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Hetzel: Senior Meet, Navy Adaptive Swimming and the Super Bowl

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By Alexa Hetzel


Hello Penn State Fans,


Welcome back to another week in Happy Valley.  This past weekend a majority of us spent our time swimming in the Senior meet and watching the Super Bowl.  I saw most of the parents at the meet, but if you didn't get a chance to make it out to McCoy Natatorium I can fill you in.


This past Friday the boys had a duel meet against Buffalo.  It was a great meet and a lot of the boys swam fast which is an encouraging and positive sign for the weeks to come.  The following Saturday we spent the meet honoring the Seniors in our last duel meet ever in McCoy Natatorium.  Being a part of those 11 men and women was really an honor to have made it that far but was also very sad.  Most of us have been swimming for longer then we can remember so hearing for real that it is all coming to a rapid end was emotional.  I must say though we are lucky.  This year we actually had teams make it to the pool.  The past two years Lehigh has failed to come because of the weather, so it was a nice change to compete against another team.  We also welcomed the Saint Francis women's team to compete.  Both the men's and women's team competed well and really used every chance given to race.



Along with honoring the 11 Seniors we were also lucky enough to have some Navy members come and swim their first dual meet of the season at our pool.  These men have served in the current war and some have injuries, but it was such an honor to have them here and to get to watch them compete.  It was such an eye opening experience and I think everyone really enjoyed it, the Navy men included.


This past Sunday we, along with millions of Americans, enjoyed the Super Bowl action.  We made lots of food including taco dip ,buffalo chicken dip, sandwiches, pasta salad, and much more.  We had a lot of options to choose from which is typical at most Super Bowl gatherings you attend.  As we settled in to watch the game most of the people in the room were cheering on the Patriots because of our newest Penn State member coach Bill O'Brien.  I was very torn being a New Jersey native and life long Giants fan as well and bleeding blue and white.  So really I had it the best because no matter which team won I would have been happy.  But now that the Super Bowl is over we are lucky to have Coach O'Brien back at Happy Valley and finally stepping into his head coaching duties full time.  So welcome Coach O'Brien.


As the days fly by we are closer and closer to the main event of the season, Big Tens.  This team has the potential to do some wonderful things so I encourage everyone to watch our progress as we head to Iowa City next Tuesday, the 14th.




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