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Bailey and the Lions Set to Open Big Ten Play

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By Julie Bacanskas, Student Staff Writer
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - With 10 games under their belt, the Nittany Lions are ready to start the next portion of their season, Big Ten play, against an opponent they have history with, Michigan.

During the teams' last meeting, the Lions defeated Michigan in double overtime and advanced to the second round of the Big Ten Tournament. Not only did the Blue and White take down the Wolverines in that specific game, but they also emerged victoriously in three of the five matchups last season.

This year the two teams are ready to rekindle that competitive edge, starting with this weekend's series.

"We don't need any added sense at all," head coach Guy Gadowsky said. "This is Michigan. This is the most successful program in college hockey history that we get to compete against, and we do it a Yost Arena, which is a tremendous environment. It's a very tough environment, and it's something I think our guys are now starting to look forward to, so we don't need any added incentive to play the University of Michigan, believe me."

Last season's results are something neither team has forgotten after the offseason months. Penn State remembers victory, while Michigan remembers the pain that came along with defeat.

"Anytime that you develop a history with any team, I think that contributes to it," said Gadowsky. "I know that at media day, some of their reporters already told me, 'Michigan has you circled,' stuff like that, so I can't comment from what they're thinking. From our standpoint, we're excited to play all Big Ten teams. I mean they're all monsters in this game, and a big part of why we come to Penn State is to compete against the very best. Certainly this weekend is the epitome of that."

The Lions are coming into these games with momentum on their side. The team is fresh off its split with UMass Lowell, a series in which forward Casey Bailey tallied three goals and one assist.

Bailey currently leads the team with eight goals and is only one shy of tying the nation's leaders in goals scored. Clearly, the junior has entered this season with big expectations, and thus far, he has been fulfilling them.

"I have to give a lot of credit to my linemates," said Bailey. "Taylor Holstrom is playing incredibly, and David Goodwin has been great. I'm just having a lot of fun playing with my linemates. I think as a team, when you create offense, it really opens up space for other guys. You've got to give a lot credit to everyone on the team. I don't think it's anything personally that I'm doing special. I just think the team's playing well. I'm a shooter and when I get those chances, it's nice when the puck goes in."

Bailey's 54 shots on the season are a team high, and his 12 points having him trailing only Holstrom.

"With Casey, I think his physical strength and conditioning is at a much higher level than it's ever been, I think in his life," Gadowsky said of the junior. "He started this season playing to play good hockey, not playing to score goals.

"He loves scoring goals, and that's part of what makes him a good hockey player. He loves scoring goals in games. He loves scoring goals in practice. He loves scoring goals in street hockey. He just loves scoring goals, but I don't think that's what he's concentrating on. I think he's concentrating on playing good hockey."

With multiple forwards, including Bailey, producing game in and game out, the Lions have an added sense of confidence right now.

The team knows what to expect of Michigan, and the trip could not have come at a better point in the season for Penn State.

"We've played them [Michigan]," Gadowsky said. "We know there are certain things they're going to do that are different from UMass Lowell, but the bulk of this is certainly our preparation and how we play. Really for our program, it's always going to be like that. We really try to just get as good as we possibly can at our game."

The Lions and Wolverines will open their series 7:30 p.m. Friday at Yost Ice Arena.

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McAdam Leads Lions to Weekend Split

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By Julie Bacanskas, Student Staff Writer
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - With the loss of Friday's game still fresh in their minds, the Nittany Lions took the ice on Saturday for a rematch with No. 4 UMass Lowell determined to make changes and play a stronger brand of hockey.

As time in the third period expired, the Lions successfully accomplished what many believed to be an impossible task for the young program. They dominated against and beat a top-five team on the road, taking down the River Hawks, 4-1, to complete a weekend split.

"I'm really proud of the way they did it because it shows that they certainly can focus and commit to playing a much better hockey game and give more of themselves," said head coach Guy Gadowsky. "I think that's exactly what happened. I think every single guy really worked extremely hard throughout the whole game, and when everybody does that you give yourself a chance."

Following Friday's 5-3 loss, Gadowsky decided to make a few changes in an attempt to give his team some life. One of those decisions was giving sophomore goalie Eamon McAdam the nod for the first time this season.

