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Bye Week Q&A - Assistant Coach Sean Spencer

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10394418.jpegUNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - Penn State defensive line coach Sean Spencer spoke with the media on Thursday.  The Nittany Lions travel to Michigan on Oct. 11. Take a look at a Q&A with Spencer during the bye week.

Q: How do you feel like your unit has played thus far in 2014?
"I think we started out of the gates pretty fast, especially one guy in particular, Anthony Zettel. The group is doing a good job. I wouldn't say great, but we are doing a good job. They know the level of expectation has risen every week. We want them to continue to get better. I think areas of improvement would be consistency in our pad level and gap control. Sometimes we try to make plays, but sometimes we get out of our gap when we are trying to make the plays. We have to continue doing things within the framework of the defense and those things will happen."

Q: How do you break down which techniques are better for different guys?
"When you are around the guys and practice with them and take them through different things you see that skill set. Like Austin Johnson is a power to finesse guy - power first and then finesse. He's got a unique skill set in the fact that he can play like a guy who is 280 pounds, but he is 315 pounds. Just never limiting those guys to, alright, this is the way we do it or this is the way you have to do it. Deion (Barnes) is a different type of pass rusher than C.J. (Olaniyan). So what I try to do is maximize Deion's ability through the framework of the defense by letting him do things that he is good at. And then let C.J. do things he is good at...You learn that every player has a different skill set. In order to maximize that, you have to allow him to do things that are beneficial to his skill set."

Q: Can you talk about how your nickname 'Chaos' fits you and the position you coach?
"Coach Galt kind of gave me that nickname. It was always part of my D-Line catchphrase. Playing with organized chaos. I always kind of used that word. If you get a chance to meet me, I'm kind of hyper (laughter). I'm running around all the time. When we were at Vanderbilt, Coach Galt said one day for the guys to follow Coach Chaos running around on the field. From then on, the guys called me that. For the position, you have to have that. I always talk to the guys about matching my intensity every day. I'm not going to come onto the field without great energy. The guys kind of feed off of that. That's not a position where you can chill and hang out. Those guys gotta go all the time. When they see their coach, they feed off of that."

Q: What can you say about C.J. Olaniyan and his strengths as a player and as a captain?
"An unbelievably mature individual. One thing, C.J. is a father. He has a little daughter. When you have that situation that automatically makes you gain maturity. He's a guy that I bounce things off of when I want to talk to the group. I'll go to him and talk to him about leadership and where some things are that he can help me with. When you start giving a guy a leadership role and you start talking to him and including him in the process, he takes it to heart and is able to project it onto the field. It is a pleasure to coach the guy. He is very intelligent. He takes unbelievable notes. He asks great questions. He is very detailed in his analyzing of each opponent."

Q: Anthony Zettel's personality kind of matches yours. What is it about the way he plays the game that makes it so similar?
"He goes hard from the beginning of the game to the end of the game. He's got unbelievable work ethic. He loves football. He loves what he does. He plays hard. He's a real disciplined guy. I let him be himself much like Coach Franklin lets me be myself. And I think that helps me, and that helps Anthony...He's so intense. He's going to come with great energy. It's a pleasure to coach a guy like that."

Q: You had a chance to scrimmage with some of your younger guys this week. Did any of those guys pop out to you?
"I think Antoine White has a bright future here. He has unbelievable twitch. He gets off the football. He can be a really good pass rusher. He's going to be a guy you are talking about for years to come here. We are really excited about him. Also, Torrence Brown is another guy that we had recruited when we were at Vanderbilt...He is a pleasant surprise. He's very dynamic. He was a small school state basketball player of the year in Alabama, so he is a great athlete. He has a vertical better than 34 or 35 inches. He's going to give you that dynamic pass rusher that you need. And then Curtis Cothran as a guy I'm very excited bout. As the future goes on, I think I've got some guys who can do some things and make some noise in this conference."

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VIDEO: One-on-One with Megan Courtney - Oct. 2

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UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - catches up with junior Megan Courtney for an update on the Nittany Lions heading into this weekend's matches at Nebraska and Iowa.

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VIDEO: James Franklin Practice Update - Bye Week No. 1

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UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - Head coach James Franklin provided an update to the media following Wednesday's practice session at the Lasch Football Complex. The Nittany Lions are off on Saturday. Penn State travels to Michigan on Oct. 11 (7 p.m. on ESPN2).

