Challenge, and the PSU Alumni association for planning all the prideful events that we got to take part in. It was an absolute delight to explore Dallas! 


Drive on and drive safe,


We Entered Buckeye Land and Came Out Smiling

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Buckeye Land

If you ask any of my friends about me, they'll probably tell you that I have the most school spirit ever. I go to almost every sporting event, I know the words to every fight song, I never turn down an opportunity to wear my school color (or my lion ears) for everyone to see. I love Penn State from the very first time I stepped foot on the University Park campus. My first football game in Beaver Stadium was indescribable. When I was picked to be a Sonic Road Warrior, I knew that this would be the opportunity of a lifetime, to share my love for Penn State with other people and promote such an Eco-friendly and cute car. Who could ask for anything better?! 

I've never been to an away game before. The fact that I was chosen to attend the Ohio State game in Columbus, I was so ecstatic! The drive into Buckeye Land was awesome! OnStar worked so well and we arrived there in about 5 hours flat. Our trip to Buckeye Donuts the following morning was our first encounter with other Buckeye fans. Despite the delicious french toast, hot chocolate and friendly service, not once did I receive a smart comment from an Ohio State fan. I even asked one what their favorite donut was and why and they responded just as if I had a red jersey on. 

After breakfast we set out to explore the Ohio State campus. I liked how open and inviting it was; It even resembled our campus in some ways. Mirror Lake was my favorite landmark followed by the echoing wall. When arrived at the Penn State Tailgate in the afternoon, I couldn't believe the number of Students and Alumni that came out to support our Lions. There had to be over a thousand people there. I knew we were going to make ourselves known amongst the Buckeye's that we still are Penn State and we will always support our lions. What really touched me was a visit from several student leaders from Ohio State. They stopped by our tailgate to wish us good luck and a good experience from other buckeye students. That's exactly what I received. I sat right next to an Ohio Stater at the game and we dove into some very interesting conversation. That's what being in the Big 10 is all about. I really love the fact that both Penn State and Ohio State fans and players treated each other with respect. We were all gathered in the horseshoe to watch a great game of football and what a game it was! To come out of that stadium with a win shows how hard our players have worked and how determined they are to earn that Big 10 title. 

Leaving the stadium, I came across an Ohio State student who called me over to him, hugged me and said, "You guys are a great team. Beat Wisconsin." I was beside myself. I hugged him back and smiled and thanked him for being so kind. The other Road Warriors experienced similar situations as well. This road trip has really changed my mind about Ohio State and their students. They treated us with class, and I can't wait to do the same next time they make a trip to Happy Valley. I thank Chevy for allowing me to witness this once in a life time experience, and until next time, We are... Penn State!!! 



Nittany Patrol, School and Chevy Pride "Runs Deep"

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"Chevy Runs Deep" "We Are Penn State" "On, Wisconsin!" These slogans, unmistakable to place, are seemingly all very different however they have one very common thread, Pride.  Over our weekend on the road and in Wisconsin we came to realize how much pride fans have in each of these brands and how this pride creates a foundation for respect.


Thumbnail image for Chevy and Hats

It's Friday morning, and the drive ahead is long but two things keep us going, the Chevy Sonic and our PSU Pride. As we called OnStar from the Stocker dealership in State College, we told Gloria our destination, Madison, Wisconsin. She laughed when she told us our ETA, "it looks like you are uh really far." We knew the journey would be long, but thankfully the 11-hour trip seemed effortless in the spacious back seat as we rehashed stories from PSU and played children's road trip games. When we arrived at the hotel in Middleton, we immediately felt welcomed as we saw the picture on our hotel key cards, the classic lion head logo.  After a much needed sleep, we headed out early to Madison to explore the town.

Diner Food


Our first stop, Mickies Dairy Bar, showed us just how much respect fans had for us. Dressed in blue, we stuck out like sore thumbs in the sea of red, however all the locals in the restaurant came over to talk to us about the game or offer advice on what to order. Everyone was welcoming and friendly even wishing us luck out on the field. It didn't matter we came from different schools and different states, we were proud of our institutions and the common bond that sense of pride brings.


Nittany Patrol

As we continued about our day, we met a variety of folks, seeking out anyone with a Chevy.  Not surprisingly, they were everywhere. As soon as we parked, we walked over to the car in the next lot, a Tahoe, and started talking to the tailgate about their school and their car. The man, a die-hard Wisconsin fan commented that the love for his Chevy, aside from the car, comes from the fact that the company employs American workers and the car uses ethanol, which supports the production of corn.


