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2015-16 Men's Hockey Live Blog - Penn State vs. Notre Dame (10/17/15)

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UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - Welcome to live coverage from the 2015-16 Nittany Lion men's hockey season. Tonight, Penn State opens its home season against Notre Dame in Pegula Ice Arena.

Live Blog Men's Hockey Live Blog - Penn State vs. Notre Dame (10/17/15)

2015-16 Men's Hockey Live Blog - Penn State vs. Notre Dame (10/16/15)

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UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - Welcome to live coverage from the 2015-16 Nittany Lion men's hockey season. Tonight, Penn State opens its home season against Notre Dame in Pegula Ice Arena.

Live Blog Men's Hockey Live Blog - Penn State vs. Notre Dame (10/16/15)

Nittany Lions Use Home Ice to Their Advantage

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11403184.jpegBy Maria Canales, GoPSUsports.com Student Staff Writer
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - It's no secret Penn State men's hockey head coach Guy Gadowsky loves the atmosphere of Pegula Ice Arena. Gadowsky boasts about the amazing fans, both inside and outside of the Roar Zone any chance he gets. Again, for this season, Penn State is looking forward to having a "home barn advantage" during games.

"I've been thinking about it since April, getting back," said Gadowsky. "It makes it so much fun, it makes what we do so much fun. I can tell you I know the players are very, very giddy and excited and it's the same for our staff."

The players, for good reason, are excited to be back on home ice. During the 2014-15 season the Nittany Lions won 18 games, with 13 of those wins in front of their fans in Pegula Ice Arena. There is no doubt that the level of noise from the crowd creates an environment in favor of the Nittany Lions.

"I think that the Roar Zone and atmosphere of Pegula was a huge factor in our home record last year and it certainly does help," said Gadowsky. "It's not only motivating but it just makes you feel fantastic and it's great to be a part of."

This year, with eight freshmen on the team, the atmosphere of Pegula is not something the coaches or players can mentally prepare the young players for, but rather it is something they have to experience first hand.

Gadowsky emphasized that the energy of Pegula is motivating but can be overwhelming to new players who haven't experienced a game in Pegula yet. Gadowsky also explained there's no good way to prepare his new players for such an atmosphere.

"I think sometimes if you bring it up you're accentuating it," said Gadowsky. "If you jus be quiet, they know, they've heard, they've heard about what the Roar Zone will be like and I think they have high expectations. So now no matter what we say or don't say I think that's going to be in the back of their mind."

The players themselves have expressed enthusiasm for being back on the home ice they love so much. Senior forward Kenny Brooks is excited to step onto the ice Friday night when the Nittany Lions host Notre Dame in Pegula, being welcomed by the loyal fan base the Nittany Lions have gained over the years.

"With me having a couple injuries last year it's been a while since I've gotten to play in here," said Brooks. "I've got to watch a lot of games but I can't wait to come back here. It's going to be a lot of fun."

With adjectives like "fun" being thrown around by returning players, it seems that their return to Pegula for the season is less of a home hockey game and more of a reunion between old friends.

Even as a sophomore, having only played one year in Pegula, defenseman Erik Autio is itching to get back.

"I'm just looking forward to Friday night, seeing the Roar Zone being loud and just playing our first home game," said Autio. "It's definitely exciting for us."

As the Roar Zone has posted on social media all week leading up to the home opener, they have a few tricks up their sleeve. Friday night's game has been declared a white out, a classic staple in the Penn State football community that has successfully crossed the threshold over to the hockey fan base.

As for the in-game surprise, that's something fans will have to wait until Friday to see.

"I have no idea what to expect from them," said Autio regarding the Roar Zone's surprise. "I'm just expecting them to be like usual: awesome." 

With Notre Dame in town this weekend, Penn State will need its fans to be loud come Friday night. Gadowsky summed up his thoughts on this weekend and the atmosphere Pegula holds.

"We all love it," said Gadowsky. "It's great for the players, the player's cant wait. It's well known now I think that we're becoming the best student section in college hockey and the whole atmosphere is tremendous."