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Men's Hockey Media Day - Sights and Sounds

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VIDEO: Guy Gadowsky Press Conference | VIDEO: Juha-Scheid-Skoff |
VIDEO:Goodwin-Holstrom-KoudysPhoto Gallery

By Julie Bacanskas, Student Staff Writer
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - Reporters, photographers and video cameras filled the media room of Pegula Ice Arena Tuesday afternoon for the annual Penn State men's hockey media day.

Head coach Guy Gadowsky fielded questions for 30 minutes about the Big Ten Conference, the overall excitement surrounding the upcoming season and the development of the team over the past year.

Here are some sights and sounds of this year's men's hockey media day.


With an endless list of firsts now behind the team, the Lions know what to expect of this season. They have played their first Division I game. They have played their first game in Pegula Ice Arena. They have played their first Big Ten game.

Furthermore, the Nittany Lions have an almost identical roster to that of last year's team. With the loss of only one, and the addition of three freshmen, the Lions are mature and much more prepared for the season that lies ahead.

They are ready to pick up from where they left off last season.

"This is the first year we have that continuity," said Gadowsky. "We know where we are. We know who we're starting with. Although there are three unknowns, the basic core of the team is the same. We expect that we're going to be a lot further ahead come October 10 than we were October 11 last year on our opening night, and basically due to the fact that everybody is together. We've been through it with our systems. We've been through it against an opponent. We were able to play against the top teams in the nation, including conference games where it's so important. As a team maturity, we're way ahead."

Big Ten Conference

Playing in the same conference as teams like Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin allows the Lions to compete at a high level day in and day out. Teams are getting stronger and more skilled each year, and this season is no exception.

"Every other program in the Big Ten, that's what makes this so exciting, has a tremendous history, has a lot of success, whether it was nationally in the CCHA or the WCHA," said Gadowsky. "Their goal is to get better, just like ours, so with Penn State getting better, I really hope to see a lot more parity, but at the same time when you play in the Big Ten with these hockey programs, you're going to be playing someone great every night."

Penn State will play a total 20 conference games this season, the first of which will be at Michigan on Nov. 21.

Team Captain

During the off-season, the Nittany Lions announced a change in captaincy, awarding defenseman Patrick Koudys the "C" for the 2014-'15 run.

Although many fans wondered about the impact of the switch on not only the team, but also former captain Tommy Olczyk, Gadowsky reinforced this change will ultimately assist the Lions in learning a very important lesson.

"It establishes the fact that you don't have to wear a letter to be a great leader, and we do want to establish that," Gadowsky said. "This is one way we can do it. At the same time, Patrick Koudys, he certainly has earned that, and he's earned the respect of the team."

Koudys, who is a Washington Capitals draft pick, proved his dedication to Penn State hockey, and was a unanimous decision for the position following a player vote.

"He's just a man," Gadowsky said of Koudys. "He's a manimal. He's the guy. Everybody can see it, so he's the guy."

Alaska Trip

Looking ahead, the Lions are scheduled to make the trek to Alaska for games on Oct. 17 and Oct. 18, which is a trip Gadowsky and the team are both looking forward to.

"Probably the main reason is I really enjoyed my time in Alaska," Gadowsky said of why he wanted his team to play these games. "They love hockey, and I would like to share that experience with our guys. For the majority of our team, they've never been to Alaska, so this is one great way to see it."

Unlike the majority of the team, forward Casey Bailey makes the trip to Alaska regularly. These games will allow the Alaska-native to play in his home state in front of family and friends.

"The guy who's most versed in it is Casey Bailey, so he's actually going to present to the team the week that we go up there about the Do's and the Don't's of traveling in Alaska," said Gadowsky.

"If things don't go well," he jokingly added, "it's not our fault. It's his."

James Franklin Bye Week Media Roundup

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10389166.jpegJames Franklin Transcript - Sept. 30

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - The Nittany Lions are idle on Saturday for the first time in 2014. Head coach James Franklin addressed the media on Tuesday afternoon during the weekly Big Ten conference call to provide an update on the team's bye week.

"We are in a bye week this week, so we are excited to get out on the field today and make some corrections," Franklin said. "We will practice Tuesday and Wednesday, and then go on the road recruiting Thursday, Friday and Saturday. And then get back going again on Sunday with our next opponent. We are looking forward to it. Probably, the bye week came at a great time for us with our lack of depth at some positions. We are banged up, and this is coming at a great time for us."

