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VIDEO: Penn State Freshmen Recount European Adventure

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UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- The four Penn State freshmen: Geno Thorpe (Pittsburgh, Pa.), Julian Moore (Fort Washington, Pa.), Payton Banks (Orange, Calif.) and Graham Woodward (Edina, Minn.) recap their time in Europe and look forward to the upcoming basketball season.

VIDEO: Frazier & Travis Families in Europe

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UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - The Nittany Lions returned to the United States on Saturday afternoon from their week-long European adventure. Accompanying the Penn State squad were the family members of Tim Frazier (Houston, Texas) and Ross Travis (Chaska, Minn.), who made the trip with the Nittany Lions to Europe. In this video they describe their time with the team and seeing the Lions play.

VIDEO: Nittany Lions Cap European Tour in London

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LONDON, England - The Penn State Nittany Lion men's basketball team capped its European Tour with a visit to London. Featured in the video are Alan Wisniewski on the piano, Brandon Taylor's interview, Buckingham Palace, The Parliament, London Bridge and other sights and sounds of Great Britain's capital.

VIDEO: Frazier Talks Europe

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MECHELEN, Belgium - Tim Frazier shares his thoughts on the first four days of the Nittany Lion Basketball's tour of Europe.

VIDEO: Penn State Basketball Tours Paris

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European Tour 2013 Blog | Facebook Photo Gallery

PARIS, France - The Penn State men's basketball team toured Paris on Wednesday, Aug. 14.  The Nittany Lions visited the Eiffel Tower, toured the River Siene, Champs Elysees and Arc de Triomphe. Also featured is Donovan Jack who gave an interview about his experiences in Europe.

VIDEO: Nittany Lions Visit Historic Bruges

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BRUGES, Belgium - The Nittany Lion basketball team toured the historic city of Bruges, known for its lace and scenic canals. The city, virtually untouched during World War II, retains its charm and splendor that Belgians and tourists have enjoyed for centuries.

Bruges Team Photo

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The Nittany Lions spent the day touring the historic city of Bruges, known for its lace, beautiful architecture and pristine beauty as it went virtually untouched during World War II. Stay tuned for a video of the sights and sounds of Bruges and an interview with D.J. Newbill.

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POSTCARD: Grand Place, Brussels

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Today's daily postcard checks in from Brussels and its majestic Grand Place!


VIDEO: Nittany Lions Visit Breendonk Prison Camp & Brussels

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BRUSSELS, Belgium - Prior to defeating Okapi Aalstar juniors Monday night, 110-64, the Penn State men's basketball spent the day taking in local culture as it visited Breendonk Prison Camp and central Brussels.

Breendonk was a sobering experience for the Nittany Lions, as they learned about the prison camp's history in World War II. Used as a "waiting" camp by German administrators, Breendonk received prisoners before being transferred to Germany. Over 3,500 people were imprisoned there from 1940-1944.

"Seeing all that history was really humbling," said junior forward Ross Travis. "It really made us appreciate our lives today and gave us a great insight of what went on back then."

Following its trip to Breendonk, the team traveled to central Brussels to take in the sights and sounds of Belgium's largest city. Players soaked in the tremendous architecture and tasted local cuisine -- including Belgian waffles, naturally.

The Nittany Lions travel to Sporthal Arena tomorrow, August 13, as they take on St Jan Antwerpen at 2:30 p.m. ET in their second game of the European trip.

PHOTOS: Breendonk & Brussels

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The newest batch of photos have been posted from the Facebook gallery.



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