Penn State Football Uniforms Through the Years

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UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - The tradition-rich history of Penn State football makes the program one of the most unique in America.


Penn State football will celebrate its 125th season on the gridiron during 2011.  Over the past 125 years, the game has evolved tremendously, and so have the uniforms.  The Nittany Lions will have a slightly different look when the take the field on Sept. 3 for the 2011 season.  The home jerseys will be entirely blue, including the collar and sleeves, with white numerals.  The road jerseys will feature the same look with white jerseys and blue numerals.


Let's take a look through Penn State's 125-year history at the evolution of the Nittany Lion uniforms.  (Special thanks to reader Randy Iles for the suggestion to look at the evolution of uniforms.)



 The image above is a team photo from Penn State's first football team in 1887.



Mother Dunn, who was a letterwinnner for Penn State from 1903-'06, was Penn State's first All-American in 1906.


Dexter Very - 1909-'12

Bob Higgins - 1914-'17

Harry Wilson - 1921-'23

John Pincura - 1925-'27

From 1900 to 1930, note the similarities in Penn State's uniforms from the images above.



In the image above, take note of the numerals present on Leon Gajecki's jersey.  Gajecki was a letterwinner for the Nittany Lions from 1938-'40.


Sam Tamburo - 1945-'48


The most striking differences in the uniform of all-time great Lenny Moore (letterwinner from 1953-'55) are the much larger numerals, multiple stripes on the sleeves and blue stripe down the side of the pants.




In Bob Mitinger's (letterwinner from 1959-'61) image, take note of the single stripe around the sleeve, numerals on the helmet and blue stripe down the side of the pants.


Jack Ham 1968-70.jpg

In the color image of Jack Ham (1968-'70), the jerseys do not feature stripes on the sleeves.  Additionally, the stripe down the side of the pants is no longer present, as well.



The 1973 image of Heisman Trophy winner John Cappelletti shows the blue numerals on the side of the helmet.


Matt Millen_1976-1979.jpg

Moving to the late 1970s, the helmet no longer has numerals on the side in the image of Matt Millen.


1983 Sugar Bowl

Don Graham_Miami_Sack_1986.jpg

Don Graham - 1987 Fiesta Bowl


In the Sports Illustrated cover from 1994, note the blue striping around the collar and sleeves.



Dan Connor - 2006 Orange Bowl


The 2011 Outback Bowl image of Evan Royster marked the final game with the striping around the collar and sleeves.



The final image of the uniform history is a look at the 2011 home jersey.


The Penn State uniforms have changed drastically since the initial team photo in 1887.  Nonetheless, the iconic blue and white helmet, jersey and pant combination has been a part of Penn State history for well over six decades.  Slight alterations with striping and numerals on the helmet have taken place over time, but the Penn State uniforms, like the program itself, are rich in tradition.

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The best in the field! I only wish they would go back to the numerals on the side of the helmet.

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