The Nittany Lions watched film and practice on Sunday before the players had their normal day off on Monday. The team resumed its practice week on Tuesday with meetings and practice. The squad will do the same on Wednesday before having a few days off. The coaching staff will hit the road recruiting while the players finish the week academically. The team will then have the weekend off and reconvene on Sunday to begin preparations for Michigan.

The bye week is a great chance to spend more time and reps on correcting the issues the team is looking to fix after five weeks of football. Additionally, it is an opportunity to get the young players on the roster more experience.

"We are going to try and get our young guys as much work as possible this week to continue their development," Franklin said. "We will try to make our corrections with the older guys while still taking some of the banging off of their bodies so that we can get into our next game being as fresh as we possibly can and be as healthy as possibly can. That's kind of our priority this week. We have a lot of things to correct and a lot of things to work on. You know, let's do those things and then move on."

Franklin often says that winning minimizes a team's issues and losing magnifies the issues. However, regardless of the outcome, the issues are still there. That being said, the team has approached the week with the mindset that it is a great opportunity to get better.

"If you handle this the right way, it can turn into a positive," Franklin said. "It forces you to deal with some of the issues that you have."

Senior linebacker Mike Hull said it best on a Tuesday morning conference call.

"You are going to face adversity. It's how you respond to it," Hull said.

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By Miranda Kulp, Student Staff Writer

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - With two big wins over Northwestern and Illinois, the Penn State women's soccer team swept its first Big Ten home weekend.

"Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday is the longest and toughest stretch of our season and to end it with three wins is massive," said head coach Erica Walsh.

The team is known for playing its best at Jeffery Field. In the last three years, the Lions have only lost two home games.

"It's the atmosphere here; it's perfect, said midfielder Salina Williford. "We get so excited playing here because of how much support that is in the community. We owe it to the people who come watch us to put on a show."

The first game of the weekend was against Northwester, and the Lions played strong and defeated the Wildcats, 4-1.

 "I think we came out with a fire under our tail tonight," said senior Kori Chapic.

With goals scored by Raquel Rodriguez, Chapic, Megan Schafer, and Williford, the entire team was on fire.

"The first 25 minutes was some of the best soccer I've seen in a long time," Walsh said. "We talk about this being the best place to play college soccer and in that first half, I absolutely felt it."

Rolling off of the momentum of Friday's game, the Lions faced their second Big Ten team of the weekend, llinois, on Sunday afternoon.

Both teams came out extremely strong displaying solid defense and the first half of the game remained scoreless.

The first goal of the game was made by freshman Frannie Crouse in the second half. Emily Hurd passed it over from the left side of the box to the middle, allowing the Lions to make the scoreboard.

Only 47 seconds after the team scored, Illinois tied the game.

Motivated for a win, the team used the Fighting Illini's goal to keep their aggression up.

"It's very hard when they come back that quickly," Crouse said. "You just have to keep your composure and never stop trying. We fought tonight and came out with a great win."

The team continued to take shots to try to regain its lead.

Then with 83:11 on the clock, Selina Williford saved the day with her goal to ensure the Lion's win.

"It's very humbling to score another goal," Williford said. "I credit my entire team because they are always keeping me going.

"I always want to keep improving. As a team, we never want to feel like we're content. We always want to feel like we're still moving and not taking our foot off the gas."

Last year, Williford primarily played defense but has been making her way up the field this season.

Williford just recently had her first career goal but proved this weekend she is a force to be reckon with on offense.

"Salina Williford has been the best surprise so far this season," Walsh said. "She played back for us last season, but this is the best I've seen her play."

Alongside Williford, the 2014 women's soccer team is packed with talented players who have been helping the team continue its winning streak.

"I think one of the biggest strengths about this team is that we're taking players off the bench and they're delivering," said Walsh. "Every player on this team is playing their best and it's such a great feeling as a coach knowing those players on the bench can always help lift the team."

After three home games this week, the Lions hit the road to face Minnesota.

The team is keeping its intensity up for every game and is looking strong as the Big Ten season continues.

Said Walsh, "This team believes right now."

Conway Ready for Nittany Lion Experience

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By Julie Bacanskas, Student Staff Writer
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - Following each on-ice session, freshmen Scott Conway heads into the team locker room inside the beautiful Pegula Ice Arena.