The man was proud of his Chevy because, the Pride "Runs Deep." He was proud that his car supported his country and was proud of everything the car, and the company, offered. We found it easy to talk to the men at the tailgate about their cars and their alma mater. Continuing on our adventures to find Chevy owners we ran into a tailgate with an Equinox parked outside. As we started talking about the Chevy Sonic, and how we found ourselves all the way out in Wisconsin, one of the women told us that she had worked for Chevy for years and loved the company because of the atmosphere it provided. They welcomed us as friends, sharing Wisconsin-classic brats and cheese as well as college memories. Later on, when we entered the stadium, we felt a similar sense of Pride as is found in Happy Valley on game days.  

Wisconsin Brat

Amidst the pouring rain, the stadium was packed and fans were decked out in the red Badger gear. The cheering was constant as was the excitement, even though the game did not prove to be a win for the Nittany Lions. When we returned to our car to head back to the hotel, we found our Tahoe friends waiting for us, not to gloat about their win, but to offer suggestions for food and to talk about our journey back. They were gracious hosts, who welcomed us over our initial bond, the love for Chevrolet.



Whether its Pride for the Waffle Shop or Mickies Dairy Bar, for creamery ice cream or cheese curds, for the Blue or the red uniform, for the Nittany Lions or the Badgers, each student lives on the Pride they have for their institution; knowing that their university was the best possible choice for them. We got out on game weekends, because we are proud to represent our school colors and team. College is all about having pride in your school, your academics, your school spirit, and your extra-curricular activities.  We have Pride in our school because of the experiences we have had and the experience we all share. For four years we are all united for a once in a lifetime experience: cheering on our team, passing the final exam, or just hanging out with some friends. It is not the final diploma that really matters, but all of the years it took to get there. Luckily, in the Sonic, Chevy created the perfect vehicle to help get you through every step of the journey.


Lethal Lions Enter Buckeye Territory

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PSU Chevy road warriors took over Buckeye land this weekend for the clash between Penn State University and the Ohio State University. 

5 people...

4 road warriors...

3 buckeye donuts...

2 temple field passes...

and ONE Chevy Sonic later, Penn State came out with the victory 20 to 16. 

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for lethallions.jpg

This puts us one game away from making it to the first ever Big Ten Championship game. However, this weekend was more than the game. The Friday before the game I got to spend time with the football players in the hotel, pumping them up and getting pumped up from their energy. On Saturday morning we hit the road to complete the road warrior challenges, which included whispering into the "Whispering Wall," talking on the echoing rock, learning the tradition about "Mirror Lake," and enjoying one amazing glazed donut from "Buckeye Donuts." In addition, I was surprised with recognition at the Penn State Alumni Association where I also got to meet up with my fellow cheerleaders and the Nittany Lion, as well as the pep band and drum major Ian Kenney. At the game I ran into many Penn State fans, many of which I knew from school. 


Finally, the most unexpected experience this weekend was the treatment of the Ohio State fans. I received zero disrespect from the Ohio State fans. In fact, they came up to me after the game to wish me good luck on behalf of the team, against Wisconsin next week. Ohio State wants us to win?!! Perhaps new bonds of sportsmanship were formed this weekend, and the Chevy Sonic was a part of all this. We couldn't have done it with the smooth ride, bumping speak system, and under the direction of Mrs. ONSTAR! Until next time, Lethal Lions roll out.  

Drive On,


Windy City Sweeps Road Warriors Off Feet

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Ahh Chicago, the windy city. That name didn't exactly apply during the absolutely beautiful weekend we were there, but Chicago certainly "swept me off my feet".

The PSU Sonic Road Warriors took Chicago by storm last weekend during our cross-country road trip to see the Penn State Northwestern football game in our super awesome Penn-Stated out Chevy Sonic. Chevrolet's brand new model, the Sonic, proved to be very accommodating to us during our long drive and we shared enough laughs in it to make our lungs hurt. Our trip began at four o'clock in State College and started off as a very exciting one. We met former mayor of Toledo, Carty Finkbeiner, at one of our rest stops and he showed us his phone book which consisted of Ed Rendell, Bill Clinton, and the White House's phone numbers.  20 questions, the "movie" game, home-made trivia, and ├╝ber competitive games of Catch Phrase entertained us throughout the 10 hour trip. We arrived at our hotel at around two in the morning, but that didn't stop us from getting an early start the next day. Our first stop was for breakfast in downtown Chicago at Clarke's diner. Best orange juice I've ever had was that morning at Clarke's (I highly recommend getting some if you're ever at this diner).