McAdam's play on Saturday was a defining point of the game, and his 24 saves against the top-scoring team in the NCAA allowed the Lions to stay competitive against the River Hawks.

"First of all, I think Eamon has really made some commitments to himself and how he was going to approach this year," Gadowsky said. "Both in his own work ethic and throughout the start of the year the way he's approached practices and the team has been excellent. We do a lot of evaluations and statistical evaluations at practice as well, and he really has been excellent. He's absolutely deserved to get the chance if we needed him to come in."

"Friday night we weren't playing very well, and we certainly were giving up some huge opportunities. By no means is this a knock on [Matthew] Skoff, but we happened to give up a lot of Grade A opportunities and four of them went in. The timing seemed right to have Eamon go in, and he actually faced a lot of very difficult shots and played extremely well. Starting him on Saturday was really a no-brainer."

While the win was momentous for the Lions, it also marked a special occasion in McAdam's collegiate career. With the performance, he earned his first win as a Nittany Lion.

"It was a pretty big relief and a monkey off the back kind of feeling," said McAdam. "It's always good to get your first win. Last year, I was close a bunch of times, but I couldn't pull together a win. Like I said, it was a big relief. My parents were there, which is cool because I got to enjoy that with them."

Through the first 10 games this season, both McAdam and Skoff have combined for a .924 save percentage and an average of 2.16 goals allowed per game.

Both goalies are playing consistently for Penn State, giving the team its best chance night in and night out.

"I think it's big to have two great goalies," said junior Casey Bailey, who had two goals in Saturday's victory. "Skoff has been playing amazing for us, and we kind of left him out to dry Friday. Coach gave Eamon a chance on Saturday, and it shows a lot. He played really well Saturday and at the end of Friday's game, and I think to have two goalies playing this well is definitely good for the team."

Despite the positive outcome this weekend, Gadowsky is far more satisfied with the way his team played and the effort he saw. In his mind the win itself is not the key to believing in the team and its abilities.

"I think where we're going to gain our confidence is the fact that we played a very good hockey game," Gadowsky said. "Win or lose, I think that because they're such a well-coached team UMass is so consistent in their habits and so difficult to play against that we sort of proved that we can perform at a high level against a very, very difficult team."

The Lions now have a 6-2-2 record on the season, which stands as a testament to their growth as a program. With this historic win under their belts, the remainder of the year looks very bright for Penn State.

"Compared to last year, we are leaps and bounds ahead of where we were," McAdam said. "I think as a team, and also you can just look at it on paper, you can see the steps we've taken have really started to turn into results. I think that's sparking a ton of confidence with the whole team. It's only going to make us want to work harder and try even harder for bigger and better things."

Lions Travel to Take on No. 4 UMass Lowell

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By Julie Bacanskas, Student Staff Writer
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - Fresh off a week of rest, the Nittany Lions are ready to face their first big test of the season, taking on a ranked opponent.

The Blue and White will travel to Massachusetts this weekend for a series against No. 4 UMass Lowell. While the games will serve as a challenge, the Lions are prepared and excited to see what will come of playing such a skilled team.

"They are the only team in the NCAA scoring more than four goals per game," said head coach Guy Gadowsky of the River Hawks. "They're ranked fourth in the nation. It is a great test. I didn't know this until it was pointed out, but their two top scorers are defenseman so it's not like you can really key on a line or anything like that. It is going to be an excellent test for us.

"Right now, we're just trying to get back into the grove. A week off can be a good thing in terms of bumps and bruises, but a really bad thing in terms of timing. We're just trying to get a little bit of compete back in us."

The Lions worked to restore their health during the short break. With a number of student-athletes both under the weather and out due to injury, a week off could not have come at a better time for the team.

Many, including forward Curtis Loik, believe the extra rest will be highly beneficial and lead to positive results this weekend.

"It's going to be huge," said Loik of the time off. "You know, a couple guys feeling under the weather and not feeling as hot as they want, it's a good week for us to recover and get back to our habits and work on the little stuff that we didn't do so well against Bentley and Holy Cross. We've had a good week of practice, and we're going to come into UMass prepared and ready to go."

Although in many ways, this series will serve as a benchmark for Penn State, Gadowsky will not be placing any additional weight on the outcome.