The facility, which helped convince Conway to attend Penn State, is merely one of the reasons he has found himself in State College this year. Now, the forward is excited for the season to begin and more than ready to get his first real taste of hockey as a Nittany Lion.

Although he grew up in England, Conway has been playing hockey in the states for a few years now. He will once again find himself a long way from home and from his family this season.

The freshman currently holds dual citizenship in Great Britain and in Canada, the home countries of both his parents.

"My mom's English, and my dad's Canadian," Conway explained. "My dad played hockey in the states and in Canada. At an older age, he moved over there to play hockey in England. That's where he ended his career and met my mom, so that's how it happened."

Despite being away from home, the forward knows with certainty that choosing Penn State was the right decision for the advancement of both his hockey and academic careers. Almost immediately following Conway's first tour of the arena and of campus, he was hooked on the university and all that it had to offer.

"I had a tour around campus," said Conway. "It was actually my first visit, and looking at the facilities, it was unbelievable. The weight room just got put in the day before I came here, so I was pretty excited to see that with all the weights and stuff in there.

"Coach [Keith] Fisher took me up to the student section, right at the top, and it was an unbelievable view up there. He took me around campus too, and it was so pretty. I couldn't say no."

Last season, the 6-foot forward found himself competing for the USHL's Indiana Ice, a team he helped lead to the Clark Cup title during the 2013-'14 season.

Conway tallied 33 goals during the year and was tied for first in the league with a plus-40 rating. Additionally, he recorded the first four-goal game in the team's history, demonstrating his dominance on the ice.

"I think a lot of it is mental toughness, on and off the ice," Conway explained of his personal success and the success of his previous team. "I think our coach did a nice job last year of making us do the little things right, and I'm hoping to bring that to this team this year."

Conway is also looking to help the Lions skill-wise this season. He is a forward that likes to not only work the corners and take pucks to the net, but he also keeps his eyes focused, looking for open teammates to make plays.

Even with his past experiences, Conway knows making the jump from junior hockey to the collegiate level will be a process, and he has already begun to experience some of the changes that go hand-in-hand with the transition.

"I feel like a lot of sticks go flying everywhere in college hockey compared to junior hockey," Conway said. "The guys in college hockey are a lot stronger than the guys in junior hockey and a lot more physical. The tempo is pretty much the same, but I'm excited to play some games here."

Looking forward, Conway is anxiously awaiting the moment he gets to put on his jersey, lace up his skates and take the ice at Pegula Ice Arena for his first game as a Nittany Lion. He has a few dates circled on his calendar, but there is not a single game the freshman is more excited for than the season opener.

"Definitely the home opener," Conway said. "My dad is coming to the first game, and I have a couple friends that are too. I'm really excited to play in front of them. The student section sold out in like three minutes, so I'm pretty pumped about that too."

Fencers Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Women In Sport

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fn_blog_1.jpgBy Jennifer Hudson, Student Athlete Staff Writer
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - The Penn State women's fencing team participated in multiple events during the 50th Anniversary of Women in Sport earlier this month.

The weekend kicked off with a Friday reception at the Nittany Lion Inn, followed on Saturday by a breakfast at the All Sports Museum and a tailgate at Medlar Field before the UMass football game. Sunday concluded with a brunch and ceremony of the Women in Sports 50th Anniversary at the Bryce Jordan Center.

A few members on the current team volunteered for each event and were able to meet and talk to the alums of the team.

There were five decades of women's fencers that were represented at the events, the 1960s-2000s, so it was inspirational for everyone to learn about the fencing team then and now.

"Getting to know the alumni is always a great experience," said Clarisse Luminet, captain of the women's team. "Because of my position within the fencing team and my role as a captain, it was great to get feedback from their own experiences as leaders, and understand how that role has changed in 50 years."

Johanna Hall, a current assistant coach and Penn State fencing alumna (Class of '88), played a big role in organizing the event for everyone to enjoy.

"It allowed us to connect with former fencers as well as meet others on the team who paved the way for the program," said Hall. "Being recognized during the football game and being able to share that with hundreds of other women athletes from Penn State was very special."

Another alum, Beth Alphin, former head coach (1968-'85), was flattered she had the opportunity to speak at the Sunday brunch about coaching at Penn State "back then".

Like Alphin, the fencing alumni enjoyed themselves and even had the chance to meet up for a fencing dinner on Saturday evening.