Penn State hosts Notre Dame Friday at 7 p.m. and again Saturday at 3 p.m. 

Lions Kick Off Season With a Win

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11396683.jpegBy Maria Canales, GoPSUsports.com Student Staff Writer
BUFFALO, N.Y. - The Penn State men's hockey offense shined during the season opener road matchup against Canisius on Saturday. Penn State (1-0-0) jump-started its season with a 6-1 win over the Golden Griffins (0-1-0).

Senior forward Curtis Loik struck first for the Nittany Lions early in the first period and never looked back.

"I think we came out real quick, real fast in the first and had some good opportunities early on," said Loik.

Loik would have three points in the first period alone, something he wanted to credit his line mates with, as well. Loik would be just one of multiple Nittany Lions with a multi-point game.

"My line mates (Chase) Berger and (Kenny) Brooks played vital roles on that first goal," said Loik. "Everyone on offense played really well and played their roles really well."

The offense powered through the first period and dominated in front of the Canisius net. Fellow Nittany Lions Ricky DeRosa and Berger would finish out the scoring a three-goal first period, with Berger getting his first collegiate goal.

The key to their early success Loik attributed to the team's ability to keep the momentum consistent throughout the game.

Another standout for the Nittany Lions was at the other end of the ice. Junior goaltender Eamon McAdam received the nod at starting in net for the Nittany Lions and turned away 27 shots.

"[Canisius] didn't have a ton of shots, but there were a few times where they had some pretty good chances," said McAdam. "I felt up to the task and all in all the team was up to the task as well."

Head coach Guy Gadowsky had said earlier in the week his team was working on their power play strategy. Penn State scored two power play goals against Canisius, but Loik explained that's something the team still would like to focus on.

"I think absolutely we can work on them more," said Loik. "It's something we need to work on every day and if we do we could have one of the best power plays in the league."

Visiting the HARBORCENTER for the first time, Penn State was welcomed by a large fan base. Several Nittany Lions had family in attendance, as the team has several players from the Buffalo area. Notably, freshman Andrew Sturtz and his family's nicknamed "Sturtz Section" kept the HARBORCENTER cheering in favor of the visiting team.

This large fan base in attendance was something Loik said was extremely motivating.

"We felt right at home," said Loik. "I think were was maybe more Penn State fans than Canisius fans there. We loved playing there, we loved the atmosphere and we loved that people came out to support us."

Although they started their season on the road, the Nittany Lions are looking forward to being back in Pegula this coming weekend when they take on Notre Dame. Loik is looking forward to playing in front of the home crowd for one final season.

"The atmosphere [in Pegula] is great, the student section is great, it's just a different feeling being at home, you get goose bumps from it," said Loik. "It's something I'm kind of sad with my senior year having to eventually give up but I'm excited for the season at home."

McAdam explained what he's looking forward to about being back in Pegula Ice Arena for the first home game of the season.

"For one the Roar Zone, but also being on the ice for that first puck drop is going to be awesome," said McAdam. "The first home game is always something special since we haven't played at home in a while. I'm just looking forward to being in front of the home crowd and getting to play in front of the Roar Zone again."

Freshman Features: Pedrie Finds Home in Big Ten

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11385428.jpegBy Maria Canales, GoPSUsports.com Student Staff Writer
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - Freshman defenseman Vince Pedrie is no stranger to the Big Ten. The hard-hitting Minnesota native may have grown up in enemy territory, but has now found his home at Penn State.

Coming off of a successful 2014-15 season with the Tri-City Storm, Pedrie spent four seasons in the USHL with various teams. Pedrie departed the league as the older player in the 2014-15 season, something Pedrie likes to occasionally joke about.   

"Being the oldest guy in the USHL it was nothing that I thought was awesome by any means but it was just a different way to look at it," said Pedrie. "Every guy hits different peaks in their career and maybe I was a late bloomer but I'm just very fortunate just to be here,"

Here in Happy Valley, Pedrie has settled in as part of the newest class of Penn State hockey. Eight freshmen have joined the Nittany Lions this season, and Pedrie has stood out even with only one exhibition game of experience.

