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Blog - Kendall Pierce, Sept. 25, 2012

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The last time I was asked to write a quick blog, was all the way back in summer. It was then, that the women's volleyball team had an event with the Special Olympics for a day full of fun. I now am reporting to you officially fiveweeks into my freshman year. It seems as though it's been much longer than only five weeks, but the truth of it is that it has been.

We all started training early into the summer. Since then, I can respectively say that the Pierce_Kendall (H-12-MS) 6853_.jpgattitude has not changed one bit. We all came in ready to go, ready to sweat, ready to work hard, and ready to work for that end of the year goal. As this goal relentlessly sits in the back of our minds however, we realize that we must take care of what is laying in front of us first. We had a solid preseason, followed by some good preseason tournaments. And before we knew it, Nebraska was starring us right in face. It was extremely exciting to start up the Big Ten season, and we were amped and ready to rumble.

Coming off of a great win over Nebraska we got back in main gym to prepare for Iowa. We knew Iowa was not a team to look past, and our coaches reminded us the importance of playing and maintaining that high level of volleyball, however it was evident that sometimes it is easier said than done. We ultimately did pull out the W, however each and every one of us knew that we did not play as well as we should have. Immediately following the game, we met as a team and made an agreement that we would learn from this, take no team lightly, and get back in the gym to grind it out.

We now are back in south gym, practicing and preparing for our next couple of big weekends on the road. This Friday we take on a solid Wisconsin team, and an equally as tough Minnesota the next day. Without a doubt, both teams will work tirelessly to knock us out, and their crowd will test our composure.

In conclusion, I would like to ask for whomever is reading this to say a little prayer for a dear friend of the team. Jay Thomas, a big fan of the sport and team was always such an inspiration cheering us on at every game and a couple of our practices. He was always handing out high fives and putting smiles on our faces. Truly an inspiring kind of guy.

Playing hard for you this weekend. Rest in Peace, Jay

-Kendall Pierce #3


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