The first attraction we saw in Chicago is one of the most iconic ballparks in all of America, Wrigley Field. Being a huge baseball fan, this was one of my favorite parts of the trip. It was here that we put all of our creativity together to reenact the infamous game 6 of the 2003 NLCS with Steve Bartman robbing an out from Cubs leftfielder Moises Alou. Next, and this was definitely the coolest part of the trip, we got a grand tour of the Big Ten Network studios! We met the anchors, saw the production room, and even got to sit in the anchors seats. This was an incredible experience. Afterwards everyone was ready for a little afternoon snack so we drove over to a cupcake shop called Sprinkles, which just happens to be Oprah's favorite dessert shop in all of Chicago. After trying one of their cupcakes I could certainly understand why. We got a quick glimpse of Soldier field where the Chicago Bears play and then it was off to Northwestern. Northwestern has an absolutely beautiful campus. Each building is very different from the res and they're all ivy covered. It reminded me of a college campus you'd likely see in a movie.

I had a ton of fun here interacting with fans, giving away Road Warriors gear, and getting pumped for the game. The game was electrifying. It was a back-and-forth kind of game, but Penn State's offense finally came to play and sealed Joe Paterno's 408th win, tying him with Eddie Robinson for the most Division I football wins. After the game we were too exhausted to tour any more of the city or Northwestern so we just settled on having a nice sit-down dinner at Giordano's where we could relax, reflect on our incredible day and eat some real Chicago deep-dish pizza. After eating that I don't think east coast pizza will ever be satisfying for me. The next morning we went back to Chicago to do a little shopping and more sight-seeing. We went back to Sprinkles for more cupcakes (yes they are that good), and I got to go into heaven on earth, a four-story Burton snowboarding store (there's only four in the U.S.)! After this we got back in the coolest car ever and began our long drive to State College. In all it was one of the most fun, jam-packed weekend I've ever been a part of, and all I can say now is please vote for the ROARiors!!

ROARiors in Downtown Chi-Town

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Hey Penn Staters!


If you haven't already heard about the weekend that the PSU Road Warriors spent in Chicago and Evanston for the Northwestern game, you're in for a treat.



Andrew and Kelsey of the ROARiors here! We hit the road for Illinois on Friday afternoon that weekend and spent plenty of quality time in the Chevy Sonic, arriving in Northbrook, Illinois a bit more than ten and a half hours later. It was a long trip after a long week of classes and exams, but we were able to power through with the help of a few clutch car-ride games and timely naps. Have you ever played the Alphabet Movie game in the car? It's fantastic - you should all try it on your next road trip.


We checked into our hotel in Northbrook around 2:30 a.m. Saturday morning and hit the beds as soon as we stepped into our rooms. It was a good thing we got to sleep as soon as we could, because the next day had a lot in store for us.


With the Penn State vs. Northwestern game set to kickoff at 6 p.m. CT, the ROARiors and the Chevy Sonic were ready for a full day of exploring in downtown Chicago and the city of Evanston.


The Road Warrior Sonic started at Clarke's Diner in the heart of Chicago, and then headed to the one, the only, Wrigley Field. If you asked us, the stop at Wrigley was one of the most fun activities that we had all weekend. In fact, we were so excited to be visiting the Chicago Cubs' home field that we wanted to pay tribute to one of the most memorable moments in left field at Wrigley.



If you follow the Cubs or know some of the historic moments that have happened at Wrigley Field, you most likely know the name Steve Bartman. The ROARiors and the rest of the PSU Road Warrior team wanted to highlight the major league memory, so we reenacted the situation right outside of the stadium.


Check out our video, complete with one of the best Harry Caray impersonations you may hear in this decade. Click here for the video!



The ROARiors and the Chevy Sonic made a lot of stops throughout the downtown Chicago area en route to Northwestern, but the trip to Wrigley Field was one of the most exciting of the weekend.


Thanks for following us on our trip to Evanston - we hope you all enjoyed the ROARiors coverage of the weekend as much as we did. I


If you really liked what you saw, make sure you head over to the Chevy Sonic Road Warriors Facebook page and like The ROARiors. You can follow this link directly to do so. 


We are Andrew and Kelsey, and We Are the ROARiors!

Road Warrior Rene Garcia Elected Homecoming King

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We are proud to announce that Rene Garcia has been named the 2011 Penn State Homecoming King. We are so proud of Rene and are grateful to have him represent the Road Warriors during the Ohio State Road Trip as one of the two Lethal Lions.

Rene and Nittany Lion

Rene and Road Warriors partner, Tracey Edouard will be taking to the road on November 19th in a brand new 2012 Chevrolet Sonic to Columbus for the Penn State and Ohio State clash!

Be sure to follow the Road Warriors on twitter @PSURoadWarriors for contest announcements, giveaways, behind-the-scene tours of opposing stadiums and bloopers that occur throughout their trips.