His focus remains on the completion of team objectives, which is how he will continue to measure the program's success.

"Our goal is to improve every week, no matter who we're playing," said Gadowsky. "I think a lot of people are looking at it that way. I don't think we are as a coaching staff. We're trying to improve this week as much as we can regardless. I think we recognize that people around the nation are saying, 'They had a great start, but they haven't played a top team.' Well this is a top team, so I think eyes are going to be on it."

During the last meeting between the two programs, UMass Lowell swept the Lions at Pegula Ice Arena, winning the first game, 4-0, and the second game, 3-2.

Despite last year's outcomes, Gadowsky knows the Lions have matured. At this point, there are no parallels to be found between last year's team and this year's.

"I think we're a much better team than when we played them last year, and I think it's probably around similar time," Gadowsky said. "I think we're a much different team now than we were then, so we're not really drawing on to see the comparisons."

Even with the team's growth, Loik and the Lions know they will need to bring their A game to compete with the River Hawks.

"Obviously, just sticking to our objectives and what coach says, like benchmarks of getting pucks low and backchecking," Loik said as he describe the keys to having a successful weekend. "Those are some of the things we have to stick with and not let fall apart. If we fall apart from that or fall behind, that's when we're going to start losing games. We just have to stick to our objectives, and I think we'll be fine."

Traveling to Massachusetts with a four-game winning streak, the Lions hope to use their newfound confidence to their advantage.

They are not intimidated by the River Hawks. Instead, they are more than ready to compete.

"We got some momentum from those four games," said Loik of the winning streak. "We gained a lot of confidence. Every line is producing. All the D are playing well. [Matthew] Skoff is playing unbelievable. I think if we keep that rolling we're going to be one heck of a team to deal with."

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Goodwin, Holstrom, Bailey Finding their Stride

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By Julie Bacanskas, Student Staff Writer
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - Eight games. Eleven goals. Fifteen assists. Seventy-nine shots.

The line of David Goodwin, Taylor Holstrom and Casey Bailey has been dynamic for the Nittany Lions. The trio, who are all atop the team's scoring leaders, accounts for over 30 percent of Penn State's offense.

The line clearly has synergy.

"All three of them are working extremely hard," said head coach Guy Gadowsky. "I really think that's the difference. All three of them have shown high levels of skill, and they all have a high hockey IQ."

Success is nothing new for Goodwin, Holstrom and Bailey.

Last season, the forwards were ranked second, third and sixth on the team in scoring, respectively. Goodwin led the Lions in assists, while Bailey's nine goals were second to only Eric Scheid's 11 tallies.

Combining all this talent has generated positive results this season.

"I just think it's the chemistry," said Bailey of the early season success. "I think like I talked about earlier, me and Holstrom played together all freshman year. He kind of knows that I'm always looking to shoot. I think Goodwin knows that too, and I think it's the chemistry on our line. He [Holstrom] played with Goodwin last year. Things are clicking right now."

A key factor for not only this line, but also the entire team, has been shots on net.

Penn State is currently outshooting its opponents, 345-236. With 109 extra shots, the Blue and White are bound to have offensive success.

"I just think it's the way we're driving the net," Bailey said. "When we drive through the middle it opens up a lot of area for us to get those shots off. It makes it a lot easier, and I think we have a mentality that everybody's going to do that. 
It's making everybody drive to the net, and I definitely think our team is doing a lot better getting shots to the net this season so far."

These shots are greatly benefiting the Lions, who are also outscoring their opponents, 31-16.

"We're working hard," said Holstrom. "We're getting pucks deep. We're doing little things. We're getting some bounces here and there, but I think it just comes down to getting pucks on net and going to the net."

Holstrom's 11 points have him tied for eighth in the country in scoring, and he is also tied for seventh in assists with eight on the season thus far; however, he credits his personal success to his line.

Right now, their chemistry seems to be unstoppable, and all three are playing some of their best hockey.

"My linemates are playing well," Holstrom said. "They're putting pucks into the net. Our team is working really hard, and the score sheet's working well for me. There are other guys helping me out, and I can't do it alone."