During the exhibition game against Windsor on Oct. 3 where Pedrie had two assists, head coach Guy Gadowsky was pleased with the freshman's performance.

"He is an offensive player for sure, he's got a little jam to him as well," said Gadowsky. "The thing we thought would translate best to Penn State hockey is how he just loves to shoot the puck."

Having successfully completed his first game for the Nittany Lions, Pedrie has simultaneously succeeded in getting back into the swing of things when it comes to the academic part of college hockey. 

"I didn't have any issues getting adjusted to being a full-time student again," said Pedrie. "I graduated high school in 2012 so I took a little time off but it's been nothing too strenuous [starting school again]." 

A critical aspect of the transition Pedrie noted is having a strong familial support system. Pedrie is close with both his parents, but especially his father Larry. Larry Pedrie is no stranger to Big Ten hockey either, having been an assistant coach at Michigan from 1987-90.

"He coached at Michigan a while ago and was kind of a big part of turning their program around," said Pedrie. "He wanted me to be at a place where I could succeed as a student and as an athlete and I think he was thrilled when I decided to pick Penn State."

Picking Penn State was an easy task according to Pedrie, made easier by having the full support of his family no matter where he chose to attend school.

"For me first it was probably the coaching staff," said Pedrie. "They're phenomenal, and as soon as I met them and had a good conversation with them I felt at home."

For Pedrie his home may now be central Pennsylvania, but his parents have also since left his childhood home of Minnesota. Now in Chicago, Pedrie's parents are more likely to attend road games Penn State will play in Big Ten country this season.

"Unfortunately for me my parents aren't from around here," said Pedrie. "But they're kind of in a central spot in Chicago where any away game really is a makeable drive with Michigan only being four hours away and Michigan State even closer."

Having the support on the road is crucial, Pedrie explained. A familiar face or faces is welcomed anytime the Nittany Lions face a road test.

"They'll probably see more of my away games rather than games at Pegula but it's nice just to have them on the road and they'll be at Pegula when they can," said Pedrie.

As for his love of hockey, for Pedrie it all stems from his Minnesota roots and his close relationship with his father. And although he may have once been a Wolverine, the eldest Pedrie is more than thrilled to root for his Nittany Lion son.

"He couldn't have been happier for me and he has told me several times if he could pick a place for me to play it would be here," said Pedrie. "It's been nothing but a blessing." 

Seniors Prepare for Final Season

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11383268.jpegBy Maria Canales, GoPSUsports.com Student Staff Writer
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - Thee years ago, the Penn State men's hockey class of 2016 took the ice at Greenberg Ice Pavilion for their first Division I game. On Saturday, those same Nittany Lions will be stepping on the ice for their final season in the Blue and White.  

Eight seniors will be suiting up for the Nittany Lions this season. Among those eight is Matt Skoff, a goaltender, who thought his senior season would never come.

"I can remember during freshman year thinking I was going to be here forever," said Skoff. "It's just a little different thinking I'm going to be done in less than a year and how we as a class leave our mark is going to be up to us this year."

Head coach Guy Gadowsky noted that the senior class is filled with young men of great character and confidence. This class helped establish and define Penn State hockey when the program was new to the scene of college hockey. This class has helped bring the program to national attention.

"This is really the first class that came in here for the start of Division I," said Gadowsky. "I think they've learned a ton about Penn State University, they've learned a lot about Division I hockey."

This senior class has taken a bit of a different path than the grades below them. Most notably, the senior class didn't play their first collegiate game in Pegula Ice Arena. Instead they started in Greenberg Ice Pavilion, a 1,350-seat ice arena that paled in comparison to its successor that opened in 2013.

"They've learned a lot about transitioning to a new league and a new building," said Gadowsky.

Senior forward Curtis Loik reflected on his three previous seasons with the Nittany Lions.

