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Coach O'Brien Leading the Nittany Lions, Program Forward

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UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - Head coach Bill O'Brien has conducted two team meetings with the members of the Nittany Lion football squad since Monday morning, and his message was clear on both occasions.

"It's a place that combines great academics with good, tough football. None of that has changed," Coach O'Brien said on Tuesday.


O'Brien took the head coaching position at Penn State University because it provides an opportunity to mentor and teach high character student-athletes in the game of football while they work towards and receive a world-class degree in one of the more than 100 different academic programs on the University Park campus.

He said that both meetings were very positive, and that the team is built with a collection of high character student-athletes.

"I feel good about this team. They care about this University and this football team," O'Brien said.

The program will face challenging days in the coming seasons, but O'Brien is leading the Nittany Lions into the future by moving forward with a positive attitude.

"The way you travel through life is how you handle adversity," he said. "You can't dwell on the past. You've got to move forward. That's what we're doing," O'Brien said.

O'Brien added that in coaching you are always taught to be prepared for anything that is thrown at you.

The Nittany Lion faithful will play an integral part in the process of helping O'Brien and the student-athletes move forward into the next chapter of Penn State football.  The undying support of Penn State fans has never been more important to the program than it is today and throughout the future.

As Coach O'Brien said on Tuesday, Penn State's players will compete in seven bowl games each season inside the 108,000-seat home of Nittany Lion football.  The fans, supporters, alumni and lettermen can certainly do their part in ensuring that the stadium is full each Saturday throughout the fall.

"Move forward. Renew your tickets. Jump on board with a new era of Penn State football," O'Brien encouraged Penn State fans.

Coach O'Brien is going to fight every day to ensure that the Penn State football program and its players are performing at the highest possible level on the field and in the classroom.  From the moment he stepped on campus, the leader of Penn State football has never backed away from a challenge.

"You have a team here that is really close to each other, and it has a lot of fight in it," O'Brien said.  "Just like its head coach.  We have resolve."

O'Brien's actions and response to how the program will move forward after the hand it was dealt on Monday is no different than his original message when he accepted the job on Jan. 6.

"I'm here to do the best job that I can for Penn State and for these kids on the team and this coaching staff," said O'Brien.

Coach O'Brien and the Nittany Lions kick off practice on Aug. 6.  The season-opener against Frank Solich and the Ohio Bobcats is 38 days away in Beaver Stadium.

"We get to start our season on Sept. 1 in front of 108,000 strong and I couldn't feel better about that," O'Brien said.

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We are.....behind you !!!!!

Coach: I love my alma mater! I love this team and I pledge my support to you and your staff and hope you can help lead us into an exciting new chapter of Penn State Football!

I am a 1993 grad, been following PSU football my whole life. I have NEVER been more enthusiastic in my support for our team than I am today! To the current are the team that we will talk about years from now: the character, dedication and commitment you are showing is why we are...PENN STATE!!!

I am going to buy my season tickets tomorrow Coach. We Are...behind all of you and I can't wait to cheer for you all!!

Go PSU and Coach O'Brien!!! Penn State proud and happy to support you on this endeavor!! Am very excited for football season to begin!

Coach and team: you do and always will have the alums support! WE ARE..

Somehow I have a gut feeling that this team will be known as the greatest Penn State team ever.

Football isn't about the post season or the bowl games; it is the regular season that counts! What the team does on the field any given Saturday is more important that what happens at one of the 32 bowl games, where many teams who barely had a winning record get to play. Bowls are about money and making ESPN richer; the regular season is about playing football as it is supposed to be played. Best of luck to Coach O'Brien and the current team. How you all handle this adversity will say more about your character than how many bowl games you go to. Show the NCAA and all teh haters and doubters out there what Penn State is really all about! WE STILL ARE --- PENN STATE!!!

WE ARE !!!!!!!

Never more have I been excited in anticipation of the football season. We all as PSU families have faced more adversity then any of us could have ever imagined, however we have stood strong and stayed together. With the new season on the horizon, we have been put on stage with all the world watching. I would speculate to say a number of those will want to see us fail to overcome the past for their own reasons. We as a family have never been more united in our future and the direction we are heading. Sept 1st starts the next chapter. The world will be watching and it is up to all of us to show the world exactly why WE ARE....and always WILL BE....PENN STATE! As one of the 108,000 in attendance on Sept 1st I can't wait.

I was the first one in my family to attend college.

I told my parents that I was born to attend Penn State. While all my friends where applying to numerous colleges, I send in just one application.

The following verse of the Alma Mater says it all in my case:

When we stood at childhood's gate,

Shapeless in the hands of fate,
Thou didst mold us, dear old State,

Dear old State, dear old State.

I will be in Section WJ Row 36 on September 1st to back this team along with 109,999 members of my family!

By the way Sports Illustrated, WE WERE, WE ARE and WE ALWAYS WILL BE PENN STATE!

Coach O'Brian - I watched Rip Engle coach, I was at Beaver Stadiium for Joe's first game as head coach - Not an Alumi, but Penn State is in my blood. Now living in SEC country and have a hard time getting the games, wear my PSU sweatchirt every Friday to school (am a teacher). Nothing can stop me from loving Penn State football. Will use your and the team's example of courage and fortitude in my class. WE ARE PENN STATE!!!

You're right coach. You can't focus on the past. Put your best foot forward and continue to coach with passion. I believe your the right man for the job. God Bless.

Our labor day plans just got changed ....we will be in our family seats of 50+ years...wouldn't miss this game or this team taking the field heads held high, for all the world. Bring on the media...we will show them who we are!!!!!

To the current and future Penn Staters:

It takes a lot of guts and maturity to attend this University right now and I praise all who come through in the end to support Penn State. Those who adapt to adversity well, will get to the top quicker than those who dont. Fight on and never ever give up!

Can't wait to see this team take the field! You think Beaver Stadium was loud before! That place is going to erupt like it never has before! Coach, GOD BLESS YOU AND THE PLAYERS!GOOD LUCK !

We are... PENN STATE! We will... Survive.

We put the Penn State Football banner up on the front porch yesterday and it will stay there indefinitely. Our support for Coach O'Brian and the entire Nittany Lion family has never been stronger. I'm amazed at how many non-Penn Staters just do not understand how the current adversity has strengthened our fighting spirit. Let's show them who WE ARE... throughout this season and all those to come.

WE ARE...ONE!!!!!!!

This is so inspiring. They hired the right coach. Love what Gov. Corbett had to say today. We Are!

Matt McGloin's tweet and the football team's statement says it all about what it means to be a Penn State student or alumni. I have been an alum since 1970. I have never been more proud.


Coach: Your team, our team , coming out in such spirited force and comraderie and unity yesterday gave me goose bumps! We will all bring our A-game into Beaver Stadium and get the place rocking this fall!

Just bought my tickets for Sept 8th game vs University of Virginia. Will be supporting you in Charlottesville........Beat those Hoos!!

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