Moving forward, Gadowsky knows this line is one he can count on. All three forwards show dedication to the Penn State program day in and day out.

That dedication is directly related to their success.

"I think if you look to a man right now, I think Taylor Holstrom has been our best backchecker, probably Casey Bailey has been best at getting the puck out and David Goodwin's been working extremely hard," Gadowsky said. "I think for them, their key is work ethic for sure."

Eight games. Eleven goals. Fifteen assists. Seventy-nine shots.

If these numbers are any indication of what is to come for the Goodwin, Holstrom, Bailey line, the remainder of this season looks very bright.

Lions Complete Two Comebacks to Sweep Bentley

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By Julie Bacanskas, Student Staff Writer
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - One weekend. Two comebacks. Two victories.

With minutes left in Friday's game against Bentley, fans at Pegula Ice Arena watched intently as their team tried to bring the score to a tie.

The Lions, who were trailing, 2-1, fired off shot after shot in that third period, desperately trying to avoid their first loss on home ice this season.

In a matter of seconds, the Lions completely turned their fate. Two late goals helped the team edge out the Falcons, 3-2, for the second consecutive night.

"I really give the guys a lot of credit because for the third period, when things weren't going well in the third period they really buckled down," said head coach Guy Gadowsky. "I think our shots were 22-7 in the third, and we looked a lot more like the Penn State hockey team that we expect. That was a really, really big win."

With a little over four minutes remaining, the Lions found themselves on the power play, which proved to be the catalyst for the team.

A power play goal by Taylor Holstrom, followed by a second even-strength tally by Eric Scheid, propelled the team to victory.

"We got a chance on the power play, and we were looking to shoot," explained Holstrom. "Jense [Nate Jensen] faked everyone out and made a play to Rocket [Dylan Richard]. Rocket threw a pass in the middle, and I just shot as hard as I could. I don't know where it went actually, but we were just trying to get shots, and it went in."

Taylor Holstrom, who leads the Lions in points with 11, is also currently tied for third in scoring and first in assists in the nation. His goal changed the dynamic of the game, setting up the perfect storm for the second comeback-win in team history.

Merely 16 seconds after Holstrom's equalizer, Scheid found the puck on his stick and took a chance. He used his Penn State hockey mentality, and threw the puck at the net, hoping for a positive result.

Positive was an understatement.

Scheid's shot hit the crossbar, bounced over the shoulder of Bentley's goaltender and into the back of the net.

"It feels really good to be on the other side of one of these games," said Scheid. "We've been part of a lot of games where we've kind of given up leads in the third, and the third's really haunting us lately. To be able to come back both nights and get a win, it feels pretty good. We're all pretty excited."

The back-to-back third period comebacks highlight an increase in confidence for the Lions, which they have struggled with in past games.

They are also signs of increased mental toughness in the team.

"We've asked the team to identify that we had some mental toughness issues when we were up in the third, and this weekend we had two opportunities going in down in the third," said Gadowsky. "I think they came through with flying colors. This was our largest deficit of the year, and we were able to overcome that and win in pretty dramatic fashion.

"It is a big, big win. I mean I give the guys a lot of credit, mostly for being able to play a good, solid Penn State hockey when it mattered most, and then obviously to win it is impressive as well."

Skoff's Performance

Goaltender Matthew Skoff faced 61 Bentley shots during the series, significantly less than the 103 his teammates fired off, but his performance was yet again key for the Lions. He made kick saves, glove saves and stick saves when needed but remained patient when the action in his end slowed.

The junior's composure led the Blue and White to two Halloween weekend victories, and the team's second sweep at Pegula Ice Arena.

"I thought it was a really, really tough game for him," said head coach Guy Gadowsky of Skoff's Thursday performance. "I really did. Getting 26 shots and letting in two, no one's going to say, 'Boy he stole the show.' But I'll tell you what, that was a tough game to play because he didn't get a ton of work, but he had to face a lot of different looks on the power play and then a lot of really quality chances."

The Falcons' two Thursday goals came on the power play, which is one of their team's biggest strengths.

The story was much the same the following evening as Bentley tallied both their Friday goals on the man-advantage as well.

In multiple instances, Skoff bailed out the Lions with incredible saves, keeping them in the game. His play speaks for itself, as he proves time and time again his importance to this team.