"It's gone by so fast," said Loik. "I can remember my first game in Greenberg of Division I hockey, so it's insane how fast it's gone by."

Joining a new program didn't come without its uncertainties, however.

"A lot of people thought we weren't going to have our first Big Ten win until this year," said Skoff.

Loik agreed that committing to a program that has no records to go off of was a daunting idea.

"Of course [I had my doubts]," said Loik. "But when Gadowksy took me here and just talking to him, talking to the coaching staff, and talking to everyone involved, they were confident and proud of Penn State and that really translated into my decision."

Today, this senior class has brought Penn State hockey to the forefront of collegiate athletics. Gadowsky explained that the senior class has come a long way from its first season.

"This class has a lot of moxie," said Gadowsky. "I'm proud of them. They were really the original group that had to take a leap of faith. I think they deserve a lot of credit for the vision they had that could happen at Penn State and they've grown right along with it."

With the addition of Penn State's Division I hockey program, the Big Ten conference for hockey was born. Now other schools, notably Arizona State, are starting to implement their own hockey programs.

"Other schools are taking notice of the success we're having, not just in the Big Ten but the whole country," said Loik. "So it's something that is exciting to see and it'll be exciting to see when we leave what other schools do, whether it be more Big Ten teams or in other conferences."

Skoff explained how when he agreed to commit to the program, he didn't realize the historical importance of joining a new team during their years of establishment.  

"Honestly I didn't really think about it," said Skoff. "I just thought about coming here and doing what I had to do to play. I just wanted to help build this program and be established and I think we've done that. And this year we have an opportunity to expand on that."

As for the season ahead, all the seniors have individual goals they'd like to achieve. Loik has set the bar high for how he hopes to end his collegiate career.

"I think it's every college hockey players goal to win the national championship," said Loik.

Loik expanded on his goals on a more personal level, noting how personal relationships both on and off the ice have made his time as a Nittany Lion special.

"I've made a lot of friendships, a lot of close relationships on this team and throughout this school, and I want to have a great year with everyone on the team. It's bittersweet but I feel like with this squad I think we can go far," said Loik.

As the Nittany Lions prepare for Canisius on Saturday, the senior class will be embarking on their final journey as a part of Penn State hockey.

"It's something special we have being the first official class so it'll be interesting this year to see what happens," said Loik.

Penn State will play at Canisius on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. 

Goodwin Leads Lions in Exhibition Win Over Windsor

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11378133.jpegBy Maria Canales, GoPSUsports.com Student Staff Writer
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - The Penn State men's hockey team started its season off with a bang on Sunday afternoon in exhibition action with a 5-2 win over international opponent Windsor.

After falling behind 2-0, senior Curtis Loik set the tone for the Lions' scoring agenda striking first for the Nittany Lions. However, it would be junior David Goodwin who would take the lead in front of the Lancers' net.

Goodwin, playing on a new line after the departure of Casey Bailey and Taylor Holstrom, has had to quickly find his groove with new line mates. In the exhibition Sunday, Goodwin played alongside senior captain David Glen and freshman Alec Marsh.

"We've been practicing kind of all week [as a line] and I think for the first game it felt pretty good," said Glen. "I thought we had a lot of chances and worked the puck down low pretty well."

Head coach Guy Gadowsky has looked to his upperclassmen to replace departed talent and fill holes in the depth chart. As for their performance Sunday, Gadowsky was pleased with his starting line of forwards.

Gadowsky was confident in pairing Glen alongside Goodwin because of Glen's history of consistency and willingness to get the puck to the net.

"[Glen] showed that he can generate points; he can generate chances and he can get people the puck," said Gadowsky. "I think that's what David [Goodwin] needs."

Goodwin scored two points on a goal and an assist during the 60 minutes of play against the Lancers. Glen added to the top line's performance by notching two goals of his own, as well as an assist

The top line performed well in the exhibition game, something Gadowsky hopes to continue into the season.