"It was a true joy to see so many of the fencers and hear how their lives have progressed since Penn State," said Alphin. "I enjoyed watching them reconnect with each other. It should come as no surprise that upon meeting them it was as if no time had passed. We were family then and still today. I think my very favorite thing was watching the smiles and hearing the familiar laughs of people who were so much a part of my life for a few years."

The next time the current Penn State Fencing team will reconnect with the former fencers is April 18, 2015 in the annual alumni meet and team banquet.

Here are a list of accomplishments our Penn State women's fencing team has achieved over the years:

- 2 AIAW Team Championships

- 1 AIAW Individual Champion

- 1 NCAA Women's Team Championship

- 13 NCAA Men's and Women's Combined Team Championships

 - 9 Individual NCAA Champions (14 titles)

- 54 All-Americans (121 times)

- 11 World Championships participants (to 26 championships)

- 12 World University Games participants (to 15 championships)

- 3 Olympians (to 5 Olympiads)

- 8 Pan Am Games participants (to 11 Games)


The Penn State Women's Fencing team would like to recognize all of the alums who participated this weekend. It was great to meet you all and we hope to see you visit again soon!


Beth Alphin

Jana Angelakis

Margot Summers

Raquel Berg

Alyson Van Alstyne

Nicole Glon

Adrienne Eiss

Eleanor Reigel

Sandra Jablonski

Mary McGuire

Pamela Resetar

Sue Lympany

Hope Meyer

Johanna Hall

Jenni Blat

Sarah Kuzio

Nancy Sell

Hanne Skattebol

Cynthia Lyons

Jane Nagel

Kate Wulf

Jennifer Hudson is a senior on the women's fencing team.

By Matt Allibone, Student Staff Writer
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa.- The Penn State men's soccer team set a school record on Sunday against Michigan.

Well technically, the record belongs to Andrew Wolverton. The senior goalkeeper notched his team record 29th career shutout as the Nittany Lions defeated Michigan 1-0. 

At the same time, it goes a bit deeper than that. While Wolverton has been a lynchpin for the Nittany Lions for four years, shutouts are the ultimate mark of team play. It takes solid defense, enough offense and great goalkeeping to pull one off. 

On Sunday, the Nittany Lions received all of that. Connor Maloney scored his conference-leading seventh goal, the backline allowed just four shots on net, and the goalkeeper known as "Wolvie" made a terrific diving save to preserve the win. 

"I told the whole team after the game, I'm going to make sure in the record books and in the media guide, that all of their names are next to Andrew's for playing in front of him for this shutout," head coach Bob Warming said. "Our team is a team and it takes a whole team to get a shutout and Andrew understands that." 

Against the Wolverines, Penn State's defense certainly earned that right, but it wasn't as if Wolverton didn't also earn the mark for himself.

With 8:50 remaining and the Lions holding on to a one-goal lead, Michigan forward Tyler Arnone took a pass from James Murphy and fired a shot from 18-yards out to the right corner of the net.

For a moment, it seemed as if the ball was headed in. Then came the hand of the sprawling 6-foot-6 goaltender, knocking the ball away and keeping the shutout intact. 

"We don't give him a whole lot to do so it was great to see him make a play when he had to," Warming said jokingly. "It was a great save, and that's what he trains for. Eventually, when you're playing against great talent they're going to break through and you're going to need to make a save."

The defense would take over in the final minutes, as the Wolverines would bring their entire team up in a final last-ditch attempt to tie the game.

Randy Falk and Kyle MacDonald would both make big stops to prevent Michigan from getting a shot on goal before the clock finally hit zero.

Having given up two goals and ten shots on goal during Wednesday's 6-2 win over Penn, the Nittany Lions and their backline of Eli Dennis, Mike Robinson and Mason Klerks were extra motivated to get back to the play that had led to just one allowed goal in the team's first seven games.

"I'm so proud of the team for playing great team defense," Warming said. "We always have a game plan but I didn't need to say anything special to them. There were plenty of things we wanted to get done today because playing in the Big Ten is always tough."

In true Penn State fashion, the game would go into halftime tied 0-0, until the Nittany Lions finally got on the board in the second half thanks to none other than Maloney.

The sophomore entered the game with six goals in the first eight games of the season, and he produced once again, taking a beautiful cross from senior Mikey Minutillo and putting it past Adam Grinwis from six yards out to get the Lions on the board 11 minutes into the second half.

