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European Tour Day 9: Ancient Rome

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Our first full day in Rome brought a walking tour of a few of the sights in Ancient Rome, including the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. We had a fantastic tour guide named Mia (no, not Mia Nickson). She was so enthusiastic about telling us about the history of her hometown and gave us so many great nuggets to bring back with us. To think that all of these landmarks have been around for 2,000 years is pretty amazing when you consider that they are all older than the United States of America.

The first stop was the Colosseum. What an amazing feat of workmanship that has stood the test of time and a few natural disasters. It's hard to envision what this beautiful Colosseum looked like thousands of years ago when it was covered in marble and travertine. The funniest moment of the Colosseum tour was when Mia, our guide, had Maggie Lucas and Colleen Kelly, one of our managers, reenact what the "Final Battles" were like in the Colosseum. Colleen won the battle, but decided to spare Maggie's life (though I am not sure how much damage she could have done with the umbrella she was using).

After a quick bus tour of some other ancient sights, it was off to the Roman Forum. You had to use your imagination to fill in some of the blanks, but you could really see the Forum being the center of the government in Ancient Rome. All of the Forum was once under 20 feet of silt and has been excavated over the years to produce what we saw today. Among the other items that we saw in the Forum was the place where Julius Caesar was cremated and to this day, there are still flowers on top of the are where he was cremated.

We returned to the hotel to get showered up and ready for the final game of our European Tour tonight when we play the Italian All Stars from Rome.

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