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Monroig: First Day Off

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By: Megan Monroig, Senior Co-Captain

Finally, our first day of preseason off!!! We have finally made it to Day 7 of preseason and our first full day off. We have been training so hard that it's nice to take a day of R&R (rest and relaxation). Most of us are lying around doing a whole of nothing. I believe a few people took a trip to the local man-made beach called Whipple Dam this afternoon to relax and hang out as well. Those of us that are taking classes are also getting some studying in as we prepare for finals this week. I think there is even a possible movie in the works for tonight's hang out session! I know what it seems like, we just can't get enough of one another and well that's exactly right!!

The past few days of practice have been tough, not just physically but mentally as well. We just finished up our second 2-2-1 cycle. Our preseason runs in a specific routine and it follows this 2-2-1 cycle. How it works is that we have two days of two-a-day practices then a day having just one practice. Then we repeat that cycle and on the seventh day we have a day off. We were quite pleased with our efforts in last night's practice especially since we were all so excited about having our day off today. We went into practice with tired legs and minds but came out feeling like we accomplished our goals and got better in our roughly 90 minute practice. Every night practice we have we play 11-v-11 and we really felt like for how our bodies felt it was a very good game. Hayley Brock's speed really showed up as she tallied two goals and was really giving the one team's defense fits.

We get back at it tomorrow with another 2-2-1 cycle before our first game against Villanova this Saturday. We really have our sights set high for this season and are very eager to see how we fair against the Wildcats. I'd also like to point out the fact that the NSCAA has released its preseason poll and we were ranked 13th in the Nation!!! That's a very big accomplishment for us considering we lost seven very talented seniors. It just goes to show you that we have an amazing freshmen class and a good core of veteran players still here!

--Megan Monroig

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