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By: Mallory Peterson (Freshman)

What exactly is #J2NC13? It's actually quite simple. The hash tag stands for Journey to the National Championship 2013. This combination of letters and numbers is the symbol of the trials, tribulations, and triumphs that will compose the Penn State Women's Soccer Team's quest to win the 2013 NCAA National Championship. In fact, the journey has already begun. It started the moment the 2012 season ended with a devastating loss to North Carolina in the National Championships. We returned to State College hungrier than ever, and this time we won't be stopped.

You might be asking yourself why #J2NC13 is relevant to you. That's easy! As a member of the team, I can't stress enough how much the support of every single Penn Stater makes a difference. One more voice cheering us on at Jeffrey (our incredible soccer stadium) is one more vote of faith that keeps us going when we have nothing left to give. We are already lucky enough to have some incredible fans, but we know there are so many more on campus who have yet to become a part of the journey!

As you get ready to pack up the books and lather on the sunscreen for summer, I want you to keep #J2NC13 in the back of your mind. The Penn State Women's Soccer Team will be spending its summer sweating and sprinting its way toward #J2NC13, so when you return next fall be sure to lend your support! You have the opportunity to continue the Penn State tradition of excellence by helping us achieve our goal of winning our first ever National Championship (as well as another opportunity to tailgate), so I don't want to hear any excuses. It's in your hands now, I expect you to pass #J2NC13 along and show some pride in your university's women's soccer team!

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