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Head Coach James Franklin Quote Board

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UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - Penn State fans have asked about head coach James Franklin's thoughts and viewpoints on a number of topics pertaining to his coaching style, the football program, recruiting, the uniforms and more.  Below is a collection of quotes from Coach Franklin on several topics.

9624970.jpegCoaching Style
"I am a passionate, emotional, football psycho.  I wake up every single morning thinking about football.  I go to bed thinking about football.  I just really, really enjoy the game.  And that's how we coach.  We go out and have fun.  We fly around.  If guys do something good, I'm going to scream and yell.  If guys do something bad, I'm going to scream and yell.  That's just my personality."

What he Looks for in a Quarterback
"You want a great decision-maker.  You want a guy who is going to be able to manage the game.  You want a guy that's going to be able to make really good plays and get you out of bad plays.  You want a big, strong guy that can deliver the ball and spread the field.  But also, you want a guy that can pull it down when things go wrong and get you six yards.  You don't have to go 80, but if you can turn a negative-eight yard play into a plus-six yard play that makes huge strides for an offense."

What he Looks for on Defense
"We're going to be aggressive and attack in everything that we do.  We're going to play an aggressive style and try to come after the quarterback.  I think it's very, very important to be aggressive and get after the signal-caller."

Penn State Uniforms
"I love them.  They are simple.  They are classic.  They are sharp.  They put the focus on what the focus should be, the institution and the team."

Recruiting Message
"I talk about the whole package.  You can get a world-class education and play football at the very highest level.  You will have the opportunity to live in a great town that is passionate towards the team.  This is an unrivaled fan base in the country.  To me, that is special.  When you walk around this campus, the thing that just jumps out at me is the pride that people have in Penn State.

On Pennsylvania, Regional and National Recruiting
"We are going to dominate the state. That is the first thing that we're going to do. I believe in the high school coaches in this state. I know how well [players are] coached and developed. I know how talented this state is as well. I know how important football is here. I think that's very, very important. So that is the first thing we're going to do. We're going to work very, very hard and put a staff together that will help us dominate the state of Pennsylvania.

"Then obviously being able to recruit aggressively in this region as well. New Jersey, obviously Pennsylvania, New York, New England, Virginia, Delaware has been very good to Penn State traditionally. I think also we were going to take a national approach by position. We will do that as well. So everybody will have recruiting areas, everybody will be in the state. Every one of our staff members will have an area in the state. We'll also have areas in the region and the states that surround Pennsylvania.

"We'll recruit nationally as well, because I think you sell yourself short when you don't do that. We could have a Penn State alumni in California whose son always grew up wanting to go to Penn State. So having the ability to recruit nationally so that we're aware of where all the great players are in this country, I think that's important. But our team will be comprised and mainly made up of Pennsylvania young men."

Message to the Fans
"I couldn't be more proud to be the head football coach at Penn State.  We are going to work so hard to put a product on the field that everybody can take such pride in.  And not only that, but pride in how we interact in the classroom, how we interact on campus and how we interact in the community.  We are going to work very, very hard to put something on the field and in this community that everyone can take great pride in."

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