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We Entered Buckeye Land and Came Out Smiling

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Buckeye Land

If you ask any of my friends about me, they'll probably tell you that I have the most school spirit ever. I go to almost every sporting event, I know the words to every fight song, I never turn down an opportunity to wear my school color (or my lion ears) for everyone to see. I love Penn State from the very first time I stepped foot on the University Park campus. My first football game in Beaver Stadium was indescribable. When I was picked to be a Sonic Road Warrior, I knew that this would be the opportunity of a lifetime, to share my love for Penn State with other people and promote such an Eco-friendly and cute car. Who could ask for anything better?! 

I've never been to an away game before. The fact that I was chosen to attend the Ohio State game in Columbus, I was so ecstatic! The drive into Buckeye Land was awesome! OnStar worked so well and we arrived there in about 5 hours flat. Our trip to Buckeye Donuts the following morning was our first encounter with other Buckeye fans. Despite the delicious french toast, hot chocolate and friendly service, not once did I receive a smart comment from an Ohio State fan. I even asked one what their favorite donut was and why and they responded just as if I had a red jersey on. 

After breakfast we set out to explore the Ohio State campus. I liked how open and inviting it was; It even resembled our campus in some ways. Mirror Lake was my favorite landmark followed by the echoing wall. When arrived at the Penn State Tailgate in the afternoon, I couldn't believe the number of Students and Alumni that came out to support our Lions. There had to be over a thousand people there. I knew we were going to make ourselves known amongst the Buckeye's that we still are Penn State and we will always support our lions. What really touched me was a visit from several student leaders from Ohio State. They stopped by our tailgate to wish us good luck and a good experience from other buckeye students. That's exactly what I received. I sat right next to an Ohio Stater at the game and we dove into some very interesting conversation. That's what being in the Big 10 is all about. I really love the fact that both Penn State and Ohio State fans and players treated each other with respect. We were all gathered in the horseshoe to watch a great game of football and what a game it was! To come out of that stadium with a win shows how hard our players have worked and how determined they are to earn that Big 10 title. 

Leaving the stadium, I came across an Ohio State student who called me over to him, hugged me and said, "You guys are a great team. Beat Wisconsin." I was beside myself. I hugged him back and smiled and thanked him for being so kind. The other Road Warriors experienced similar situations as well. This road trip has really changed my mind about Ohio State and their students. They treated us with class, and I can't wait to do the same next time they make a trip to Happy Valley. I thank Chevy for allowing me to witness this once in a life time experience, and until next time, We are... Penn State!!! 



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