Check out the Facebook Fan page to learn about the teams, vote for your favorite and enter to win your very own 2012 Chevy Sonic

Drive On, 

Road Warriors

And the Winner is...

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With the culmination of Homecoming Week exploding in Beaver Stadium during this Saturday's clash against Purdue, we wanted to give a lucky Penn State student a chance to ride shotgun in our brand new Penn Stated-out Chevrolet Sonic during the homecoming parade on Friday, Oct. 14 at 6 p.m. 

So how did Macy Golder get to be the lucky winner? Well here was the deal... we held a twitter contest and announced that we would select one Penn State student to ride shotgun with us in the parade and all they had to do was follow @PSURoadWarriors on twitter and retweet one of our MANY tweets about the parade. At midnight on Wednesday we randomly selected our winner and @Magic_of_Macy was the lucky one.

Macy is a junior at Penn State studying sports broadcast journalism with a dream to one-day stand on the sidelines with an ESPN microphone in hand, interviewing the best of the best. Macy comes from a family of ALL Penn Staters and is proud to continue the tradition of bleeding blue and white.

"I love every minute of being a Penn State student and I wouldn't change it for the world," Golder said. "I am so excited to have won this competition. It is definitely something I will be able to look back on and say, 'wow, what an experience that was to be a part of a once in a lifetime opportunity. No one else will be able to say they got to ride shotgun in the front of a Chevy Sonic in the 2011 Homecoming Parade."


We know that Penn State fans will be saving seats on College Ave., early on Friday morning and we are so grateful for everyone's support. Grab that hot chocolate, throw on your Nittany Lion ear hats and keep an eye out for us in the Chevy Sonic... we promise, you wont be able to miss us. The parade starts at 6 p.m. and for more information check out the homecoming website

We will be giving away more "stuff" and hosting more contests for the remainder of the football schedule so be sure to follow us on twitter @PSURoadWarriors and on Facebook!

Don't forget to check out the Facebook page and enter to win your own Chevy Sonic... one lucky Penn State fan will drive away in the sleek automobile... and it could be YOU, but you never win the contests you don't enter! So ENTER!

Drive On,

Road Warriors

One PSU student will be chosen through Twitter to ride shotgun in the Penn State Homecoming Parade, Oct. 14 in the 2012 Chevrolet Sonic, Penn State edition.


Ride Shotgun

The Penn State Chevrolet Sonic will be making its Homecoming Parade debut on Friday, Oct. 14 and the Road Warriors want YOU to ride shotgun.  

The Penn State Road Warriors will be holding a twitter contest announced via @PSURoadWarriors on Friday, Oct. 7 at 6 p.m and will last until midnight on Wednesday Oct. 12. The contest rules are simple; to be eligible you must follow the Road Warriors on twitter, and RT one, some or all of its tweets about the contest and lastly you must be enrolled as a Penn State student.

A minimum of two tweets will go out each day about the contest and any of those tweets are up for retweeting. There is no limit to how many times you retweet and the winner will be selected at random on the morning of Thursday, Oct. 13. The winner will be contacted by a Road Warriors representative.

There will be numerous twitter accounts tweeting about this contest so be sure to follow @GoPSUSports, @GMNortheast, @Chevrolet and @PennStatefball.

Quick Notes

Contest starts on Friday, Oct. 7 at 6:00 p.m. ET and runs until Wednesday, Oct. 12 at midnight.

To Be Eligible to Ride Shotgun in the Parade:

1.     Must follow @PSURoadWarriors

2.     Must RT one of the contest announcements from your twitter account

3.     Must be a Penn State Student

4.      Must be in town during the parade

About the Penn State Chevy Sonic Road Warriors

As part of the launch of the Chevrolet Sonic and kickoff of the Nittany Lions football season, Penn State Athletics & Chevrolet are proud to announce The Sonic Road Warriors Challenge.

'The Sonic Road Warriors' and ambassadors (drivers attending games with the students) will use Facebook, Twitter and their 'Sonic Road Warriors' blog to document their travels. At the conclusion of the season, fans of the Penn State Nittany Lions will be asked to vote for their favorite Sonic Road Warriors duo. The pair with the most "likes" will win a trip to the PSU Bowl Game for the ultimate college football experience!

Jealous and want your own Chevrolet Sonic to road trip? Throughout the football season, Facebook fans can also enter to win a 2012 Chevrolet Sonic by clicking on the link in the Penn State Nittany Lions Facebook page. The contest winner will be announced and handed the keys to their Chevrolet Sonic at the conclusion of the football season.


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