As for Goodwin's individual performance, he knows there is pressure on him to score, but that pressure is something he will use to build off of for the regular season.

"There's obviously a little bit of pressure on me but I'm totally fine with that," said Goodwin. "I feel confident going into the year."

Another aspect of Sunday's exhibition game that went well for the Nittany Lions was the freshman class' overall performance.

Freshman Vince Pedrie stood out not only as a defenseman, but as a player who when given the puck will make plays and get the puck in the hands of someone who can take it to the net. Pedrie finished the game with two assists.

"He really shoots the puck and I think his assists came off of that, for shooting the puck and so we expected that he would be a guy, it's no secret that we like to shoot the puck, we led the nation in shots last year, and he fits that mold extremely well," said Gadowsky.

Another freshman defender who made his presence noticed was Kevin Kerr. Kerr embodied the mindset Gadowsky wanted his defensemen to be in when it comes to keeping the puck out of Penn State's zone.

"If you look at the way Kevin Kerr thinks the game like you can just see how he generates so much possession and offensive chances just by the way he thinks and moves the puck and that's something by design and something we're been after," said Gadowsky.

While the Nittany Lions are less than a week away from the regular season Gadowsky is positive about how his team has performed so far.

"We didn't have an exhibition game last year, I thought it showed in our first NCAA game," said Gadowsky. "It's great to get a little experience like a dress rehearsal out of the way." 

Men's Hockey Ready to Open 2015-16 Season

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10773399.jpegBy Maria Canales, GoPSUsports.com Student Staff Writer
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - The Penn State men's hockey team is set to begin its 2015-16 season on Sunday at noon against Windsor in what is the first international matchup in program history.

Head coach Guy Gadowsky emphasized that opening day against Windsor will be a test to see how well captains David Glen, Luke Juha and David Thompson have done preparing the rest of the team. The first official practice of the 2015-16 NCAA hockey season isn't until Oct. 3, which gives Gadowsky merely hours to work with his team before their first time competing against an opponent this season.

"[The captains] have been doing a tremendous job," said Gadowsky. "...The number of hours that we actually can spend as coaches with them until Oct. 3rd is limited. So you need your upperclassmen not only have to be good examples they have to actually teach really well."

Alternate captain and senior defenseman Luke Juha explained the team takes matchups one game at a time. As for now, the team is working toward opening night in Pegula Ice Arena against the Lancers.

"We've been working really hard over the summer and into the fall and it's just good to put it all together at some point," said Juha. "That's what I'm working towards."

With the dawn of a new season approaching, the Penn State men's hockey team is preparing for a schedule that pits them against new opponents like Notre Dame, as well as traditional Big Ten foes. 

As opening day inches closer, Gadowsky explained some key details to setting the tone early in the season.

Gadowsky hopes David Goodwin can build off of his successful 2014-15 campaign, where he was named an All-Big Ten Honorable Mention. With the departure of his line mates Casey Bailey and Taylor Holstrom, Goodwin will now have to find synergy with new teammates.

"I think our challenge is to find another line that can have the same chemistry or find strong chemistry with him," said Gadowsky.

Another area of focus Gadowsky wishes to further build off of is the Nittany Lions' defense. With veterans on defense including Juha, David Thompson and Erik Autio, Gadowsky is confident the defense will continue to make important plays in the defensive zone.

"As we are continuing we talked about the creativity of offense being part of our identity, we also want to be very good and very consistent in suffocating defensively," said Gadowsky.

The Nittany Lions also look forward to some schedule consistency this season. During the 2014-15 campaign where Penn State went more than a month without a home contest, this year's schedule provides more of a balance between home and road matchups.

"The schedule is tough because it's often made three years in advance and sometimes you don't have as much flexibility as you think," said Gadowsky. "We're very happy with this schedule."

Gadowsky was quick to point out that although a schedule can seem ideal on paper, it is up to the team to perform and take advantage of its schedule.