While Maloney has clearly been Penn State's most effective goal-scorer this season, Warming again maintained that his team doesn't have to become dependent on any one player.

Once again, the Nittany Lions win as a team, and Maloney's ability to score depends on his teammates putting him in the right position to get the ball in the net.

"Something we like about our team is that everyone can score goals and we can score in a variety of ways," Warming said. "Mikey [Minutillo] can score, Mark [Wadid] can score, Kyle [MacDonald] can score, Owen [Griffith] can score. We just kept fighting and fighting and eventually we were going to get one in."

Monday Notebook: Nittany Lions Begin First Bye Week

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10384729.jpegUNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - The Nittany Lions went back to work with a normal schedule on Sunday afternoon with meetings and practice at the Lasch Football Complex.

Penn State reviewed the Northwestern game before turning the page onto the first of two bye weeks during the 2014 season. The Lions take a 4-1 overall record (1-1 Big Ten) into the week following Saturday's game against Northwestern.

"The bye week couldn't come at a better time," said head coach James Franklin. "We have to spend some more time cleaning some things up there. Special teams, I did not think we were consistent. We had a chance to flip the field on punt team a couple times and weren't able to do that. On defense, I thought overall, we played solid, but we did not tackle as well as we have in previous weeks. We were throwing shoulders, not wrapping up, things like that. Again, I take full responsibility and we will get it fixed."

The Nittany Lion defense remains among the nation's elite in the NCAA stat rankings. Through five weeks, Penn State sits No. 2 nationally in rushing defense. The Lions have allowed just 60.2 rushing yards per game. Penn State leads the Big Ten in rushing defense.

Additionally, the Nittany Lions sit 10th in total defense (288.8 ypg), 12th in scoring defense (14.6 ppg) and eighth in red zone defense (0.647).

Penn State will focus on corrections and improvements during the bye week before shifting gears into preparations for Michigan. The Nittany Lions collide with the Wolverines inside Michigan Stadium on Oct. 11 in Ann Arbor (7 p.m. on ESPN2).

Lions in the Stat Rankings
In addition to the defensive stat rankings, several Nittany Lions are among the leaders in national and conference statistical categories. Here is a weekly breakdown of Penn State players in the stat rankings:

QB Christian Hackenberg - Hackenberg is sixth in the nation in passing yards (1,477) and 19th in the nation in passing yards per game (295.4 ypg). He leads the Big Ten in passing yards.

WR DaeSean Hamilton - Hamilton is 11th nationally (first in the Big Ten) in receiving yards with 502. He ranks 17th in the nation and first in the Big Ten with 7.2 receptions per game.

WR Geno Lewis - Lewis ranks 12th in the nation in receiving yards and second in the Big Ten with 495 on the season. He is third in the Big Ten with 5.8 receptions per game.

DT Anthony Zettel - Zettel ranks second in the Big Ten 1.4 tackles for loss per game.

LB Mike Hull - Hull leads the Big Ten in solo tackles per game at 6.4. He ranks second in the Big Ten in tackles at 10.6 per contest.

K Sam Ficken - Ficken is seventh in the nation and first in the Big Ten in field goals made per game at 2.00.

Final Numbers

Take a look through some standout numbers from the Northwestern game.

102,910 - Saturday's attendance (102,910) was the largest figure for a non-primetime game in Beaver Stadium since Nov. 12, 2011.

4,398 - With 221 yards of total offense, Christian Hackenberg now has 4,398 yards of total offense, which is the 10th highest mark in Penn State history.

213 - Kicker Sam Ficken now has 213 career points. He sits eighth on the all-time Penn State list.

41 - Jesse Della Valle notched the longest punt return of his career on Saturday. His 41-yard burst topped his previous career-high of 31 yards against Syracuse in 2013.

16 - Senior linebacker Mike Hull set a new career-high with 16 tackles against Northwestern. It marked the highest total by a Penn State player since Gerald Hodges had 19 against Illinois in 2011.

8 - Linebacker Jason Cabinda became the eighth true freshman to play for the Nittany Lions on Saturday.

- Defensive end Deion Barnes equaled his career high with six tackles against Northwestern on Saturday.

1 - Walk-on Von Walker made his first career start for the Nittany Lions at linebacker on Saturday. He had three tackles against Northwestern.

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