"He's on," said Gadowsky. "These are very important games for us. He deserves it [the starting position] through what he's done this year and last year and how he is as a teammate, his work ethic. He deserves it."    

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Skoff and the Lions Look to Continue Success Against Bentley

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By Julie Bacanskas, Student Staff Writer
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - There's no "I" in team, which is a concept goaltender Matthew Skoff is quick to recognize.

This season, Skoff has led his team to three victories, two draws and one loss. He has stopped 163 shots and allows an average of only 1.96 goals per game.

Even with his impressive play, the junior credits his two 2014-'15 Big Ten weekly honors, the second of which came following this past weekend's performance, to the entire team.

"I think it's indicative of how well the team's playing right now," Skoff said of his third star honor. "The team is playing really well. When individuals on a team have success it's more or less likely because the team is playing really well."

Through the first six games, the Lions have scored 25 goals and allowed only 12. The team is a cumulative plus-35, and 14 different Lions have found the back of the net.

Penn State is clicking.

"I think everyone believes in each other a lot more," explained the goalie. "Everyone came back basically. We are playing well, and I think the reason being is last year we really started picking up at the end of the year."

"Then this year, I think we're kind of rolling into the next season. Right now, we're taking it one game at a time, and it's worked so far. We just have to keep that attitude."

Skoff's team mentality was a driving force in his offseason preparations.

The junior took all the necessary steps to put himself in a position to succeed by both working with the team's strength coach throughout the summer months and by attending an NHL development camp with the San Jose Sharks.

"He obviously put in the work both physically and mentally to be able to play at a very high level out of the gates," head coach Guy Gadowsky said. "We're very happy to see that. We're not at all surprised to see it because of how he ended up last year but very happy to see it."

Despite his efforts this summer, Skoff feels there is always room for improvement.

"Every summer I try to prepare the same way, no matter what," the goalie said. "We all had a good summer. A lot of us stayed back here and worked with each other, but I'm not going to say I'm playing outstanding. I can always get better and the same with the team."

Looking forward, Penn State (3-1-2) is ready to take on Bentley (3-2-0) this Thursday.

The game, which comes just four days after their last contest, gives the Lions a limited amount of preparation time. Nevertheless, the Blue and White are on a roll, and they want to keep things moving.

"I think the team's playing well, and I think when you're playing well it's important to get more and more games under your belt," Skoff said. "Hopefully, like I said earlier, we're just going to hopefully keep this rolling because the more and more games you play, the more and more you get comfortable with each other."

Bentley is fresh off an away sweep of Rensselaer, where the team scored a total of nine goals and held RPI to only two.

Even with Penn State's early offensive explosion, the team knows these games will be hard fought.

"I know they score a lot of goals," said Gadowsky. "They don't necessarily pepper the net, but they score a lot of goals. We're scoring quite a few ourselves. I think we're right around four, and they're at 3.8, something like that. They're just behind us. So they score a lot of goals and they just swept RPI at RPI, which is a tough place to play. I know they're playing very well right now."

Knowing Bentley's strengths will help the Lions in their final home series of the fall semester.

"They had some good teams the past couple of years, so we're not going to take them lightly," Skoff said of Bentley. "We're going to treat it like every other game. We're going to come in and do our best to put up a W."

PSU vs. Bentley jpg

Lions Dominate in First Series Sweep at Pegula

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By Julie Bacanskas, Student Staff Writer
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - As the clock wound down and the horn sounded Sunday afternoon, the Penn State men's ice hockey team jumped onto the ice in celebration.

The Lions had not only just emerged victoriously over Holy Cross, but they also earned their first series sweep at Pegula Ice Arena.

Friday night, the Lions (3-1-2) came away with a 3-1 win over the Crusaders (1-4-1). Following a day of rest, the Blue and White turned in an even more dominant performance in the second game, defeating Holy Cross, 7-1.

"Both of these, we came into the third in a tight game and ended up pulling away," said head coach Guy Gadowsky. "I thought that's a big step. Obviously, you don't get a grade for mental toughness on two games alone, but it certainly is a nice step to show the guys they can have confidence and they can do it."