"Often you look back on the year and you decide how happy you are with it," said Gadowsky. "Just because the schedule, you might like the balance at the start, and it really depends on if you win those games you love the schedule, if you don't you can blame the schedule."

One thing Gadowsky and the rest of the Nittany Lions are ready for is to be back on home ice in front of their loud and loyal fan base.

"I'm excited to play in Pegula," said Gadowsky. "Every game here, it's very exciting. I love it. It's awesome."

Although Pegula will play host to some great teams in the coming season, Gadowsky knows no matter the opponent, the fans will show up enthusiastically at every game.

"It doesn't matter who we're playing I know that this place is gonna rock," said Gadowsky. "It's so much fun to coach in this building, it's way more fun to even play in this building and every game we play here I look forward to."

Penn State will take on Windsor in the International Game Sunday at noon. 

Freshman Features: Sturtz Makes Transition from CCHL to College

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By Maria Canales, GoPSUsports.com Student Staff Writer
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - Freshman forward Andrew Sturtz is poised to make an immediate impact during the Penn State men's hockey 2015-16 season. After two successful years with the Carleton Place Canadians of the CCHL, Sturtz is ready for the challenging but rewarding transition into college hockey.

Sturtz, known for his effectiveness in front of the net, tallied 72 points in 58 regular-season games during the Canadians' 2014-15 campaign. Head coach Guy Gadowsky emphasized that Sturtz has been a player that Penn State was highly motivated to recruit.

"He was on the radar for a long, long time," said Gadowsky. "He has been someone that we've been very excited about for a while."

There are many reasons for the program to be excited about such a coveted recruit. Sturtz was named CCHL MVP and CJHL Player of the Year in 2013-14 by leading the league in scoring (104 points). Sturtz has made a major impact in the CCHL and he hopes the success he has seen will transition well in to NCAA-caliber games.

"It's obviously a big jump from [CCHL] to college, speed and strength wise," said Sturtz. "But [my teammates] are helping me out a lot and I look forward to seeing what I can do at this level, whatever role that is."

Gadowsky hopes that Sturtz's established talent blends in quickly with returning players like Dylan Richard and David Glen. The 2014-15 Big Ten Coach of the Year had taken his time studying Sturtz and his development before giving him the nod to be a Nittany Lion.

During the 2013-14 season with the Canadians, Sturtz was a standout team member, but his stats leveled-out during the 2014-15 campaign. This didn't deter Gadowsky however, but instead reflected opportunity to develop the young player.

"If you talk to his coaches and people around their junior program they said that he was a much better all around player [in the 2014-15 season], so he's the guy for us," said Gadowsky. "We're absolutely looking for some of that offense because we know that he can do it at high levels."

For Sturtz, the transition into college life off the ice has been equally as challenging as on the ice.

"It was tough for me at first," said Sturtz. "I battled with trying to find places a lot and I kept getting lost."

Once he found his way around campus, navigating hockey practices and workouts was something veteran team members helped Sturtz with. Sturtz has quickly fallen in to pace with the Penn State hockey ways.

"Adjusting to the hockey part of being here has been great," said Sturtz.

Being one of eight freshmen on the team this year, Sturtz has been able to learn from and bond with both his rookie and veteran teammates alike. He explained that even on his first visit to Penn State before committing, the players made Happy Valley feel like home.

"A big thing for me was when I came to visit all the guys came up to introduce themselves to me," said Sturtz. "You don't get that a lot at other schools, which shows this team has good character. I liked what I saw right when I got here and I knew this is where I wanted to play hockey."

Veteran players made Sturtz feel welcome during his first visit to Penn State and now those players have become his teammates. Sturtz explained who on the team he has become close with and who has given him a few pointers about transitioning to college life.

"Since I got here, David Glen is a good guy I look up to," said Sturtz. "He's good on the ice and off the ice, he's a good role model. Also, David Goodwin and Luke Juha are good players but also good students and I look forward to taking after their lead as the years go on."