Over the course of the weekend, the Lions saw goals from seven different student-athletes. Casey Bailey, Eric Scheid and Scott Conway accounted for six of the 10 goals scored.

"They don't write up how the goal is on the score sheet, so pretty much just getting your name on there is good, but I think having those pretty ones definitely gives you confidence," Bailey said following Sunday's game. "I think, for our line, that was a full line goal. It gives our line confidence. I mean, obviously to get that one off Conway's back is huge for him, and Loik's power play goal was probably a good step in the right direction."

Richard - No Goal

Even with an array of scoring, the Lions had a tough break Friday evening.

As the first period was coming to an end, Dylan Richard made a beautiful play, kept his focus on the net and beat the Crusaders' goalie, appearing to break up the scoreless game.

Moments later, the officials reviewed the call, disallowed the goal and sent Richard to the box for goaltender interference.

"That was a weird play, but I guess I got it around our blue line," explained Richard. "It was nice back pressure by Rick [DeRosa] and Scooter [Conway] there. I mean, I just chipped it by the D-man, made a slip passed him, opened the net and tucked it around the goalie.

"I didn't think I interfered with him enough to cause a penalty and disallow the goal, but I know that's a point of emphasis this year with the refs. It's a tough break, but we managed. I was just laughing because it's a tough break and you can't do much about it."

Gadowsky's thoughts on the disallowed goal were clear. The coach was very animated when discussing the play with the referees as he tried to understand why his team was suddenly on the penalty kill for what he believed to be a beautiful play.

"The explanation was that right now in the NCAA, a point of emphasis is goaltender interference," Gadowsky said. "The explanation was that Dylan Richard interfered with the goaltender. I don't agree with that at all, and I'm very anxious to see what the league says about it after they see the tape. To me, that was probably the prettiest goal we've scored all year."

Conway - First NCAA Goal

Quickly skating into the offensive zone during the third period of Sunday afternoon's game, Scott Conway had the puck on his stick and determination on his side.

The forward, who had already notched two assists, was hungry for his first collegiate goal.

He skated at the defender, pushing the puck left while moving right, and then took off toward the Holy Cross net. Conway placed the puck perfectly in the upper corner, giving Penn State a four-goal lead.

"I remember getting the pass from [Eric] Scheid as I tried to split the D there," explained Conway. "I didn't quite do it, so I just tried to beat the guy so I could just try to push it forward. Then he got confused, I think, and couldn't find the puck.

"I ended up on the puck side. The goalie slid over a little too far, so I brought it back to the other side and luckily it went in."

Mere minutes later, the freshman buried a second goal on the power play, sealing Holy Cross's fate and the series sweep.

In a game filled with impressive goal scoring by all, Conway's first NCAA goal did not disappoint.

"That was actually a big time goal," said Gadowsky. "He's got such quick hands and a real hunger to score. You saw it on that play. That was a big time goal."

Conway turned in a four-point performance in the series' second game, giving Penn State fans a glimpse of his skill level and hockey sense.

Friedman - First Goal Against an NCAA Team

Senior Jacob Friedman laced up his skates and took the ice Sunday for his first game of the season.

He was sure to make the most of his ice time.

Just over two minutes after celebrating Conway's tally, fans in Pegula Ice Arena once again rose to their feet to applaud another goal, Friedman's first against an NCAA Division I team.

"You can't find a better locker room guy, and I think there's not a guy on the team that doesn't love him," said Bailey of his teammate. "I think when you see a guy like that who is always working hard, he does everything the coach asks and he finally gets one in after all these years of trying. I think he's had all the opportunities, plays well, and I think it gets the guys excited for sure."

Friedman's last Nittany Lion goal came during the 2012-'13 season. Last year, he posted two assists.

Holding the puck Friedman scored with in his hands, Gadowsky could not say enough about the team's excitement for the senior.

"It's not often the bench goes nuts in a 5-1, 6-1 game, but the bench was so pumped for him," Gadowsky said. "He is just such a tremendous teammate and such a tremendous person. I guarantee every guy on the team was so excited for him, more than even when they score themselves.

"The whole team was just so pumped that he scored. He's such a great person. He's such a great teammate. That was awesome to see."

Men's Hockey Blog - PSU vs. Holy Cross (10/26)

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