With the Nittany Lions set to open their season this weekend, all of Sturtz's training will be put to the test. His offensive prowess will be something coaches and fans will be looking toward to help the Nittany Lions this season. If his hard work training for the season pays off, Sturtz will be an impactful player during his first season with Penn State.

"He someone that we're looking for to putting the puck in the net but also helping us with our identity," said Gadowsky. "He's someone we're very, very excited about."

Men's Hockey Media Day: Sights and Sounds

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By Maria Canales, GoPSUsports.com Student Staff Writer

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - In front of a full house on Wednesday afternoon, Penn State men's hockey head coach Guy Gadowsky fielded questions from the media.

Gadowsky talked about replacing high-impact players from last season, the starting goaltender situation and how the largest freshman class in program history has transitioned so far.

Here are some sights and sounds of this year's men's hockey media day.

Replacing Casey Bailey
The Nittany Lions lost their all-time leading goal scorer Casey Bailey to the NHL at the end of the 2014-15 campaign. Gadowsky and company will now take on the challenge of strengthening team unison and skill to fill the space Bailey left behind. 

"Obviously we're thrilled for him," said Gadowsky. "We did lose him a year earlier than expected and certainly for this year that's not ideal but I think for our program it's extremely important and to have him play in the NHL after only three years of our program, I think it's a great testament to him, I think it's great for our program."

Gadowsky will now look toward veterans and rookies alike to work together in replacing that momentum on offense. Notably, the Nittany Lions return their second-leading goal scorer, David Goodwin.

"I think not only are we looking toward him, but I think everyone will understand that he's the guy that's gonna have to have a comparable year for us if we're going to score as many goals as we did," said Gadowsky.

Scheid Out to Start Season
The Nittany Lions will be without redshirt senior Eric Scheid to start the season. During the 2014-15 season Scheid posted career highs in goals (14), assists (15) and points (29).

"Just recently, he sustained a lower body injury that's going to have him out at least six weeks," said Gadowsky. "[It's] a real blow to us but everybody else at this point, other than minor bumps and bruises, that's the only thing that we have to report."

Scheid is expected to be back in the lineup come the middle of November.

Starting Goaltender
As for the starting goaltender spot, Gadowsky emphasized that both Matt Skoff and Eamon McAdam will get their chances to play in net to start the season. Gadowsky noted that neither goaltender, at this moment, is favored above the other.

"I'm very happy to say that both Eamon McAdam and Matt Skoff have come in in tremendous shape," said Gadowsky. "We feel very good about the work that both goaltenders have put in in the summer. They will both have an opportunity as we start the season to both play a lot of games and then we'll see what happens after that."

The Nittany Lions also added a third goaltender to the roster in freshman Chris Funkey.

"He is a tremendous teammate. We wanted a tremendous teammate that's very supportive in that role. If for some reason whether it's injuries or performance that [Skoff and McAdam] aren't getting the job done he will be asked to come in and see what he can do."

Having a third goaltender option is important for Gadowsky, but he also hopes that his two more experienced players at that position can trade off starting positions and play the majority of the season.

Freshmen Making an Impact
Gadowsky noted that with eight new players this season comes the opportunity for the class of 2019 to start making an immediate impact on the ice. Andrew Sturtz will be one of those skaters that Gadowsky will be looking toward early on. Sturtz spent that past two seasons with the Carleton Place Canadians of the CCHL, being named CCHL MVP and CJHL Player of the Year in 2013-14.

"He is someone we've been very excited about for a while now," said Gadowsky. "If you talk to his coaches and people around their junior program they said that he's a much better all-around player so he's the guy for us. We're absolutely looking for some of that offense because we know that he can do it at high levels."

Several other freshmen will be filling in the depth chart come October. Gadowsky looks to create more momentum on offense with help from several other freshmen skaters.

"We want to get a little more offensively creative from the back end and Vince Pedrie, Derian Hamilton and Kevin Kerr are exactly that," said Gadowsky. "...As we grow as a program obviously you try to get the best players you can but as you continue to grow you try to look at pieces of puzzles and we're getting there."